From the ashes

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Sexual desire

From the ashes

Chapter 12: Sexual desire

Liam holds my hand while we make our way back to the car. Though he towers over me at 6’ft 2” to my 5’5 our arms and fingers intertwine like two perfect puzzle pieces while our steps move in sync.

We ramble on about the movie all the way to the car.

Willow: It is surprising how much we were able to actually watch!!

I give him a playful nudge with my elbow.

Maybe a little too hard, when I notice him wince? With embarrassment I begin apologizing profusely. He just laughs it off like some macho man.

When we arrive at the car, he turns me facing him. Unable to contain the sexual desire he pushes me against the door pressing his body into mine. With a seductive glare, one hand grabs my hip the other brushes my jaw line with the back of his knuckles then tucks my hair behind my ear running his finger through it landing on the back of neck. He crashes his lips down onto mine.

His tongue slips through my slightly parted lips and deepens while he presses his growing erection into my lower abdomen. He squeezes me tighter, both hands now wrapped firmly around my ass cheeks lifting me slightly.

My legs without a mind of their own wrap around his muscular back side. My head falls back as he trails kisses down my neck before teasing an area near my collar bone with his teeth sucking the skin enough to leave a mark while slowly moving his hips brushing his hard cock protruding through his jeans against my wet core.

Willow: Liam...

I gasp his name feeling like I’m on verge of climax. God it’s been so long. I could let him take me here and now. Unable to resist I slide a hand down to get a feel of the bulge through his pants. The size and wetness brings a wicked grin to my face.

Liam: Oh god Willow.

He stops grinding me and rests his forehead on mine looking me in the eyes.

Liam: I have never felt anything like this for anyone before.

He smiles while catching his breath.

Willow: Nor have I.

I whisper while brushing my lips against his before nestling my face in the nook of his neck. We remain still in one another arms long enough for Liam to compare himself.

We are startled apart at the sound of a loud beep and people approaching.

He pulls me into his chest and gently kisses my lips before opening the door and driving me home. With our fingers locked, my head resting on his shoulder we enjoy the moment we just shared in comfortable silence.

That is until we reach the gates!

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