From the ashes

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First Date

From the ashes

Chapter 10: First Date

A little later Liam has pulled into the Brea down town parking structure. He jumps out to open my door for me like a gentle man.

His hand as if already routine lands on the small of my back as we make our way to Murphy’s restaurant. There’s a crowd of people waiting but Liam casually passes through pulling me in closer.

Hostess: Good evening do you have a reservation?

The cute but make up plastered young blonde with eye popping boobs on display and a fake Irish accent smiles wide with doe eyes at Liam.

Liam: Yes, O’Bryan for two.

Hostess: Right this way.

She grabs two Menus and leads us to a romantic setting by a window.

Hostess: Enjoy

She winks at Liam then smiles at me?

Willow: Guess I should get use to that if I’m going to be hanging out with the sexiest fireman in all of OC.

Liam growls under his breath raising an eyebrow.

Liam: Hanging out? Willow you know this is more than that right?

I shyly look away biting my lip. I have really been out of the dating scene for a long time. I try to hide behind the menus but can still feel his stare.

Liam: Willow!

I slowly lower the menu to look into his godly golden eyes.

Liam: This isn’t some casual fling. You were mine from the moment you got out of your car last night.

I can feel my cheeks redden and attempt to hide behind the menu again when Liam pulls it down then reaches for my hand.

Liam: You took your ring off!

Willow: It was time.

The young male server with scruffy brown hair and baby blue eyes comes to take our orders. Keeping his eyes on my v neck literally the entire time. This does not go un noticed by Liam.

Liam: I don’t think I can get used to that.

I awkwardly look at him while zipping up my jacket. Liam stops me and pulls my zipper back down.

Liam: You shouldn’t have to hide. Your beautiful but he should learn some manners.

Willow: So, it’s ok for the girls to flirt with you but not ok for a guy to look at me?

Liam opens his mouth about to say something then snaps shut clinching his jaws. He takes a deep breath.

When our server returns with our drinks his eyes fall right back to my chest. Liam clears his throat with a bit of a caveman grunt.

This gets the servers attention as if he’s noticing Liam for the first time.

Server: Are you ready to order.

He speaks with a squeaky voice nervous under Liam’s intense glare.

Willow: I’ll have the Shepard’s pie.

The server tried to avoid looking my direction but his eyes fall right back to my chest as he reaches for the menus.

Liam: I’ll have the same.

Liam excuses himself seconds after the server leaves with our order. On his way back he brushes his hand across my neck and bends down placing a kiss on my forehead before moving his chair closer to mine so we are sitting more side by side.

His hand remains on my neck while his thumb plays with the soft end of my ear.

Server 2: Two Shepard pies.

A different server brings our food. Which is not unusual now days but when I see the grin on Liam’s face, I become curious about his little leave of absence after the first server.

Willow: What did you do?

He pulls me closer brushing a soft kiss on my lips. Then digs into his food without ever answering my question.

We eat and talk about movies and favorite characters and heroes.

Turns out we are both equally Marvel fans with Captain America being our favorite super Hero.

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