From the ashes

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Cum for me

From the ashes

Chapter 17: Cum for me

I kissed his mouth with all my desire, pushing my breasts against his chest nudging him slowly onto his back. One of his hands roam up my back under my shirt the other down my back squeezing my ass pressing me into his erection.

He rolls me over lifting my shirt just above my bra. His fingers unleash an already hard nipple. His smile spreads wide before taking the erect nipple into his mouth. While his fingers strum across my bare belly and slip into my silk panties circling my clit before dipping into my wetness.

Liam looks at me with a mischievous grin

Liam: By other means.

He trails kisses from my breast down my abdomen while pulling down my pants and panties. He slips off my shoes sliding the pants and panties the rest of the way off.

He sits up throwing off his sweat shirt and under shirt making me gasp at the sight of rock-hard abs and Adonis sculpted chest. He parts my legs kissing and nipping up my thigh.

His tongue flicks my aroused clit while both hands grab my hips holding me in place. He slides his tongue down through my wet swollen center and back in a tease.

Willow: Oh my god Liam.

My breath becomes shakier as he inserts a finger through my core running his tongue up around my navel back to my sensitive nipple grazing his teeth along my neck brushing his lips across my ear lobe where he whispers.

Liam: Cum for me.

His thumb now circles my clit while his fingers make their way to a spot deep inside me causing my body to spasm. He bites my neck as I dig my fingers into his arms letting out a moan of ecstasy.

Willow: Holy shit.

I try to catch my breath with my body still trembling like an aftershock. Liam looks down at me with a look of self-gratification and lust.

Liam: God your beautiful.

He slides my panties slowly back up my legs kissing my inner thigh along the way, then slides my feet through my pants. I wriggle as he helps shimmy my pants back on and each shoe never looking away.

Liam: We should get going if I’m going to feed you before my shift starts.

He leans over sucking on my bottom lip before tossing his shirt and sweat shirt back on and reaching his hand out for me.

I look at him for second then down at his still present erection.

Willow: What about you?

He grins sliding me up his body crashing his lips on mine dominating my mouth with his tongue. I reach down stroking his length getting a good feel for his size. He grabs my hands pinning them behind my back.

Liam: After!

I raise a brow? He kisses my nose and chuckles.

It’s noon by the time we get back to the cars. Liam presses me against my car door cupping my face and kisses me.

Liam: Follow me.

He opens my door for me and smacks my ass as I turn to get in.

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