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2 | Stop Fucking Tapping The Desk


I’m in my apartment eating pizza when someone barges through the door.

I already know it’s Darren. He is my neighbor and best friend who apparently made a copy of my house key.

It doesn’t bother me though because he’s always here more than his own place anyway.

He sighs like something major happened when he throws himself on the couch.

“Sup Nate.” He says casually as he crosses his arms to seem cool and I burst out laughing at how funny he looks.

“What are you even doing man?” I ask as I get up and grab us both a root beer.

“So you know how I went to the club tonight?” He asks sitting up and I nod, handing him the drink.

“Yea, did you find a girl to hook up with like you wanted?” I ask shaking my head because he loves the ladies.

“God no, I wish. There was this girl though...” He says, but just the way he said it sparked my interest.

“Yea? What’s her name?” I asked as I took a swig at my drink.

“Ugh! I don’t know.” He says as he leans back and puts his hand on his head.

“How did you not remember to ask for her name? Isn’t that like your second rule?” I ask because ever since high school and he started messing around with girls, he made a rule book that he supposedly always follows.

“I did ask for it! She just wouldn’t tell me.” He says shaking his head.

“Wow man, so she turned you down?” I ask as I try to hold in my laugh at how upset he looks.

“Basically.” He says, rolling his eyes.

“Why do you seem so into her?” I ask because he’s the player. He’s into hitting it then ditching it.

“God if only you were there to see her dancing Nate. Everyone was watching her.” He says like he’s thinking of it again.

“Just the way her body moved and her hair. She was so hot, especially when she basically kicked some guy's ass for coming onto her.” He said and that made me laugh.

“Hmm, was it you?” I asked jokingly although I knew it probably wasn’t.

“No man, it was some drunk ass guy who grabbed her. He wasn’t letting go, so I thought I’d try and help her out, ya know?” He said and I nodded as I listened to the story.

“I guess she didn’t really need help though, cause before I did anything she beat his ass. Probably broke his nose too.” He said like it was the best thing in the world.

“Have you never seen a girl punch a guy or something Darren?” I asked because I know I have, although they never broke someone’s nose.

“No I have, but damn that girl looked like she could pack a punch.” He said grabbing his drink from the table as I laughed lightly.

“Tell me you at least got her number?” I ask raising an eyebrow at him and he slumps over.

“I didn’t, she said that I’m just going to have to find her some other way.” He said shaking his head again.

“Maybe we’ll find your mystery girl later,” I said as I stood up cause I’m going to head to bed.

I’ve got to get to college early for class. Darren is most likely going to knock out on my couch any minute.

“I hope so Nate.” He says as I walk into my room.

“Fuck I’m going to be late,” I say as my alarm goes off for the tenth time.

My class starts in fifteen minutes and I still have to shower. Rushing out of bed I throw my clothes off and hop in the shower.

Once I’m done I only have ten minutes until class and I don’t want to be late.

I just throw on whatever I found around my room and rushed out the door. Luckily for me, it didn’t close yet since I realized that I actually forgot to grab my keys off the stand.

Finally, I made it out the door with everything I need. As soon I got into my car I sped to the school.

There was one parking spot upfront which was mine and everyone knew it. I was towards it when some other black car took it first and I stopped my car.

I was about to get out make the man move because everyone in this town knows that it’s my spot. But surprisingly some girl I’ve never seen before got out of the driver's seat and winked at me before walking into school.

I was frozen. She was beautiful. No girl has ever caught my attention like she just did.

Parking a few rows down is what I ended up doing and I booked it to my first class since there was only one minute until it started and my professor always locks the door at the bell. If you’re late to his class, he won’t even let you in.

“Wait! I’m here!” I yell down the hall as I see the professor starting to close his door and I look at my phone to see the time.

Class is starting and I’m so glad that the professor isn’t in a bad mood, because if he was... He would’ve locked me out anyway.

I walk to the back because it’s usually empty since not many students are in this morning's class. But in my usual seat, in the left corner is the new girl.

Smirking, I walk over and sit right next to her instead of any of the other open seats.

She doesn’t even look over at me as I sit down.

“Hey, do you have a pen?” I ask even though I know that I already have one.

“No.” She says writing down everything the professor is saying.

I don’t get my own out because that would just be weird since I asked her for one. My memory is pretty good so I don’t really need to write stuff down for this class anyway.

I just start tapping the table and I see her take a deep breath like I’m annoying her.

“So what’s your name?” I ask because I just want to talk to her.

“None of your business.” She says and I nod as I continue tapping the table.

“I’m Nate,” I tell her, hoping for a reply. Unsurprisingly, I don’t get one.

“Are you new here?” I ask and she drops her pen on the desk harshly.

“What’s with all the questions?” She asks looking over at me annoyed, but before I can answer she spoke again.

“And can you stop fucking tapping the desk?” She asks and I just grin.

“Like this?” I ask doing it again and she rolls her eyes.

“Yea.” She says picking her pen back up.

“Well, I don’t have anything else to do,” I reply and she glares.

“Take notes. Listen to the lecture. Just stop bothering me.” She says and I shake my head at her.

“I can’t do that though because I don’t have a pen,” I said smiling and she sighed.

“Fine. If I give you a pen, will you stop bothering me for the rest of the class?” She asks and I nod enthusiastically.

I can tell she’s frustrated as she rummages through her bag to find a pen.

“Great. Here.” She says handing me a pen as she gets back to writing her notes.

Grinning, I start taking my own notes because she just said the rest of the class, nothing else.

Guess I’m allowed to annoy her after this class... I thought with a smile because I knew that I would no matter what.

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