From the ashes

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Strangers in the dark

From the ashes

Chapter 2: Strangers in the dark

Liam gives me an I’m not taking no for an answer seducing glare and charming smile.

Liam: What do you say. Free coffee and some good company.

I look at him and laugh

Willow: Can’t say I’d be very good company.

Liam: Let me be the judge of that.

God there was something about him that I just couldn’t resist.

Willow: Sure.

He smiles wide with pride as he helps me out of the car like a gentleman. He straightens up and I see how tall he really is.

How finely tuned his muscles are bulging under his fitted jacket.

He gently places his hand to the small of my back leading up to the church building.

We stop at a small concrete bench just outside a little away from the front doors.

Liam: I’ll go grab us those coffees.

He watches me like he’s afraid I’ll be gone when he returns. I give him a reassuring smile that I’m not going anywhere.

But what was I doing? This guy is way out of my league. I’m a complete emotional wreck. Maybe I’m over thinking. He’s a fire fighter it’s in his nature to be concerned.

Self-doubt and lack of confidence rushes through me. What could he possibly see in someone as broken as me? Broken was understatement.

Liam returns a few minutes later with two coffees and a melting smile. I take a deep steady breath as he hands me one of the coffees.

Liam: I’m so sorry I forgot to ask how you like your coffee so I took a guess that you might like it sweet and creamy like me...

I mean like mine. Like how I like my coffee.

He flushes trying to retort his own statement. And i giggle with reddening cheeks as my eyes drift to his pants.

Willow: I do!

I look him up and down with a grin.

Willow: It’s also how I like my coffee. Thanks.

He looks surprised and pleased with my response.

I give him a playful wink, and his face lights up as he releases a low chuckle.

Liam sits beside me. His strong muscular thigh brushing up against mine.

I met this man like 5 minutes ago and I already feel so much sexual tension.

God I’ve been alone too long. I feel like a lusting teenager with spiraling hormones.

He nudges me with his thigh to draw my attention back to him.

(Liam’s perspective)

I gave myself a mental slap in the face for my teenage illiteracy but what the fuck. Her quick little comeback had me flushed and the way she looked me up and down made it painful to stop the arousal she caused my cock.

I looked at her little pink pouty lips and imagined how they’d feel on my hardening manhood.

I have to give myself another mental slap. This woman this goddess was here because something was broken inside of her and yet here, I am mentally seducing her and fucking her.

The smile she gave me as I purposely brushed my thigh against hers made me feel at ease.

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