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I’ve been on the road for eleven days now and am halfway through Ontario – the detour to Niagara Falls definitely cost me time but was worth every minute. I would call it one of those ‘once in a lifetime’ moments – I’ve seen it once so I’m good for the rest of my lifetime, but I’m glad I went because it was truly incredibly. I spent three days there, ‘painting’ nature’s spectacle and being humbled by it so I’m glad I went – I needed the reminder that there are bigger things in this world than me and my issues.

My head is realigned and my attitude readjusted as I round the northern tip of Lake Superior – I never appreciated the size of Ontario before but wow, it’s huge. These damn lakes take up a lot of space and wreak all kinds of havoc with the roads and weather conditions – things seem to change from one kilometer to the next, it’s the darndest thing. I’m going to stop soon for the day and take some time to look at a map – I know the next stretch to Winnipeg is long, with huge stretches of little or no human presence so I want to make sure I’m prepared. This is one time I’ll make sure my route is ready to go and let Tanner know – just in case.


Windiest Spot in Canada – they aren’t kidding, it is quite surprising how the wind tears through this part of the city! Winnipeg is proving to be nothing like I was expecting – I thought it was a laid-back prairie town full of cowboys and ranchers, I’m horrified and embarrassed to admit. I refuse to vocalize what I’m expecting to find the further west to go because clearly, I’ve been listening to the wrong people – Winnipeg is nothing like that. It is a large city, with both an interesting historical side but also a thriving business and cultural side.

Consider me educated and corrected.

After Winnipeg I travel north for awhile, exploring some of the parks and lakes and stay in cabins as I make my way through to Saskatchewan. My only previous experience with the ‘west’ has been Vancouver so I’ll freely admit that I’ve allowed myself to be coloured by rumours, innuendos and misinformation – the whole west vs. east thing, I guess. It is too bad too, because I should have made this trip years ago – we should have as a family. We have an incredible country and we should be exploring it more, and enjoying it often.

Eventually I’ll turn south towards the ‘Queen City’ of Regina but for now I will stay the course and head to the Prince Albert National Park area of the province, I hear it is beautiful. Later I’ll see the cities of this province but for now I want to enjoy its’ rough side and according to Google – this is the place to do it. I even plan to go horseback riding for the first time in… a long time, since that is something they offer. I’m single, I’m on my own and I’m enjoying my life, even if I have to do it on the back of a goddamn horse!



Turns out renting a cabin at Waskesiu Lake in the middle of summer without a reservation is next to impossible and I’m out of luck. So instead I do the next best thing and find one off-site at a nearby lake not too far away and buy the season park pass so will still be able to enter and use the park’s services. It isn’t ideal since I’ll have to drive in each day but it isn’t the end of the world either, especially since it will only be for a day or two. I’m not moving here, just visiting so I’m sure I’ll be able to manage – especially after all of the driving I’ve already done and what I have yet in front of me!

The cabin I end up in is adorable – it looks rundown but is clean, weather-tight and mice-free so I’m happy. It is remote though, which makes me nervous but I still have cell service if I stand on my front porch so that makes me feel a little better. There is no landline and the cabin uses a well for water so I have to be careful on my usage – it is a cabin the woods, not the Ritz. There is a tiny kitchen which allows me to cook for myself and save a ton of money as well as a circle of trees completely surrounding the structure, making it feel hugged and secure.

Honestly, I could live here full-time – it is perfect.

Having a neighbour within shouting distance would be the icing on the cake but otherwise, I couldn’t ask for anything more, I absolutely adore it. I picked up some groceries on my way here so once I’m parked for the day, I’ll be in for the night – thank God. I’m ready to hang up my keys for the day. By the time I find my cabin – after getting lost twice, and unloading, I’m ready to crash. I fry up some eggs and toast for a quick supper then sip tea on the porch as the sun sets, quickly cooling the air. As the heat disappears so does the security of not needing bug spray as the mosquitoes come out in droves, forcing me to practically bathe in the damn stuff. I want to sit outside tonight and enjoy the evening so if I have to smell like toxic waste to do it, oh well.

Not like anyone is here to be bothered by it anyways.

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