A Sinful Desire

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I grudgingly opened my eyes, looking around the dimly lit room, looking to my sides I see Dom pressed up behind me while David was in front, I could make out Demetrios curly hair next to him

Sighing I sink into the pillow, my eyes wandering to the tattoos on David’s chest, placing my finger on a pattern I slowly trace it getting lost rather quickly, “enjoying yourself I see,” his raspy morning voice filled my ears

I lock eyes with him, he smiles getting all shy, moving to lay on his back, smirking I stare at his sharp features, my hand trailing from his side to his abs then to his manhood, his breathing falters a little as I take ahold of his cock

“Sen-a,” he moans out as I pump him with featherlike movements when Dom pressed himself into me, moaning I grind into him with more force

Dom sucked and kissed my neck, massaging his dick against my ass, turning back I saw him from the side, placing his fingers in his mouth he took it out to lubricate his dick, pushing it slowly into me, “Uh fuck,” I hissed out as I was filled from behind

Pumping David’s dick faster I close my eyes, the feeling of pure bliss as Dom rams into me from behind, lifting my leg up Dom placed it on his giving himself more room to move, “Ahh faster,” I whisper out, which he obliged

David pulls my pumping hand away from his dick and turns to me coming closer, his fingers rubbing my folds, in an instant, I felt his dick rub against my folds entering me

“shit,” I curse out holding onto his shoulders, they both simultaneously move in me bringing me pleasure from both sides, Dom’s one hand squeezes my hips while the other plays with my breasts

With each thrust, I felt myself lose more and more control, my orgasm was building up to a new level, “Fuck, cum for us Sena,” Dom grunts out near my ear, biting it

That got me to release, I shuddered holding onto the both of them, my mouth opened slightly as curses left my not so innocent lips, they both moved even faster making my orgasm last a little longer

Holding onto my chin David pressed his lips on mine, thrusting into me with everything in him, “Oh god I-,” David pulls out clenching his stomach as he came under the sheets, Dom pulled out a minute later pumping himself even faster

Laying on my back I saw both the brothers sigh in relief as they came down from their high

Poor Demetrio was still asleep, “idiot,” David muttered looking at him, chuckling I crawl over David to Demetrio, straddling his naked stomach

I kiss his shoulders, then his cheek making my way to his lips, holding his face in my hands I bite on them, I heard his chest vibrate, he pulled on my hair, “good morning to you too,” he pulled me down for another kiss trailing his hand down to my ass before he could also take me this early morning I got off, “what the hell,” he whined, I winked at him getting dressed

I walk up to the door peering out when I was grabbed and turned around, “I want another kiss” Demetrio whined once again, rolling my eyes, I kiss him, he tries to pull me back but I put my hand on his chest, “I have to go before anyone sees me,” I whisper he frowns but nevertheless lets go

Looking at both sides once again, I fast walking to the other side of the mansion. Slipping into my room, I plop down onto the bed, thinking How the hell did I end up from being a virgin to fucking three guys at once in just two months

I take my seat next to Vanessa, and across Matt, who is indulged in this boring conversation with my dad, making me want to stab my eyes with the fork I’ve had my gaze on this whole time

Well until the brothers showed up, “Good Morning, all,” Demetrio speaks up taking his seat next to me, making me tense up a bit, “Good Morning guys,” my dad cheerfully said, with a grin on his face, “How’d you guys sleep,” he continued the conversation, I glared at him, never wanting to punch his perfectly straight teeth so hard in my life

“We slept wonderfully, ”Demetrio said, placing his hand on my thigh, teasing the skin there, I’m so regretting wearing this skirt, I took a shaky breath as his hand traveled north to my core, placing his finger on my clit, making a spark of electricity run through my entire body and all the blood rush to my aching apex

I bit my lip, trying to silence my moans, I try to push Demetrio’s hand away, but he doesn’t budge instead every time I do so, he presses onto my clit harder.

I look at him and glare, but he had a slight smirk on his face, I look away from him, my eyes fall on Dom who sent a wink my way, his face otherwise void of any emotions as he eats his breakfast

Suddenly, I felt a foot tease my own. David’s touch trailed from my ankle all the way up to my calf, making me take a deep breath as he casually brought the half-eaten apple in his hand to his lips, taking a huge bite.

Why am I getting turned on by a man-eating an apple

I grip onto Demetrio’s hand tighter, approaching my orgasm very quickly, but suddenly all movements stopped, opening my eyes, I see the amusement in his eyes, can’t believe this jerk.

“Am I right Sena,” my dad asks the minute he stopped, I looked at him and nodded, “That’s my girl,” honestly, I had no fucking clue what they were even talking about.

My thoughts got interrupted as I heard a shrill feminine voice boom inside the mansion. Behind my father’s head, Nikita came running into the dining room with tears running down her face and her messy hair up in a bun, frizzy at the top. She screamed once again, and I looked at the crazy woman with wide eyes.

Maybe she had finally lost it

“Richard!” She yelled out, walking towards him, "They messed up the fucking flowers! I told them I want white lilies, but they gave us hydrangeas! We can’t have the party tonight! What the hell am I supposed to do with hydrangeas”

“Nikita, calm down, babe,” Dad started while I rolled my eyes as he grabbed her hand, pulling her closer to him. “It’s okay. They are just flowers. It doesn’t matter. The party is-”

“No Richard,” she sighed, sitting in his lap, I felt bile rise up my throat as she gave ups all a show of her cleavage, making me choke on my bite, Vanessa, patted my back, “This is important for me. I want this to be perfect.”

“I know princess,” My dad muttered in her hair. Their relationship was toxic

Princess?” I scoffed out, “I thought I was your only princess, dad.” I rolled my eyes at him in irritation.

“Did you say something, Serafina?” Nikita asked me, looking at me with a testing look and I shook my head ‘no’ in response, chuckling under my breath.

“Did I say something funny?” She asked, raising an eyebrow at me and making herself comfortable in my father’s lap.

“No, you didn’t say anything funny,” I shrugged at her, “It’s just your face.”

Matt started chocking on air, a loud laugh escaping his lips as he looked at me amused, Vanessa was trying hard to hide her face. My father sent three of us a disapproving look which made Vanessa excused herself, while Matt stood up, “I think…I should…” he said between laughs, “-get going. I have to meet up with someone.”

My father shook his head and dismissed him, grabbing his phone to make a call, Nikita glared at me the whole time while my father’s booming voice was trying to fix the problem.

“Okay, that’s great, thank you,” My dad set the phone back down, “I canceled the party. Let’s take a week to settle everything and keep it next Sunday, okay?”

She nodded, a smile forming on her lips, “Sounds wonderful. Should I call people and-”

“No, Walter will do that. You need to stop worrying babe.” He wraps his hands tighter around her waist

“We will be leaving tomorrow,” Demetrio said beside me, “We are sorry that we won’t be able to attend your party then, Richard.”

“I am sorry for the last-minute change, Demetrio,” My father said, awkwardly looking between the brother, “It was very nice meeting you-”

“Please, brothers.” Nikita started, begging them to stay, “It will mean so much to me if you are here with me, Dio, Dave, Dom, what will my party be like without you three?”

“Nikita, you know we can’t stay,” David muttered out, “We have a lot-”

“Go to the Seattle office for this week, please,” she again begged, her eyes wide as she tried to convince her brothers to stay. I stiffened in my seat as I saw them nod

“Fine,” Demetrio let out with a sigh, “We have a conference to attend in Washington in three days anyway. I guess we can stay.”

“Excellent!” she smiled at them, kissing my father’s cheek in excitement. I wanted to puke as I saw her wiggle but in his lap. Oh lord

“Sena,” My dad slowly asked, raising his eyebrows at me in hope that even I would stay, “Would you also be with us this week and just get to know Nikita?”

“No, Dad,” I shook my head at him, “I have to leave. I have work to do at the office. I don’t want to take any leaves. I can’t stay-”

“Actually, as your bosses we will excuse you for your leaves this week, to spend time with your father and Nikita,” David said, grinning, I glared at him trying to think of other ways to escape this

“That’s awesome,” my dad’s voice beams out as a huge smile appears on his lips, I knew that now I have absolutely no way to get out of this

I cleared my throat, getting up from my seat, “I’ll take my leave then,” I tell him, before walking as fast as these heels can take me

fuck...fuck...fuck, I chant in my head as I walked down the hallway, why, why does this have to happen, just when I thought I could escape this misery, I clench my fists, not looking at my surroundings when, “ouch,” I fell to the floor after hitting my foot to the stupid statue

As I lay on the ground I heard a voice from above me, “Miss are you okay,” an elderly man spoke up, I didn’t look at him, “does it look like it,” I muttered out annoyed as I inspected my foot

“Miss let me help you,” he says again, knowing he wouldn’t leave without getting me off the ground, I grasp my hand in his, looking at his face as I stood up, making my eyes go wide, “Mr. Santiago,” I gasped out, “what are you doing here,” I ask without thinking

He chuckled, “A friend of mine is getting engaged, and I’m guessing you’re his daughter,” he says adjusting his suit, “you guessed that right,” I play along, he was about to say something else when

“Lucas,” my father’s voice boomed from behind, Mr. Santiago looked past me to my father, "Mi Amigo,” he said wrapping his hands around him, “when did you come,” my father asks

“Just a minute ago, I met your beautiful daughter, she looks just like you,” he says making me blush, “come let’s go inside,” my father ushered the man further into the mansion

Deciding on a glass of water, I walk into the kitchen grabbing a glass of water, drinking it. I place the cup back down, leaning away from the counter with my hands on my forehead, I was lost in my mind when I felt someone lean against me slightly whispering in my ear, “you should be careful when wearing something like this, love,”

My eyes shot open as I stood straight, turning around to come face-to-face with a chest, my face heated up very quickly, “you should wear lace more often,” he says bending in front of me, I grab his hair pulling on it, as he latched onto my thigh kissing all over, finally making it to my inner thigh, he was so close to my clit, my chest was rising up and down swiftly

Suddenly I heard footsteps near the kitchen so I pushed on his head but he didn’t budge, “Demetrio please,” I begged him in a harsh whisper as the footstep kept getting closer and closer

Right when Walter entered he put a little space between us, now acting as if he was tying his shoes “Oh-Uh Miss excuse me, your father asked for wine,” I nodded at Walter not able to speak up at that moment, he bows his head going to the counter, taking out the wine bottle

I glared at Demetrio who was looking at me with a smirk, “It’s nice to have you back Miss, your father missed you very much,” he says without looking back, carefully pouring in the wine glasses, “yeah, it’s nice to be back home,” I replied, just when Demetrio kissed my thigh once again before getting up, pecking my lips and walking out

Taking a deep breath, I closed my eyes, “Miss would you like some wine,” he asks holding a glass in his hands I shake my head

“Here let me take it,” I say, trying to take the tray from him, “Miss you shouldn’t it’s my job,” he said, "It's fine you're off for the day,"

He reluctantly gave me the tray, smiling I walked out of the kitchen

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