My dream boy

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Follow charli while she finds her true love

Charli Damelio
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Chapter 1 Inro

Heres a little Story of Charli and her dream boy Heres her story and how she found her dream Boy
Charli-Im bored iv been on tik tok all day
Dixie-Then call Josh over he's ur Boyfriend
Charli-No he's not we broke up he Cheated on me with Nessa
Dixie-Then call Addison over
Charli-She's With Bryce its Friday remember she always hangs out with Bryce on friday
Dixie-How about my bestfriend Chase
Charli-Is he nice??
Dixie-Yes super Nice
Charli-Okay well Text him or Call him
Dixie-Okay okay Bossy
Charli-What was That
Charli-That's what I thought text him NOW!!!!! pls
Dixie-Just did hes gonna be over in 5 mins
5 mins Later
Chase knocks on the door
Charli-Ill get it
Dixie-Thanks and don't come in my room
Charli opens the door for Chase
Chase-Hi u must be Charli
Charli-Wow ur cute I Mean (Charli Gets out of The day dream) Yea im Charli
Chase-can I come in
Charli-Yea come
Dixie-Hey charli can I talk to u
Dixie-I saw the way u looked at Chase u like Him
Charli puts her head down
Charli-I don't know what ur taking about
Dixie-U do like him(dixie smiles)
Charli-Maybe a little bit but don't tell him
Dixie-I wont
Charli goes back to Chase
Chase-Hey charli wanna Watch a movie
They watch a movie and after 2 hrs Chase picks up charli and Takes her to her room and Puts her to Bed and he sleeps on the couch
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