From the ashes

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New York

From the ashes

Chapter 32: New York

We arrive in New York and check into the beautiful presidential suit compliments of my publisher. The bathroom is bigger than my old kitchen with a jacuzzi tub and all glass walk in shower with a bench. I give Liam a knowing look. He smacks my ass.

Liam: So, you want to start in this room?

I shake my head.

Willow: Let’s call room service first and unpack.

He kisses my temple and pulls out the menu to call while i unpack our things. Next thing I Know I’m waking from a nightmare. Once I’ve caught my breath and look around I. The barely moon lit room I see Liam sleeping fully clothed on top of the covers. Food trays still on the bedside table. I giggle to my self-realizing how funny it is that we passed out probably from jet lag.

After a quick shower wrapped in just a towel, I look toward the floor to ceiling window. Liam still sound asleep I decide to face my fears alone. With a shaky breath and squinting eyes I pull back the curtains immediately captivated by the tranquil city lights. Noises from the city life muffled to an echo from 30 floors up.

Lost in thought I didn’t notice Liam come up from behind releasing my towel. I gasp at the thought of being exposed to the world before us. Liam’s hands roam up my curves knee-ding my breasts. His lips devouring the soft of my neck down my shoulder blades. One hand slide down finding its way past my mound teasing my excited clit.

Liam: Spread your legs.

I do as he says.

Liam: Wider

He whispers as he nips my lobe. His hand slides around fondling my ass before slipping between. His long fingers quickly inserting deep past my wet folds. I spread my legs wider. His other hand pushes gently on my shoulder pressing my already perky nipples against the cold glass.

Fear, lust, anticipation shoots through me as the first orgasm hits. He continues kissing and nipping along my neck as his long hard cock penetrates my swollen soaked center slowly. He pulls back just as slow all the way till just the tip is barely in the entrance. He repeats the slow torturous method pushing further, deeper inside with each slow push.

Liam: Touch yourself.

I reach down and begin circling my clit. I look up to find Liam’s reflection watching my own. His hands grip my hips tighter as he thrusts hard and deep. Again. Causing me to gasp already on the edge of another orgasm.

Liam: You like when I fuck you hard baby.

I nod.

Liam: Tell me.

Willow: Fuck me hard Liam.

His thrusts go deeper, harder.

Suddenly he pulls out. Before I can react, he has me spun and lifted with my back against the window. His cock birdied back inside continuing the deep hard thrusts. My legs wrapped instinctively around his tensing back muscles. Adrenaline pulses through me like a rocket before exploding into a grand finale of fireworks as his hot fluids fill my insides dancing with mine coating his member. We tremble against one another while the waves of pleasure passes.

The blinding sun halos over Liam’s nakedness bringing a smile to my face as thoughts of last night dance in my mind. His strong hand pulls me into him.

Liam: Morning beautiful.

Willow: Morning.

I kiss his nose and try to wiggle out of his hold. His grip tightens and that’s when I feel his enormous man hood awake and ready feeling its way back inside of me.

Hours later it’s the end of the first inning. I make an excuse to use the restroom and return with a jersey for Liam.

Liam: Babe?

He smiles like a little boy putting on the jersey and taking my face into his hands claiming my lips with all of him. The sound of cheers brings us back to reality as we look up to see the kiss cam. Liam tackles me for another kiss. A deep long passionate kiss.

Liam: I love you.

Willow: I love you.

We stuff ourselves with hot dogs and garlic cheese fries enjoying the rest of the game

After the Yankees win, we head back to the hotel and pass out in one another’s arms.

We wake up the next morning to a call from the publisher.

Willow: Liam the publisher is sending a car to pick me up in 30 minutes they want to meet before the signing. You want to come?

I ask anxiously hoping he’ll say yes even though it will be boring for him.

Liam: Of course, I will babe.

I feel all giddy inside and replay back via text the publisher that I will be accompanied. Showered and ready we grab a coffee and bagels on the way down to the car.

After a short meeting with the publisher we are taken to Strand bookstore. A few employees greet me with excitement asking to be the first to receive a signed copy of my book. I oblige thanking them for reading it.

After the book signing and a quick lunch, Liam takes me to all his favorite places and of course we stop to pay tribute at the 9/11 memorial site where the towers once stood. It’s only the second time, I’ve seen this strong man get teary eyed. The first When he spoke of his brother’s death and here at the memory of his fallen brothers and all the other pain, he himself endured as a marine. I hold him as we stand in silence.

That evening after dinner we went to time square to enjoy the cool evening watching the performers and ice skaters. Liam leaves me for a second to speak to a live band that was playing near a fountain.

He walks back to me with a mischief smile extending a hand as the band begins to play imagine dragons “next to me”. Without hesitation I take his hand and we dance lost in each other’s eyes. I bring my head to rest on his broad chest finding comfort in the vibration while he hums along to the lyrics intertwined with his heart beat.

Never did I believe I would ever know love like this.

When the song finishes Liam goes down on one knee. My heart races thumping loudly against my chest. He pulls out a little black velvet box taking my left hand into his kissing my knuckles. Tears begin to swell as I grin like the Cheshire Cat.

Liam: Willow you are my everything. I want to spend the rest of my life showing you and loving you. Willow Grayson will you marry me?

Willow: YES.

Liam pops open the box sliding the diamond engagement ring onto my finger as he scoops me into his arms twirling me around like he’s on cloud nine.

A roar of clapping and hooting erupts from a crowd that had formed around us.

Liam: I love you.

He says with a shaky breath. Pulling me so close I can feel his heart beat.

Willow: I love you Liam.

He captures my lips with his in the most possessive, passionate loving kiss stealing my breath, my heart, my soul. I am truly his and he is mine.

Shelly Gray

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