From the ashes

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From the ashes

Chapter 8: Guarded

When I arrive to my gate, I am greeted by our kind older day shift security guard Garret.

Garret: Afternoon Miss Willow.

Willow: Hi Garret. How’s Betty?

Garret: Better than ever.

Willow: Where you taking her tonight for your big anniversary?

Garret: The comedy club, her favorite comedian is playing there tonight.

Willow: That sounds like fun. Well you enjoy tonight.

Garret: Will do Miss Willow.

Willow: Oh Garret... I’m expecting a guest tonight about 6, His names Liam O’Bryan can you make sure who ever covers you knows please.

Garret: Well l’ll be! You finally going on a date. Miss Willow?

My cheeks flush as a giggle to myself.

Willow: Yes, Garret I’m finally going on a date.

Garret: It’s about time. I’ll be sure to let Mr. Patrick know.

Willow: Toms covering the gate for you?

Garret: Yes mam. He’s such a fine young man.

He pauses tilting his head down at me with question.

Garret: It’s a wonder why they two of you have never...?

He paused again looking at me with an apologetic smile as he scratches the back of his head.

Oh, this could be a little awkward. Toms has asked me out a couple times but I was never ready and it never felt right. With Liam everything feels right.

I shrug it off and smile patting Garrets hand resting on my door.

Willow: Give my best to Betty won’t you.

Garret: Will do Miss Willow. Have a good rest of your day.

My head begins to swirl with so many thoughts and emotions I didn’t even realize I had parked my car in my drive way. I need to clear my head so I go to one of few places that has become a sanctuary for me. The community gym.

Usually I do this with Tom three times a week. It’s where he’s been teaching me how to box the last few months and really helps me get through some of my toughest days but today’s not our normal day since he would be sleeping for his shift tonight. So, I decide to just ride the bikes for an hour.

After a long shower I stand in front of my closet at a loss. I haven’t been on a date with another man in 15years, and I’ve been alone for 6months. This is terrifying and exciting at the same time. What the heck am I going to wear?

After trying on half of what I own I finally settle on casual black jeans, a fitted charcoal grey v neck top and black leather riding boots. I better text Liam.

Willow: Call me if you have any problems with the guard.

Liam: Guard? What are you some secrete high society modern day royal?

Willow: LOL. You wish. No, I just live in a gated community.

Liam: Thank god! I consider myself to be a little old school, I like the idea of taking care of my women.

Willow: Oh, in what ways?

Liam: EVERY WAY!!!! Speaking of I am on my way now. See you in a few.

The words EVERY WAY sends a tingling shiver through me as I imagine his fingers exploring my body. Like last night or this morning rather. The ping of my phone snaps me back to reality.

Liam: Your thinking about me taking care of you in all kinds of ways, aren’t you?

Willow: Wouldn’t you like to know? Hurry up and get here.

Liam: As you wish.

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