From the ashes

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24 hours

From the ashes

Chapter 29: 24 hours

Willow: Is that really the time? I’ve been in your bed for like 24 hours straight. I need shower and clean clothes. I should go.

Liam: Well you can shower here and put on one of my shirts.

Willow: What about underwear?

Liam: Who says you need them; I would just take them right back off again anyway.

He says as he grabs my inner thigh and kisses me.

Liam: How bout you shower while I go get us some food. What would you like?

Willow: Chinese! Some Chicken chow mien sounds really good right now.

Liam: As you wish my love.

After a nice long shower and some good Chinese food. Liam and I settle on the couch watching a movie.

Liam: The next time you come over you should bring some spare clothes and things to keep here.

Willow: Really?

Liam: Yes. I plan on you being here on my days off. Or I could come over to your place.

Willow: I do have Loki after all.

Liam kisses the top of my head as I settle closer into his chest oblivious to what movie we had been watching as my heart flutters with nothing but love and desire for this man.

Sunday comes quickly. I run home to see Loki and change my clothes before meeting Liam for lunch.

As I head out my door I run into a solid chest. Nearly knocking myself back Tom reaches out grabbing me by my elbows to keep upright.

Tom: We really need time stop running into each other like this.

Willow: Oh my god I’m sorry Tom.

He chuckles.

Tom: You ok Willow.

Willow: Yes, sorry I was just in a hurry I’m meeting Liam for lunch before his shift.

Tom releases his grip from my elbows dragging his fingers down my forearms before shoving one hand in his pocket and the other through his hair. I look into his icy blue eyes to see a sadness.

Tom: Well I guess I’ll see you.

I give his arm a gentle squeeze.

Willow: Tom is everything ok?

He nods yes but I can tell somethings up.

Willow: Tom.

He plasters a friendly smile on his face.

Tom: I’m good. Just wanted to see how you were. You have been missing our sparing world outs and you were gone for a couple days I was beginning to worry.

Willow: I’m sorry about our sessions I’ll get back in routine I promise. Things are just kind of new right now with Liam and....

I blush at the thought of Liam but notice the smile fade to a scowl on Toms face.

Willow: Everything is fine Tom. I’ll see you for tomorrows session I promise.

He smiles and nods at that.

Tom: I’m going to hold you to it!

Willow: Ok. See you tomorrow.

I smile and dart to my car.

After lunch at the Olive Garden Liam and go back to his house where we make love and lay in bed until it’s time for him to go.

Liam: Thursday seems too far away!

He sighs while packing his bag. I wrap my arms around his structured abs and rest my head between his shoulder blades. He takes one of my hands and holds it to his lips before turning and cupping my face and kissing me passionately like a warrior going off to battle taking my breath away.

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