A Sinful Desire

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“Home sweet home!” Matt exclaimed out loudly, spreading his arms dramatically towards my father’s mansion, taking a deep breath in, making Vanessa and I laugh

“Matt, why are you so happy?” I asked him finally. The entire plane ride he had been brimming with joy at the thought of going back to Seattle while I was sulking in my seat watching The Vow, thinking about how my father was making the second biggest mistake of his life, after me, of course

“Because, we are back home, Sena!” He yelled back, wrapping his hands around Vanessa, making her dance, “Didn’t you miss the smell of Seattle?”

“The smell of population, you mean pot and piss?”

“No babe,” He danced closer and threw an arm around my shoulders, “The smell of the wind, the water, the pine…ah, and everything else amazing!” He took another deep breath, and I rolled my eyes as we walked in through the front door that my father’s butler was holding open

“Welcome back Serafina, Matt, and Vanessa Welov!” Walter greeted us with a wide smile, as I wished the old man ‘good morning’

“Where is dad?” I asked him and as soon as the words left my lips, my father came skidding down the stairs with a wide smile on his handsome face. His brown hair moved when he walked, still an uncontrollable mess as always

My father was a ridiculously good-looking man, hence his genes passing down to me, which I was super thankful for, I was a replica of my father, it just couldn’t go unnoticed. My mother was also a very attractive and smart woman, but that’s all my father ever told me about her, she passed away giving birth to me

“Serafina sweetheart, look at you, my baby! Feels like you’ve become taller, since the last time I saw you,” My father muttered into my hair as his arms wrapped around my frame

“Dad, it’s been 4 years, a lot has changed,” He pulls me tighter into his chest, I feel some teardrops on my shoulder, looking at him I see him crying, “Dad, stop being such a baby, tears don’t suit your handsome face,” I say wiping away his tears, he holds my hand, “I’m just glad you’re back,” I genuinely smile for him, “I’m glad to be back.”

“Serafina,” I heard a familiar, annoying female voice reach my ear, making me want to take back what I said a second ago, “Look at you! You look all grown up, don’t you?”

“Nikita,” I addressed the she-devil with a sigh, “You also look older. Is that grey hair I see?” I pointed to her temple and the beautiful black-haired woman dressed in an olive-green jumpsuit instantly reached for her hair, an expression of horror covering her features

Serafina,” My father scolded me, sending a glare my way as he walked over to his dear fiancée and put his arm around her alarmingly thin waist. “Be nice to Nikita. She is almost your step-mother now.”

I was about to say something back when Vanessa took ahold of my hand, so I bit my tongue as I glared at her manicured hand with her dumb porn star French tips wrapped around my father’s arm

“I don’t really prefer that term but, you can totally call me mom.” Was she mental or something, why would I call someone four fucking years older than me, mom?? She had a grin on her face like she won something, this bitch

“When are your brothers coming?” My father asked her, and she shrugged her shoulders, her gaze still set on me. Oh, she has brothers, poor souls, they have to deal with this piece of shit

“Just on their way. They will be here in no time.”

“And your parents?” My father asked her, looking down at her. He was obviously blindly in love with her and I was suddenly beginning to question what he saw in Nikita that made her his first love ever

“Richard, they will not be coming. I told you, didn’t I?” She said, “They are not okay, with this marriage.” God, I love her parents, made me restore my faith in people with common sense

“I know but I thought they might have changed their mind,” He leaned down to peck her lips, “Is there still a chance that I could convince them to come?”

“No, Richard. They hate me,” She sighed, “It doesn’t matter anyway, we love each other. I don’t care what they think.” She murmured and turned in my father’s hold, shoving her tongue down his throat. Ewww….

“You know what we are leaving for a walk.” I let out, grabbing both their hands and dragging them back out of the mansion to save myself from the make-out session

“I need to pee,” Matt complained, “Do it on Nikita’s Audi’s tire,” I muttered out in annoyance. It wasn’t even her car. It came from my father’s wallet and was given to her as their first-month anniversary gift

He looked at me in disgust, “Why do you hate her so much?”

I stepped out into the warm air once again and saw Walter and the other maids take our luggage from the car to the entrance

“Because she is a gold digger and my father refuses to believe that” I simply explained, grabbing my bag from Walter, “I’m going for a swim, it’s way too hot out,”

“Any of you care to join,”

“Sorry Sena, I’m exhausted, I’m taking a nap,” Vanessa said yawning and walked back into the mansion, “Matt,” I give him puppy eyes, but he shakes his head, “I’m meeting up with a couple of people today, sorry Sena,” I roll my eyes, walking back into the mansion and into my room, which hadn’t changed much, just a few alterations here and there

I drop my bag on the floor, walking over to my desk with a picture of my dad and me, I trail my thumb over his face it’s been long since I’ve seen this smile, placing the frame back down I sighed

Walking over to the bed I place my suitcase on it, opening it up to find a bathing suit

My eyes instantly fell on a simple lavender bathing suit, taking it out I strip out of my clothes and place it on, tying a black shawl around my waist, walking downstairs, “Darling, where are you going,” my dad asks, “the pool, it’s crazy hot here,” he laughs, “got so used to the New York weather ey,” I chuckled with him

“Have fun darling,” I smile and walk out, placing the towel on the chair, as I walk down the stairs into the water, I let my hair down, letting it float in the water, I do a couple of laps back and forth, tired I decided to hop on a floaty relaxing my stomach against it, putting one hand under my cheek, and the other in the water, moving it back and forth

It’s been a good couple of minutes, the heat was really getting to me, falling off the floaty into the water I swam to the steps, walking out

Grabbing the towel on the chair, when I heard a throat clear from behind me, I turned around shocked to see a face I never thought I would see in front of my father’s house

“David?” I heard myself ask as his eyes trailed down my body, a smirk forming on his lips

“Miss. Ricci. What a surprise,” His voice was filled with humor, which wasn’t surprising because he was always amused and cocky

Behind him, the other two brothers came into view, both of them rolling two suitcases with them and were dressed equally smart like their brother. I stood awestruck, still dripping wet and in shock seeing them

“Oh damn,” Demetrio mumbled, checking me out

“W-hy, why are you guys here?” I heard myself say, shivering under their sharp and calculative gazes

To answer my question, I hear a shrill feminine voice behind me and then the soft clicking of heels. Nikita stepped out of the mansion with my father on her arm who looked at me disapprovingly like I knew they were going to show up. “Brothers, you made it! I hope you didn’t have too much trouble finding the mansion”

Brothers? What?!

“No, we got her just fine,” David let out, stepping closer to his sister, and the two brothers followed him. “Nikita, Richard. We have been dying to meet you, Mr. Ricci.” His deep voice making me aroused

“Nikita told me a lot about you, can I know who’s who,” my father muttered with a smile

“Where are my manner? It’s David.” He introduced himself, his hand coming forward for a handshake. My father smiled at him, shaking his hand.

“Dominick,” the other brother introduced himself with a smirk planted on his face, shaking my father’s hand as well.

“Demetrio,” the third of the trio smiled at my father, shaking his hand after Dom let it go.

“Nice to meet you all,” my father said with a huge smile

David nodded at him, his eyes landing on my form in pure amusement, I awkwardly play with my hands

“And who is that Richard?” David asked, his eyes twinkling with mischief, “Is that your daughter?”

“Yes, Serafina, come here, meet your new uncles, I suppose,” my father smiled at me, “Excuse her inappropriate attire. She is usually more dressed than that” little does he know

I still couldn’t move an inch as I stood flabbergasted, trying to figure out what game the brothers were playing here. “Sena, come here!” My father let out with an awkward laugh, “Don’t be so shy. They won’t bite”

The bites on my body that were still hidden under the make-up that I hoped was still covered up after my little swim said otherwise but I didn’t have it in me to correct my father

“Of course not.” Dom grunted out, “Miss, Ricci, don’t be afraid of us.”

I slowly stepped forwards towards them, wondering when I was going to tell my father that his brothers-in-laws were in fact, my bosses

As soon as I made my way over to them, my father pushed on my back, making me step even closer to the brothers who were totally enjoying every second of my discomfort

“You look so familiar, Sephina, is it? I swear a woman who looked just like you spilled some coffee on me at a cafe, over a month ago,” David smiled at me, his green eyes twinkling with mischief.

“Well, that’s weird and it’s Serafina by the way,” My father commented from behind me.

“Oh right, sorry, my bad. Serafina,” David muttered while Dom’s hand suddenly extended in front of me for a handshake. I looked at him in disbelief and he raised an eyebrow at me, his grey eyes making my insides feel like jelly.

I slowly extended my hand out and he grabbed it in his, bringing it up to his lips to lightly kiss my knuckles, “Serafina, I have to agree with my brother. You look familiar. Are you sure that we haven’t met before? I swear I know you from somewhere.” He says like he had not given me a toe-curling orgasm the day before.

“That’s even weirder.” My father didn’t know how to shut his big mouth. “Serafina, have you met them before?” he asks, and I nod my head, “They’re my bosses, dad,” I put an end to whatever game their playing, anger rising inside of me, “Oh, wow that’s amazing, but how come you’ve never met before,”

Demetrio spoke up before I could, “We barely spend time at the company as we have many of our own, this is one downfall of owning multiple companies,” he jokes around, making my dad laugh, Demetrio also extends his arms, “You know I was about to say that you looked familiar too, but I guess we solved the mystery,” he grabs the hand which had my shawl in it, making me drop it to the floor

My dad laughed once more, making conversation with Nikita when David dropped down to his knees in front of me, his face landing right in front of my lavender color underwear. I heard him inhale deeply, I knew my father couldn’t hear it, but the sound made me even wetter and I knew he could smell my arousal

Looking up at me and then my dad and Nikita he gives a quick kiss near my pussy before getting back up

Handing me the shawl that dropped to the ground, “Alright then, shall we go inside,” he leads them into the mansion, not before giving me a look to go change

Walking into my room, I lean against the door

What the fuck was happening?

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