From the ashes

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The writer and the fireman

From the ashes

Chapter 3: The writer and the fireman

Liam: So, Willow... tell me something about yourself?

Willow: Me?

Liam: Yeah. You already know I’m a fireman, what do you do?

Willow: I write for an interactive story app.

Liam: A what?

Willow: It’s a short story app for mobile where you get to play/read as a main character and you get to choose sometimes what someone says or does. So, it’s interactive, kind of like a game.

Liam: So, how’d you wind up writing for one?

Willow: I won a writing contest last summer and they asked me to write for them. I hope to actually publish a book someday but... this is fun. It helps me escape.

Liam: What are you escaping?

I look away from him and notice the growing crowd of people heading inside the church.

Willow: looks like your meetings about to start. I should get going.

I stand up to leave when Liam gently grabs my arm above my elbow.

Liam: Are you sure I can’t get you to join me. You wouldn’t have to do anything just sit and listen. It helps sometimes hearing other people’s stories. I would love your company.

Willow: I can’t. I’m sorry.

Liam: Don’t be, can I at least walk you back to your car.

I nod in agreement, and his hand goes from my arm and to my lower back again.

We walk in comfortable silence.

He opens my door and once I settle into my seat, he leans in so close I can feel the heat of his breath on my jaw line.

Liam: Can I see your phone?

Without question I hand him my phone. Within seconds there’s a ding coming from his phone.

Liam: Would you do me a favor and text me when you get home.

I squint at him curiously.

Willow: To ease your conscience about my driving.

He chuckles.

Liam: Yes. But it’s a little more personal than that. I’d like to hear from you again.

He rubs his hand through his hair then smiles confidently.

Liam: I would also like to ask you to have coffee with me again?

Willow: I’d like that.

Liam: Tomorrow morning at the Coffee Bean.

Willow: Sure

Liam: 7:30am ok.

Willow: Ok.

He tucks a loose strand of hair behind my ear then runs his hand down my arm taking my hand and lifting it to his lips.

Liam: Don’t forget to text me as soon as you get home.

I let out a breath I didn’t know I was holding and just smiled then nodded.

He closed my door and took a step back and waited for me to pull away before heading inside the building.

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