From the ashes

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Trouble at the gate

From the ashes

Chapter 9: Trouble at the gate

The Marvel tone goes off.

Liam: So, I’m at the gate. Guard says I’m not on the guest list?

After reading Liam’s text I immediately call the guard station.

Tom: This is Tom

Willow: Tom it’s Willow, I told Garret earlier that I was expecting a guest at 6pm Liam O’Bryan. Can you please let him in.

Tom: Sorry Willow i must have over looked it. I just never expected... I mean??

Willow: Tom please let my guest in!

Tom: K

A few minutes later there is a much-anticipated knock on the door. As I casually swing it open, I cannot stop myself from ogling him. His dark waves messy and yet perfectly placed. His golden eyes sparkling under the porch light. His jaw line freshly shaven taking a few years off.

I remember to pick my jaw up off the floor as Liam swoops me into his arms then stands back looking me up and down with a big boyish grin. He hands me a small bouquet of blood red carnation surrounded by baby breath.

Willow: Thank you how did you know I’d love carnations?

Liam: I might be old school but I didn’t peg you for the common roses type.

I run to the kitchen to find a vase in a hurry not wanting Liam to linger too long in the living room.

Liam: So, Tom seems to take his job pretty serious huh.

I let out a sigh.

Willow: He does. But he means well.

Liam: He was pretty reluctant on letting me in. Is there something between the two of you?

Willow: Is that a bit of jealousy I detect Mr. O’Bryan.

I hear Liam chuckle so low it sounds like a growl.

I fill the vase and set it centered on the dining table making my way back to the living room I find Liam holding Loki.

Willow: WOW he likes you. He usually hides when anyone comes to the door. Neither of us are used to people being in our home.

Liam looks up and smiles.

Liam: Loki? Where’s Thor?

My heart melts a little that he immediately knew the origin of Loki’s name. Let alone the fact that he is holding my cat that has never come around people before.

Willow: Well Loki was kind of an accidental find, 5 months ago he just showed up in my back yard barely 8 weeks old. I just haven’t had the time or really the desire to rush out and get another one. I like when things happen by fate?

Loki meows and jumps out of Liam’s arms to head but my shins.

Willow: He has approved. Shall we

I grab my black leather hooded jacket and lead Liam to the door. He grabs me by the waist and turns me into him abruptly. His lips crash down on mine with lustful force. His teeth rake over my bottom lip gently pulling at it before letting go and gazing into my eyes.

Liam: If the thought of another guy wanting what’s mine makes me sound jealous then yeah, I guess I am.

He squeezes me closer into him claiming my lips again. My body shivers against his with desire. I feel his smile against my lips as he realizes the effect, he’s having on me.

I soon feel something else pressing against my pelvic. I grin knowing the effect I am having in him. He pulls away slowly and a whimper in Protest. He shakes his head with a gruffly breath.

Liam: We should probably go before I lose complete control.

I bite my lower lip looking down at his arousal and give a little smirk as I turn and walk out the door.

I just about fly out my adidas at the sight of the car next to mine in the drive way.

Willow: Oh my god you have a bumble bee!!

I skip to the Yellow Chevy Camaro with its black stripes and gawk at it like a kid visiting universal studios for the first time. I here Liam laughing.

Liam: 2007 version of course.

He walks around and opens the door for me. I pause taking in the beautiful black leather interior and notice the Autobot symbol in the center of the wheel.

Liam: It’s ok he won’t bite.

I sit down rubbing the sides of the soft leather seats.

Liam hops in the driver seat then glances over at me as I’m still in awe.

He just chuckles then revs the engine. The rumble vibrates sending chills through me. I take a deep breath trying to seem calm and casual but oh there is nothing calm in my core.

Liam: I’m glad to know I have finally found someone to share my love of movies and yet I do believe i am jealousy of my own car.

I lean over placing a gentle kiss on his cheek.

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