From the ashes

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Sun set

From the ashes

Chapter 20: Sun set

Liam drives in the opposite direction of his house.

Willow: Where are we going?

Liam: It’s a surprise!

He rests his hand on my thigh and smiles.

I sync my phone to the car radio and lean back singing to the imagine dragon songs from my play list. Every so often Liam steels a look and joins in.

It isn’t until he exits the freeway and the Ferris wheel comes into view out on the peer that I realize where we are.

He squeezes my thigh and smiles big. He remembers this was one of my date fantasies that we talked about the first night we met.

The idea of being at the top of the Ferris wheel overlooking the ocean with someone you care about was one of the top romantic dates on my list.

First Liam takes us to “Shells” the restaurant at the end of the peer known for the best Crab and Lobster in all of OC.

We share the Crab for two savoring the mouthwatering Alaskan king crab while enjoying the window view from our table overlooking the water.

Realizing the time Liam quickly pays and rushes us to the Ferris wheel.

Willow: What’s the hurry?

Liam: You’ll see.

He slips the ride operator something before taking our seat. Liam puts his arm around my shoulders pulling me tightly into him. Knowing that even though I’ve wanted to do this one reason I hadn’t was my fear of heights.

The wheel slowly begins to turn moving us backward and higher with each click. I burry my face in Liam’s jacket as my anxiety begins to rise. He squeezes me even tighter kissing my head.

Liam: I’ve got you love.

Our car comes to the top.

Liam: Take a deep breath, and let it out slow then open your eyes.

I do as he says and all my built-up anxiety subsides as I take in the tranquil site of the most beautiful sun set. My breath catches.

Liam’s fingers stroke my cheek turning my face to him. Gold flakes shine under the glow of the sun’s rays in his eyes. There’s a look I haven’t seen before. My heart thumps against my chest.

Liam: Willow...I love you.

I suck in a breath as if I had forgotten to breath.

Willow: I love you Liam.

He lets out a breath like he had been holding it unsure what my response was going to be. He finally smiles before kissing me feverishly with even more passion then I thought possible.

We lose our selves in the moment not even realizing the car had come to a stop until the sounds of a few cat calls from people in line bring us back to reality. We smile lovingly at one another making our way off the ride and past the crowd.

Liam: I believe a walk along the beach was also apart this date fantasy.

Willow: I think we can save that one for another time. There’s something a little more intimate that I have in mind.

Liam growls taking my bottom lip between his teeth gently while grabbing my ass.

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