From the ashes

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From the ashes

Chapter 30: Celebrate

Months pass by like flashes as Liam and I grow closer and more deeply in love. Loki and I have even moved in with him, and I finally published my first book based on the short story I wrote for the app contest “Protect Her”.

Today Liam and I are celebrating its release date as well his birthday at his favorite restaurant Benihanas. Which surprise to him when we arrive his closest friends from the station are waiting at the private table.

Liam: You did this?

I smile lovingly at him as he takes me in his arms and kisses me as is if we had no audience.

Voices murmur get a room followed by laughter. We greet everyone and join them at the big chefs table enjoying the chef’s knife skills and food flinging.

I excuse myself to use the restroom. Not paying attention in my rush to get back I face plant right into a hard chest. Arms fly around mine as big hands catch my elbows preventing me from flying back. My eyes are blurry at first from the throbbing of my nose that took most the impact but as they clear slightly, I am shocked.

Willow: Tom!

Tom: Shit Willow are you ok.

Willow: Yeah, I’ll be fine, what are doing here?

Tom: I’m here with a date.

He points to a far end of the restaurant opposite of where we had been. All I can see is the back side of long wavy beautiful brunette hair down a slender back in a tight black dress.

Tom: Willow your bleeding.

Just then Liam comes barreling through the bathroom hall shoving Tom away from me looking at me with panic as he sees the blood slowly seeping from my nose.

Liam: What the fuck did you do.

He yelled at Tom clinching his fists as if ready to strike. Tom puts his hands up in defense. While I grab Liam’s arm turning him to me.

Willow: Liam! He didn’t do anything I came out of the bathroom not looking where I was going and face planted into him.

Liam tenses clenching his jaw still staring at Tom.

Willow: Liam!

I growl releasing his arm as I slam open the bathroom door rushing in to tend to my bleeding nose.

Seconds later Liam is behind me at the sink wetting a paper towel and placing it on the back of my neck while I hold some to my nose squinting at his reflection in the mirror.

Willow: I’ve seen you get tense and jealous before but that was taking it too far. You’re a fireman for crying out loud you are trained to eases the situation before diving in blindly.

Liam: I’m sorry baby. It’s just I saw the way he was holding you and then I saw the blood and thought?

He runs his free hand through his hair.

Liam: When it comes to you, I can’t help feeling over protective. I know he is your friend, and you’re still training with him like you owe him something, but I just don’t trust the guy.

Willow: Then you don’t trust me!

Liam: I didn’t say that of course I trust you. I know you don’t see him as anything but a friend but I see the way he looks at you, and what the hell is he doing here?

Willow: He’s here with a date and last I checked this was still a public restaurant.

Liam turns me around lifting me up on the sink counter to check my nose which has stopped bleeding. He takes the wet cloth and cleans me up before resting his head against mine.

Liam: I’m sorry baby. The thought of another guys hands on you drives me insane and if something ever happened to you, I would seriously lose it. I love you so much.

Unable to resist his puppy eye apology I kiss his lips softly. Tom is my friend but I have to admit the way Liam is so protective of me turns me on. I deepen the kiss as his hips open my thighs pressing his rising wood against my heated core.

Suddenly the bathroom door opens and there’s a gasp. “This is a public bathroom, you kids should be a shamed of your selves”. Liam slides me down off the counter giggling as we return to our table.

Through the rest of dinner and desert the guys all shoot the shit about guy stuff while their wives ask eagerly when they can buy my book.

Out of the corner of my eye I see Tom leaving with his date, he makes eye contact with me and I give him a slight apologetic smile. He nods before disappearing out the door. I feel Liam stiffen beside me while squeezing my thigh. His eyes mixed with emotion. Anger towards Tom yet full of love for me.

Liam’s perspective:

This fucking asshole! Always there trying to swoop in and take what’s mine. As if he’s ever had the chance! I know my Willow; I know she would never fuck around on me but this guy this fucking guy touching my innocent Willow. Never have I wanted beat someone’s head into a wall as badly as I did his when I saw his hands on her. But then I saw the blood and lost my fucking shit.

The cracking sound of his back and deflating of his chest at the loss of breath as I slammed him against the wall caused me little relief. I was ready to paint the wall with this mother fucker.

If it wasn’t for her he certainly would have become a new wall decoration but Willows voice even angry was still soothing like an angel. I would do anything for her even if that meant handing her my balls and walking away. As much as I wanted his blood dripping from my white knuckles. I inhaled a deep breath releasing his shirt and quickly following her into the women’s bathroom.

I watched her reflection staring back at me while applying a damp towel to the back of her neck. She wanted to be angry with me but her eyes deceived her. She was turned on. I could feel it when I lifted her onto the sink and pressed my eager cock between her thighs. Her soft little moans against my lips was all the forgiveness I needed.

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