From the ashes

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Liam's place

From the ashes

Chapter 18: Liam’s place

After a very short drive through a woodsy neighborhood we arrive at his house.

He leads me inside. It’s painted in modern grays with black and white furniture. Very simple and kept with no clutter. Very bachelor like.

Willow: Very bachelor like. I love it. How long have you lived here?

Liam: About 5 years. Come in the kitchen I’ll get us lunch.

Willow: It’s very kept. I didn’t picture a burly fireman such as yourself to be so tightly. Either you have OCD or a cleaning lady.

Liam laughs as he crosses his hand over his heart.

Liam: Ye have little faith.

I raise my brows with a knowing look bringing my hands to my hips.

Liam: You got me

He raises his hands in surrender.

Liam: I have a house keeper.

He pulls out a barstool at the kitchen island for me then starts going through the fridge.

Liam: There’s stuff for salad or there’s tortilla soup my house keeper made yesterday.

Willow: I love tortilla soup.

He pops some soup into a pot to heat. While we wait, he strips off his sweatshirt and shirt again.

Catching my staring he winks.

Liam: I love when you blush for me.

He leans over the island touching my face then pulls me in close enough for his lips to almost touch my ear.

Liam: I loved when you came for me more.

He slowly pulls back making eye contact. His deep gaze shoots shivers through me and I begin feeling the moisture pool between my legs again.

Liam sets out some cheese and tortilla strips then pores the soup into bowls and takes the seat next to mine. My mouth waters.

Willow: I love your house keeper this is the best tortilla soups I have ever had.

Liam: I’ll be sure to have her make it again.

I take the bowls to the sink to start washing them when Liam’s arms come from behind wrapping around my waist. One hand venturing slowly down my panties his long familiar finger plummets directly inside me with quick short thrusts. His erection pushed tightly against my back side.

I drop the bowl I was rinsing reaching my hand back fumbling for his button and zipper releasing his eager hard cock.

Needing to please him the way he had me in the park I slide down forcing his finger out of me and turn toward him on my knees. Stroking the underside of his shaft I tease his tip with flicks of my tongue looking up through my lashes.

He bites his lip letting out little profanities in a gruff tone as I take in his length slow and gentle.

He grabs the sink with both hands tensing up.

Liam: Willow...

I suck and tease his enormous cock.

Liam: Willow I’m going to...

He releases himself and as if it was natural, I take it all. I’ve never been able to do that with anyone before but for him I could do anything.

He slowly resides pulling me up to his bare tight chest before collapsing his head down in the nook of my neck. With his massive arms wrapped around my shoulders resting against the counter.

I lock my arms around his lower back and give into the gratification of what I had just done. While admiring the fireman badge tattoo engulfed with flames and smoke over his flexing bicep.

Suddenly his phones go off breaking our moment.

Liam: Shit that’s the station.

He adjusts himself zipping his pants and sprints to his phone.

I turn to finish cleaning and putting away the two bowls when he comes back with a pouty look.

Willow: You have to go in early.

He looks at me shocked.

Liam: Yes, the crew I relieve is still out on a call so they need mine to cover.

I smile at him standing up on my tip toes to kiss his cheek and walk away grabbing my purse near the door. Before I can open the door, Liam has his arms around me again crashing his lips onto mine with intense heat as if it were the last time, we’d see each other.

Liam: You are fucking incredible.

I smile at him while everting my eyes shyly away cheeks blazing like red apples on fire.

Willow: I’ve never done that before.

He grabs my chin tilting my head up meeting my gaze with a look of appreciation and triumph.

Liam: Good

He says in a deep lustful tone returning his lips to mine in a deep passionate kiss.

Liam: I’ll text or call as often as I can.

Willow: Be safe.

I smile and head for my car.

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