A Sinful Desire

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The morning after my escapade with the brothers, I haven’t seen them around as much, they left for Atlanta the next evening after taking my virginity

I had only seen them at work a couple of times where they treated me indifferently like nothing has ever happened between us, so much for the connection, they said we had, did they say that just to fuck me. God, I feel like a desperate whore, who couldn’t wait a damn second, just to be left to the side by them

I take a sip of my martini, regretting giving my virginity to them. I wasn’t the one to wait after marriage to have sex, but I at least wanted to give it to someone I thought deserved it, instead of being in the moment

“Sena, cheer up will you, you’ve been on edge these past few days, are you really okay, we could go home if you like”

“No, it’s okay, I’m really doing okay, it’s just I’m nervous about meeting my dad and Nikita tomorrow,” I say, trying to divert my thoughts to more important problems in my life

“Sena, as much as you hate her, you have to agree that this is the happiest you’ve ever seen your dad, you have to give him a chance,” Vanessa says, making tears well up in my eyes, “But why her, out of everyone why her,” I cry out, gulping down my martini, taking and drinking hers too

“Calm down, Sena,” she says grabbing the glass out of my hand. She shakes her head looking at me, “Anyways, nothing happed between you and your bosses that day?”

She asks, her eyes instantly widened, “Oh my fuck!”, she gasped out, “I so wanted this to happen, but this is unbelievable.”

“What are you talking about?” I asked, confused

“Dominick Vero is what I’m talking about. He owns this club,” she explains, “I was hoping that we would bump into him and he is making his way over here right now!” this can’t be real, I look at Vanessa who has a big smile on her lips oblivious of the fact that I wanted to kill her, “Is this why you got me here?!?” I whisper yell

“Duh, thank me later,” she smiled, taking her drink, and walked away, just when I felt a hand on my bare lower back

“Serafina. What the fuck are you doing here?” Dom’s familiar deep voice sent a chill down my spine and I turned slightly to catch his eyes

Hey, Mr. Vero. How was your day today,” I refrained from calling him Dom because I was absolutely pissed

“Get the fuck up, love.” He growled in my ear. I could hardly believe that he could be so annoyingly rude and sinfully sweet at the same time. My legs seemed to follow his command as his hand suddenly wrapped around my upper arm, his fingers almost painfully digging into my skin

Before I could manage to utter a word, he was dragging me through the mass of bodies and the staff who greeted him occasionally. I let out a gasp as he started leading me up some sort of staircase. The stairs were made out of glass and they freaked the hell out of me as I looked down

“Dom, where are you taking me?” I asked him, trying to pry my hand away from his harsh hold but he didn’t let me go, I stayed quiet as we finally arrived up the stairs and down a corridor. He continued walking with me hot on my heels when suddenly he pushed through a door, leading me inside and locking it behind him

“Did you get lost on the way to the library or what?” He asked me and my jaw dropped at his words

“Excuse me? Dom, can’t I just come to a club?” I folded my arms across my chest as he frowned down at me

“No.” He stepped forward towards me, making me take a step back. “Fucking hell no.” He again walked closer to me and I unconsciously stepped back. This game of cat and mouse continued till my back was flush against a surface and I had nowhere to go to while his stormy grey eyes held me victim. “Not dressed like this.”

“What is wrong with my, dress?” I defensively asked, knowing very well this dress didn’t do a great job in covering anything

“Serafina, don’t make me rip it off of you, love” He grunted out, coming closer, his hand suddenly came to cup my face, his calloused hands teasing my skin trailing down to my chin, then to the valley between my breasts, teasing my cleavage, “Do not wear anything like this ever again.”

I took a deep breath and instantly regretted it as his husky, masculine scent teased my nostrils, tempting me to suddenly jump his bones. My chest started heaving up and down suddenly and he noticed the change in my breathing. I told myself to hold up strong and not be affected so much by this man, “And what if I do?”

“Serafina, we three might like sharing women but we sure as hell don’t like to share our woman with others.” He whispered against me, his eyes running over my face

The audacity of this man, implying that I want to be with other men, I’ll wear whatever I want whenever I want who is he to tell me

Rolling my eyes, I push him away, walking to the door about to open it when a hand came slamming it back close, “Don’t ever roll your eyes at me,” he growled out, trapping me between the door and him

“Or what”

Something flashed across his eyes, when he slammed his lips onto mine, his hand going and grabbing onto my butt, lifting me up as I wrap my legs around his torso, he walks us over and throws me onto the bed

He takes off his jacket, and unbuckles his belt, I could see the tent in his trousers, “Dom, what are you doing,” he ignores me as he bends down sucking my neck, “You want to know what will happen when you tease me like this again,” he whispers against my neck, without giving me a chance to respond, both his hands held onto my dress, ripping it apart, “Dom,” I gasped, “are you crazy,”

“crazy for you,” he whispers into my ear kissing it, I scoff, “didn’t seem like it, these past three days,” I muttered, he gets up and looks into my eyes, “so this is your revenge for not giving you attention?” he asks, as I try to push him off me, “No, you arsehole, you guys took my virginity and left, without even acknowledging me, am I just a toy to you guys,”

“Sena we already told you, you’re way more than any other, if we wanted to use you we wouldn't wait this long, why do you keep doubting us, we all want you Sena pleas-” I didn’t let him finish as I pulled his head down to mine, he tensed up at first but quickly went back to being the dominant one

I quickly unbutton his shirt, disregarding it somewhere in the room, he rips the rest of my dress off of me, moving from my lips to my chest, pulling down my bra, to latch onto my breast, “ahh Dom” I moan out, pulling on his hair, his teeth biting down on the bud, massaging the other in his hands, “I can never get enough of you,” he grunts out, leaving my breasts and trailing kisses down to my cunt

He slides off my underwear, he doesn’t waste any time is attaching his mouth to my pussy, licking it like it was his favorite dessert, “Oh,” I gasp out, running my hands through his hair, pushing his head, even more into my pussy, I probably looked greedy, but I don’t care right now

He chuckled against my folds, making it vibrate, “ah Dom, y-yes just like that,” I approach my toe-curling climax, soon after, he licks my pussy clean before coming back up and kissing my lips, letting me taste myself on his lips

In a hurry, he tries to unbutton his trousers, but I stop him, grabbing his shoulders and switching our positions, climbing on top of him, I sensually kiss his lips, slowly grinding on his dick. My hands roamed his chest, while he squeezed my hips

I grind on him feeling his length become harder and harder, his breathing uneven, his hands move from my hips to my ass, squeezing and slapping it hard, arching my back, I let my head fall back, still moving on his dick

“Fuck,” he moans out his head falling deeper into the pillow, his hands roughly move me on his dick, putting some distance between our parts I move down, my face in the level of his dick

Taking it in my hand I wrap my hand tightly around it, “ah fuck, shit,” he says in a mumble, placing my mouth over it, I take him deeper into my mouth, licking the precum oozing from his tip

Wrapping his hand around my hair, he demands I move in his mouth, I pull him out just to put him back in, my pace gets faster and faster by the second, “I’m cumming,” he grips my hair tighters, restricting my movements

In an instant, I felt hot liquid fill the back of my throat, I pulled his cock out of my mouth, crawling back up to him, his thumb came up to my lips swiping across my juicy lips

“That was mind-blowing,” he breathes out pulling me to his side, I swing my leg over his, as he pulls me even closer, my eyes started to flutter as he caressed my hair, kissing my forehead, and leaned his head on mine

I groan as I turn and stretch, trying to feel him next to me, but it was empty, opening my eyes, I saw him sitting shirtless at his desk, typing away on his laptop, looking over at the clock to see only an hour has passed. My eyes wandered down to see a silk blanket over my body, rolling to the side, I picked up my underwear, pulling it on

Getting off the bed, I walk around and spot his dress shirt on the floor, picking it up I wear it, buttoning it, and rolling up the sleeves, I run my hands through my hair

Biting my lip, I walk over to him, sitting on his desk, next to his laptop. “Good afternoon, love,” he says, placing his hand on my thigh. Not satisfied by the affection, I jump off and straddle him, “Sena, I have to send this email,” he says grunting as I move my hips a little, “Whose stopping you,” I whisper in his ear, kissing his neck, he leans his head back, “Fuck”

He mutters out, grabbing onto my hips, “I’ll be done in a minute, I promise,” he says with pleading eyes

Whining I get off of him and walk over to the tinted glass window, watching the people dance, grinding on each other, making out. My focus lands on a couple who were dancing like no one’s watching, their bodies moved in sync

I was staring at them like a creep, when two hands wrapped around me spinning me around, making me laugh, “put me down,” I say giggling, holding onto his arms, he turns me around, kissing me

Smiling I kissed him back with equal flavor, leaning back from his touch he smiles at me, his eyes fall to his shirt, “love the new look,” making me remember that he ripped my dress apart

“Shit,” I look at Dom to see his confused face, “I have a flight to catch, and you ripped my dress, I have nothing to wear,” I say groaning, Dom comes over wrapping his hands around me, “I’ll drop you to your apartment and you look just as beautiful in my dress shirt,” He mumbles, kissing my forehead, and placing my head on his chest, I wrap my hands around him

“You don’t have to I can just call-”, I don’t get to finish my sentence

“It’s okay, I’ll drop you,” he tightens his hold on me, letting me go a second later to go to the closet and pull out a shirt, wearing it, flexing all his muscles, I bit my lip

“Don’t bite your lip, unless you want my dick to ruin your insides this time,” He mumbles out, walking to his desk to grab his keys and wallet.

I quickly divert my gaze and wear my heels, “Ready,” he says as I smile and nod my head, we walk to the door and he holds it open, slapping my ass as I walk past him, “Dom,” I gasp, hitting his chest, while he chuckles.

We arrive at my apartment complex within 10 minutes, we walk hand in hand, clearly wasn’t thinking that through, when "Serafina, how lovely to see you again,” I hear, quickly I detach myself from Dom, “Hello Mrs. Jhonson, it’s nice to see you too,” I give her hug, hoping she doesn’t question who Dom is but as usual luck never is on my side

“Who is this young man,” she asks narrowing her eyes at him, making me sweat, she saw us holding hands and my attire is quiet questionable, I nervously look at him

“Hello, I am Dominick Vero, I’m her boss,” he says, I was praying that this floor would just eat me up, “Oh, it’s very nice to meet you, darling," she says, shaking the hand Dom offered, "How is your father, I've heard he's finally settling down," she says, making me go stiff, "I-uh yeah, he's settling down," I say playing with Dom's shirt, "well I would love to chat, but I have some errands to run so I'll see you around Serafina and Dominick,” she nods her head, walking past us, I let out a breath, I didn’t know I was holding, I am totally screwed

“This is it, I will see you on Tuesday,” I hummed out, giving a quick hug, but he wraps his hands around me, holding me still

We stay like that for a minute, before he leans back, pulling my hair behind my ear, kissing my forehead, “bye”, he whispers and let’s go, walking to the elevator, he looked back and winked, smiling I opened the door and walked into my apartment

I was immediately greeted my Vanessa and Matt, “Care to explain,” Matt says smirking pointing to my outfit, while Vanessa looked at me with wide eyes, I run and wrap my hands around them, “Nope, let’s get ready,” I give them a peck on their cheek and walk into the kitchen, “Oh no, no, no you are not getting a free pass this time,” Matt said crossing his hands, I rolled my eyes, “Nothing happened Matt,”

“Uh-huh, that’s why you’re dressed in a completely different outfit, well barley in one, and have hickey’s all over your neck,” the moment Matt pointed it out, I place my fingers on my neck, “Seriously nothing happened,” I still deny, I’m not going to admit, that I slept with my boss, actually all three of them I’m in so much fucking shit, this is my father’s worst nightmare

"leave her Matt, its time she gets out," Vanessa says, leaning on the counter

“Ugh fine, don’t tell us but its bond to come out one day, go freshen up, we only have four hours left,” Matt says, plopping down on the couch, watching Love Island Australia

I was about to leave when Vanessa grabbed my arm, "you better tell me the details later," she says smirking kissing my cheek, blushing I roll my eyes, walking into my room

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