From the ashes

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Good morning

From the ashes

Chapter 22: Good morning

Next morning, I am awakened to a very erect cock between my legs and immediately my core is wet and ready.

Liam kisses the back of my neck softly while rubbing the swollen tip of his erection against my clit and wetness. He reaches an arm under my leg and slides his full-length deep inside. Unable to control himself he thrusts fast and hard.

Willow: LIAM!

Liam: Oh, fuck baby.

He pumps so hard our bodies vibrate together. His every think inch filling me completely leaving no void.

Reaching climax, he comes to rest on my back cock still pulsing between my legs.

He sweeps my hair away from my face kissing my cheek.

Liam: We might not be leaving this bed for a couple of days.

Willow: I wouldn’t mind but Loki might. Speaking of which I need to get home and feed him.

Liam groans at the thought of me having to leave.

Liam: Let me jump in the shower and I’ll take you to breakfast on the way.

Willow: How about You jump in the shower while I make you breakfast.

Liam grunts and makes his way to the shower.

Liam: Or you could join me.

My mouth drops at the thought of going again already. This man is a freaking sex god.

Willow: Then we might never leave the shower and being a fireman how could you have it on your good conscience to let all that water go to waste?

I wink at him and plaster on a goody too shoo smile. He growls in protest walking into the bathroom.

I toss one of Liam’s shirt on and rummage through the kitchen. Eggs, bacon, English muffins. Perfect.

I find some Pans and start frying him the bacon while whipping some eggs for scrambled eggs. Then pop the muffins in the toaster.

Liam walks into the kitchen just as I’m plating his food.

Liam: Talk about perfect timing.

We sit at the kitchen island sharing the breakfast I made unable to keep our hands and eyes off each other.

I quickly clean up the kitchen and get dressed ready to leave. Liam grabs his jacket and keys.

Liam: I’ll drive.

Willow: You don’t have to I can go and we can meet up later.

Liam: You didn’t think you could get rid of me that easy did you?

Willow: I’m a mess and need to shower.

He shrugs and follows me out the door to his car not taking no for an answer.

It’s already after 8am by the time we arrive to my house. I take a deep breath worried about Liam being alone in my house knowing he’ll ask about the pictures. I know we said we loved each other but am I ready for this. Just the thought makes me choke. I’ve been unable to speak of the incident since it happened.

He senses my stress and takes my hand in his.

Liam: I meant it when I told you I love you. I’m here for you.

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