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5 | Are You A Drug Addict?


Earlier today after school, I went apartment hunting and found a decent one close by the bakery.

I know that the only reason I’m really working there right now is to pay for the room, but Margaret said that I could still work there if I wanted to as a side job or a full job.

Originally I told her that I’d just help around there as a side job and she didn’t have to pay me, but she wouldn’t allow it. She insisted that no matter how much time I work, that she’d pay me.

She is really the nicest woman I’ve ever met. The bakery doesn’t pay much or else I would’ve loved to work there and help full time.

Now I’m just packing up the few things I have to bring to the new apartment tomorrow morning. I don’t have class tomorrow, so it means I can just set the apartment up.

Checking the time on my phone, I notice that it’s 5:30 PM and that I should probably start looking for jobs around town if I want to be able to pay the bills.

I changed into a black tank top and skinny jeans, pairing it with one of my favorite black leather jackets. Then I slipped on some booty heels as I walked down the stairs to the bakery.

There were a few people inside eating Margaret’s famous scones.

“Bye Margaret, I’ll be back later. I'm going job hunting.” I said as I made sure that I had my keys.

“Okay sweetie, good luck.” She says with a smile as I hear the door ring again signaling someone came in.

“Thank you,” I said with a wave as I walked out of the bakery and onto the sidewalk.

As soon as I spotted my car, I walked over to it and got in once it unlocked. Then I drove off on a hunt for hiring signs.

Two and a half hours later and I still haven’t found one place that’s hiring. I decided to just park my car across the street from this club called The Burnout.

It’s the same club that I went to last night, but it’s also like a normal bar.

Giving up on my search for a job, I decided that I deserved a drink. So, when I walk into the club I head straight for the bar.

“Hey, what can I get ya?” Asked the girl who was bartending tonight as she started cleaning a glass.

“Something strong,” I replied as I took a seat on one of the barstools away from anyone who’s already gotten drunk.

“Here you go. Is that going to be your only drink or do you want me to start you a tab?” She asks when she slides my drink to me.

“Tab please,” I reply and down my drink. It burns my throat, but I don’t care.

“What’s got you so upset? Boy troubles?” She asks as she makes someone else a drink.

“No. I’ve been looking for a job, but there’s literally nowhere in this town hiring right now,” I say and she walks over to me.

“Hey, we’re hiring.” She says, then she grabs my glass to refill it.

“Seriously?” I ask hoping that it’s true.

“Yea girl, we could use an extra pair of hands for serving and bartending.” She replied handing me my refill and I smiled.

“How can I apply?” I ask and she just shakes her head.

“Have you ever been to jail?” She asks and I look at her confused.

“No,” I reply because it’s true.

“Are you a drug addict?” She asks and I shake my head no.

“Are you on the run...” She starts and I freeze before she finishes.

“... From the police?” She asks and I let out a breath.

“No,” I say and she nods.

“What’s your name?” She asks and I just realized that I didn’t get her name either.

“Sabrina, what’s yours?” I ask.

“Cassia and you’re hired.” She says, shocking me.

“Wait, don’t I need to meet with the manager or something?” I ask and she smirks.

“I am the manager. My cousin owns this place.” She says with a little laugh as I now understand.

“Oh my god, I’m sorry. I had no clue.” I reply because I felt a bit bad.

“It’s cool.” She replied as someone called her over.

“Have you ever worked as a bartender before?” She asks and I nod.

“Yea, about a year and a half ago,” I said and she smiled as she made another persons drink.

“So when do I start?” I asked because I need to start as soon as possible if I want to be able to pay rent.

“You can start now if you want or...” she begins before I cut her off.

“I’ll start now,” I say walking around to the other side of the bar.

“Great, so you know the basics. Right?” She asks as I take off my jean jacket and put it under the bar, leaving me in just my tank top.

“Yea,” I say walking to the sink.

“Okay, so you think you can handle the tables tonight? I’ve got the bar covered.” She says as another person signals her over.

It’s already getting late and it’s about the time the club gets busier and really packed. Although, it’s already been packed since I got here.

“Sure thing,” I say as I wash my hands and she turns around to grab something.

“You’re a lifesaver.” She says as she hands me a pen and notepad to take orders.

“Don’t forget it,” I say with a wink and she laughs before getting back to work.

I can already tell that we are going to be good friends as I walk out from behind the bar and into the sea of people.

Tonight the club seems even busier than it did last night and I’m not sure how Cassia was handling it all by herself.

It’s been a few hours of me taking and delivering people's orders to their tables. Honestly, I’ve got to say that this ain’t such a bad job.

Walking over to a new group of guys and girls at a table, I get my notepad ready.

“Hey, can I get you guys anything from the bar?”

“Shots!” They yell and I laugh, shaking my head.

“Sure thing,” I say turning around and when I do, I hear someone yell over the blasting music, making me stop in my step.

“Mystery girl!”

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