A Sinful Desire

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“Sena, slow down, tell me from the beginning.” After I changed into a white hoodie and sweats, I rush over to Vanessa’s door-knocking frantically until she opened it

“What do you mean YOU SLEPT WITH ALL OF THEM,” Vanessa whisper-yelled well mostly yelled. “Lower your fucking voice,” I whisper back

“God Sena, I never thought you’d have it in you to actually sleep with all three of them at the same time, I want you to know I was just joking,” I gave her a straight face, “I know that dipshit, it just kind of happened, and now they are going to be my uncles,” I place my head into my hands, “I screwed up big time,” I say, on the verge of a breakdown

“No, you didn’t, in fact, you won life, not everyone gets opportunities like this you know,” she says making me roll my eyes, “I’m not joking Vanessa.”

"Who said I was, I'm for real, it’s really up to you to decide if you want this or not,” she says rubbing my back, “The Vero brothers are not known for committed relationships, they always move from one to the next, maybe you’re just one of their conquests, just don’t take anything to heart, they’ll leave you one day,”

My heart clenched I know they told me I was more than their conquests, but what if it was to fool me

“Yeah, you know maybe you’re right I shouldn’t think much about it,” I say disappointed

How stupid was I to think something more can happen


“I’m gonna go, love you,” I hug her

“Love you too,” she replies

Getting off her bed, I slip out the door, walking into my room, I laid on my bed, twisting and turning

I look at the clock placed on the huge wall on my left. After they arrived, I avoided them like the plague, well at least until now I did

Walking to the other side of the mansion, I knocked twice on the guest room’s door, Demetrios’ tired face came into view, “Sena?”

I push past him walking into the room, “I don’t want to continue this,” I say making all three pair of eyes snap to mine

“Why the fuck not?” Dom grunted out, leaning against the chair, with his hands across his chest, making his muscles bulge

“If-I” I looked between the triplets with wide eyes, “Because you are my uncles,” I let out

"Serafina, is that the only reason?” Demetrio muttered out and I slowly nodded. David made his way over to me, pulling me to his chest

“You gave consent knowing we were your bosses, how is this any different,” he says leaning down to the crook of my neck, “t-his i-s completely dif-fere-nt, you are un-cles,” I struggle to say as he sucks on my neck

“Step-uncles,” David corrected me, “and it’s not a big deal, we’re not blood-related,” he continued his assault on my neck

“Please,” I begged as Dom started licking the base on the other side of my neck, tingling me in the most sensational way I had ever felt. Demetrio did the same, his mouth leaving open-mouthed kisses on my wrist

“Please what?” David asked, leaning back giving me some room.

“Please stop,” I begged again, my voice dripping with pure need and lust. I was saying one thing, and wanting another, this was all confusing to me as I distanced myself from the men with as much control I could grip onto before I could lose it completely and give in to my body’s wanton needs to have all three of them

“God you are so stubborn,” David lifts me up, throwing me onto the bed like I weighed nothing

Bouncing a little, I try to get back up, but failed as David straddles me “What are you doing?” My voice got stuck in my throat as David’s hand came to my sides, pulling my hoodie over my head

“Sena, how many times do we have to tell you,” Demetrio says his lips capture mine, I kept my mouth shut, but it wasn’t closed for long when I felt wetness on my breast, causing me to moan, letting Demetrio’s tongue slip into my mouth, our tongues fought against each other, as I kiss him harder trying to win the fight.

I never realized that they took my sweats and underwear off until I felt someone’s mouth on my core, sending waves of pleasure everywhere, Demetrio lets go of my lips with a bite and moved towards my neck, I open my eyes, grabbing onto his hair, I see David’s dick behind his boxers sitting on my stomach, groaning, I squeeze him through his boxers, trailing my hand down his thighs.

Taking it out I stroke it faster than the pace Dom’s going, eating my pussy out, “fuck Sena,” he mutters, closing his eyes, I heard a groan from above my head, to see Demetrio stroking himself also with his eyes closed, grabbing onto his cock, he suddenly opened his eyes, and moved the hair out of my face.”

“Faster,” I moan out to Dom’s fingers pumping in and out of me, his increased speed sent me to orgasm, moaning out all their names.

Grabbing me they turn me over to straddle Demetrio, he did not wait for another second to plunge his dick inside of me, “Demetrio,” I gasp as he moves very rapidly in me making me shake

He turned me over so that I was riding him facing the other way, the change of direction brought butterflies to my stomach, David pushed on my shoulder so I leaned on Demetrio, he moves in between mine and Demetrios legs, not once breaking eye contact with me, kissing me he wraps his hand around his dick, placing in at my entrance

I crease my eyebrows in pain and confusion as he entered my vagina with Demetrio still inside of me, “What- oh my-,” I couldn’t finish either sentence as I stutter, closing my eyes, in so much pain, What is this

He slowly moved all the way in, I gripped onto his shoulders, clenching around the both of them. I heard curses from under and above me. David stayed like that for a good minute, when he started to move, going faster and deeper, each time, rubbing against me and his brother’s dick, making me feel more aroused thinking about it.

“Ahh,” a loud moan comes out, David’s hand instantly covers my mouth, muffling my moans, “Shh, don’t want to wake up your father, do we,” he breaths out, thrusting faster, only then remembering my father was just two doors down from them, he would probably disown me, but I think it’s worth it.

“Shit I’m about to cum,” David says with his raspy voice making me gasp as he pulled his thick length out of me, his cum falling on my inner thigh. Demetrio moved again, his pace, not too slow but not too fast, wanting more I keep my hands on his thighs, jumping up and down on his dick, his legs spread apart, I look back all flustered to see his hand under his head, his face dangerously red. I came clenching around him, he pushes me off of him jerking himself off.

Dom grabs me by my legs, dragging me to the edge of the bed, where he stood

Adjusting himself he pushed me into him groaning I place my hands under his arms making him come to my level, I kiss him with force, his thrusts are so fast, making my eyes roll back, his mouth leaves mine, latching onto my neck, sucking it, for sure leaving behind a hickey. I feel him get close to his climax as I felt a twitch, he pulls out of me, stroking his cock, breathlessly. “Oh fuck,” he says as his cum falls onto my stomach his hand comes up to grab my breast, rubbing his cock on my thigh

Coming down from my high I get up, walking into the bathroom to clean up their discharge on my body

As I rub the cloth on my thigh, someone's hands circle around my waist, looking up I see Demetrio, looking at me through the mirror

"Come," he pulls me away to the jacuzzi, helping me sit in, Dom and David both were on either side, getting into the warm water, my muscles instantly relax, David pulls me to him, I lean on his side, as I relax further into my spot

Demetrio's hands fell on my thigh caressing it under the water

My eyes started to flutter and with the warmth the jacuzzi was giving me, holding onto David's arm I fell into a deep slumber

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