From the ashes

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The wolves

From the ashes

Chapter 23: The wolves

As soon as we walk into the house Loki meows in protest slamming against my shins clawing at my legs. I pick him up and he head but’s my chin then meows at Liam. Liam scratches Lokis chin making a pouty face.

I quickly feed Loki and make my way upstairs to the shower leaving Liam down stairs. Only he doesn’t stay down stairs. He makes himself comfortable on the bed while I turn the shower on.

He picks up the tablet from my night stand.

Liam: Is this were the stories happen.

I nod and turn on the tablet opening the app that I write for and pulling up my account with all the stories I’ve published.

Liam: Which one won the contest.

Willow: Protect Her

After a long shower I make my way back to the bedroom in my towel to gather clothes and find Liam with his jacket and shoes off relaxed on the bed completely consumed by what he’s reading. I giggle staring at him.

He glances up at me with a raised eyebrow and one-sided grin. Both eyebrows shoot up when he notices I’m still only in a towel. He waggles both brows and pats the bed for me to join him.

Curious as to which story he chose to read I hop on the bed and nuzzle next to him. I look at the screen to see the title.

Protect Her chapter 14: a night of passion

Liam: It’s interesting to me that your main male character was a marine and his name is Liam, and your lead female characters name is Willow.

I shrug not knowing what to say at the realization of it. He continues to read and I read along in silence. Not before long Loki jumps up taking his usual spot next the other pillow.

When he comes to a seductive scene, he begins to read out loud. The sound of his low voice turns me on while his words send desire through my core as I imagine he is the Liam from the story come to life.

His hand finds its way under my towel gently strumming my upper inner thigh.

The more he reads the more aroused I become as his fingers venture their way to my center just lightly braising the outside spreading the wetness.

When he’s done reading, he sets the tablet down and pulls me onto his lap tugging at my towel until my breasts are freed and nipples perked. He tosses the towel aside sucking on one nipple while fondling the other.

I grab for his shirt and he lets go of me long enough to pull it off. Before he can devour my breast again, I move down unbutton and unzip his pants. Grabbing hold of pants and briefs I pull every off and slowly crawl my way back up teasing his hard cock with my tongue before kissing and nipping his ripped abs and tight pecks.

I bite his bottom lip as he slaps my ass and grabs hold of my hips lifting me and guiding me down on him. He drops his head back against the head board. I place my palms on his pulsing pecks riding him into ecstasy. He squeezes my hips tighter taking control moving me at the pace we both needed to fulfill our climax.

I collapse on his chest and nuzzle into his neck while he brushed his finger gently and slowly up and down back.

Liam’s: What’s the meaning behind the wolves’ tattoo?

Without thinking I blurted out a word I hadn’t used in months unable to bare the pain.

Willow: Me and my daughter.

Realizing what I said i took in a sharp breath and squeezed my eyes shut.

Liam: Willow talk to me.

I remained silent.

He hugged me without prying further.

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