From the ashes

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Till morning

From the ashes

Chapter 5: Till Morning.

The sound of the marvel ring tone I set for Liam snaps me out of my daze. I run for the couch and it brings a smile back to my face when I see his name. I answer the phone trying to sound casual but my voice came out breathy.

Willow: Hi.

Liam: Hi.

Willow: How was your meeting.

Liam: Being in a room full of people who have lost someone they care about can suck but it’s a reminder that you aren’t alone.

Loki looks up at me and meows as if he heard what Liam said and was agreeing.

Liam: Willow?

Willow: I’m still here.

Liam: You lost someone didn’t you?

Willow: Yeah.

Liam: recently?

I take a deep breath and let a short huff trying to hold it together. There’s a long pause of silence. Liam finally spoke up.

Liam: I lost my brother and a good friend last August from the North Fires. It took a long time to talk about it. It wasn’t till I got suspended and was forced to go to these meetings that I finally snapped out of it.

Willow: I’m so sorry Liam. How old was your brother?

Liam: Jack. He was 27.

Willow: what was he like?

Liam: He was a competitive little shit. Always trying to best me. Always thinking he had to prove something.

There’s another pause of silence. I can hear the grief in Liam’s voice and I’m about to say something when he speaks up again changing the subject.

Liam: So, you really had no idea about the meeting. You just coincidentally wound up in that parking lot?

Willow: Yes, why is that so hard to believe.

Liam: Well because then I’d have to believe in fate. Or I died and you are my angle.

I hold the phone away as I laugh with a slight snort. The embarrassment causes my face to turn beet red.

Liam: Did you just snort.

Willow: Most gentlemen would have ignored that to save the lady from her embarrassment.

Liam: Like I said before I’m not like most men. Besides I thought it was cute.

We talked long into the night about his career as a Brea firefighter and exchanged a lot of fun sexual banter to lighten the mood until we realized it was only a few hours before we would be meeting again for coffee.

Willow: It was nice talking to you again. I guess I’ll see you in a few hours.

Liam: see you in a few hours.... Good night Willow.

Willow: Night Liam.

As soon as I hung up the phone, I began having very vivid sexual fantasies about Liam. I had already made it to my bed some time ago. I contemplate the idea of relieving some of the sexual tension and give into the wet desire already looking at my core.

I envision Liam crawling over top of me staring intensely into my eye while his fingers tease my clit before sliding through the wet opening. I give into the temptation running my fingers down my stomach and into my panties touching myself. Imagining his bare broad muscular chest pulsing with each thrust. His strong long arms wrapping tightly around me. I whisper his name over and over as I pleasure myself into a small climax.

Finally relaxed I manage to drift into a peaceful rest.

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