A Sinful Desire

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Balancing the tray in my hands was harder than I thought. Pushing open the door with my foot I walked into the study, as I entered all eyes turned to me, smiling I walked further into the room

“Sweetheart, where’s Walter,” my dad questioned, “dad he’s been working non-stop all day he was pretty tired, so I brought it,” I said placing the tray on the table

“You have such a caring daughter, some can learn from her,” Mr, Santiago says briskly looking at Nikita, looks like I’m not the only one who hates her

She rolled her eyes, inspected her perfectly manicured nails, I walked over to lean against the chair my father was situated on, crossing my legs, the triplets watched my every move

I saw Dom relax further into the couch, spreading his legs apart, looking at his trousers I bit my lip, making the other two brother’s eyes turn a shade darker, “okay then,” my father said, getting up from his chair, I stood straight

“It was lovely seeing you again, Serafina,” Mr. Santiago shook my hand, walking to the door, my father and Nikita followed behind him, “such a tease,” Dom huffed out walking past me, Demetrio winked, while David risked a kiss, making my eyes go wide, “stop someone will see,” he pouted, ruffling my hair, following his brothers out of the room

Setting my hair straight I walked out of the room as well when I spotted Vanessa eating chips, “again with the junk food huh,” I say, wrapping my arm around her, “god Sena don’t make me feel guilty for eating it,” she says putting a handful in her mouth, laughing I walk with her

“Let’s do something,” I say turning towards her, “Finally, thought you’d never ask,” she says putting another handful in her mouth, “what do you mean,” she raised her eyebrow, “you don’t fool me one bit, I know what happened under the table, and I also saw you go to your room at 4, god Sena I know they’re irresistible but you need to control yourself,”

“I am controlled, it’s not like we’re going at it every time we see each other,” she tilts her head, “okay maybe don’t look at me like that, this is all your fault,”

“My fault,” she gasps, I nod my head, “yeah, every time I mention their name you tell me how good of a fuck they are,”

“well yeah, I didn’t think you were actually going to fuck them,” she whispers

“Look either way it happened, how do you feel about them,” she asks as I shrug my shoulders, “they’re amazing I like spending time with all of them but honestly I don’t know,”

She looked at me, “oh my god Sena,” she says holding her hand over her mouth, I look around seeing no one, she grabs my arms, looking at me dead in the eye, “you are in fucking love with them,” she says making my eyes wide, “No! I’m not in love with them, you are crazy,” I say, trying to stop the blush that wanted to take over my face, “Sena is in love, Sena is in love,” she starts to sing, I cover her mouth trying to shut her up, “shut up,” I whisper yell, she stops but smiles like a psycho

“This is better than all those erotic books I’ve read, ugh why can’t my life be like this, look at me I’m a fucking horny nurse, who gets drunk every weekend,” she exclaimed, just then her phone rings, looking at it she whines, “and has her one night stands call her cause she’s too good in bed,” she says answering the call

Muffling my chuckle I mouth ‘I’m going to my room’ to her, she nods her head, talking to whoever. Walking down the hallway I take a turn, walking up the stairs to my room as I see Dom in the library, no matter how much I told myself not to go in there I found myself walking closer to him

I wrapped my hands around him, “Sena,” he whispers my name, “hmm,” he turned me around, pushing me to the bookshelf, smirking, he leaned in a little closer, trapping me, “any recommendations,” his husky voice hums out as his nose teases my cheek

I smile, looking into his eyes, “well,” I say placing my hands around his neck, “since you love thriller I’d recommend ‘the silent patient’,” I brush my lips to his cheek, “uff, I’ve already read it, any other,” he asks placing a kiss on my cheek, then to my neck sucking on it

I moan, pulling him closer, lifting his head up I slam my mouth on his, we fight for dominance when we heard Nikita calling his name, “Dom, Dom, Dom...” he tries to pull away, but I hold him still, biting his lip, only a second later we heard her scream louder, “Dominick!” he pulls apart with a guilty look, ‘sorry’ he mouths as he untangles himself from me, kissing my cheek he walks out

With a sarcastic sob escaping my lips I walk to my room, closing the door, I strip to take a shower, entering my bathroom I take a nice long hot bath, getting out I wipe the foggy mirrors drawing some pattern before I go into my room, walking over to the bed, when two muscular arms wrapped around me, kissing my cheek, “David,” I playfully struggle in his hold, turning me around he pushed me onto the bed

He falls on top of me, making me laugh, “I missed you,” I chuckle rolling my eyes, “I really do,” he says making it his mission to convince me, “how much have you missed me,” falling onto the empty space next to me he took his arms stretching them as wide as possible, I smiled, he’s such a kid, he propped himself on his arms, looking at the pictures on my wall, “is that-,” I interrupt him as I get up roughly slamming my lips on his, caught by surprise he tenses up a little, smirking I straddle him quickly undoing the buttons on his shirt

Leaving his lips, I run my thumb across them, leaning down and kissing his neck, he tugs on my towel as he’s sucking and kissing my neck, suddenly his phone rings, groaning he tries to take it out of his trousers, but I stop him, “leave it,” I moan out, grinding on him

He attaches his lips on mine when it rings again, “fuck,” he rasps out against my lips, taking out his phone, “What,” he yells into the phone, he looks at me bored while he holds a conversation with whoever’s on the other side.

I wasn’t going to wait till he ends the call with whoever’s on the line, so I start moving on him, making his breathing falter. He tries to hold me still, but fails miserably, as I trail kisses from his neck to his chest, “the Barcelona project is important, I better have the list in front of me by fucking tomorrow,” he grits out, trying to maintain his ‘authority voice’

Ending the call, he throws it somewhere on the bed, turning us around, making me the one who’s on the bottom, “such a naughty girl aren’t you,” he says kissing my lips, chuckling I move my hands further down, unbuckling his belt, he holds my hands down on either side of my face

He moves down when his phone rings again, “fucking hell,” he mutters, looking at his phone, “shit,” he mumbles out answering the call, “father,” he says, buckling up his pants, grabbing his shirt off the floor, after a minute he puts the phone down

“Do you have to leave,” I whine, he walks back to me, “unfortunately I do,” he says kissing me, I deepen the kiss as he groans, “Sena,” he says getting back up, I look down to see a tent in his trousers, “fuck,” he says pulling on it to free himself

He stares at me as I get up, my towel falling off my body, “I could help you with that,” I say walking over to him, he doesn’t say anything, I walk to him pressing my body on his, “Sena I can’t, don’t get me wrong, I want you so fucking back, but I have to leave,” he kisses my lips, walking out of the room muttering a bunch of profanities

I lay on the bed naked as I drown in loneliness, Demetrio and Dom were doing god know what with my dad, David had to leave and my pussy is throbbing I’m in a crisis right now

Bored out of mind, I wear a long shirt, putting my hair in a loose bun by a clip, I walk out towards the beach

I noticed Demetrio wearing black jeans that were rolled up a little and a half buttoned-up shirt, as I approached him I saw him talking on the phone with someone

It was quite windy outside, the sun was about to set, I was only a couple of meters away

When he ends the call, he rubs his forehead, turning towards the ocean. Taking my chances, I walk closer to him, placing my hand on his shoulder, he turned to his side to see me, “Sena, what are you doing here,” he asks as I hug him from behind, “I’m bored,” I say kissing his neck.

Turning around he placed his hands around my arms, as I wrap mine under his, “What happened at work,” I ask hugging him tighter, he places his chin on my head, “You know those international investors we had a meeting with when you dropped coffee all over your outfit...” he rambles on, I slap his shoulder, “okay I know who they are, continue,” I say leaning closer into him, his chest vibrates as he chuckles, "the project we created has to be approved by them and they want to review it all over again,” he says sighing trailing his hands up and down my back

We stayed in complete silence, I listened to his soothing heartbeat alongside the waves crashing onshore

Being in his arms felt so surreal almost like a dream I never wanted to get up from

A minute later, he lifted my chin up to face him, holding the side of my face in his hands, “Sena,” he whispers looking into my eyes, smiling I hold onto his face, “yes,” I sing out, chuckling.

He leans forward kissing my forehead, nose, cheek and finally capturing my lips

This kiss was different, it wasn’t rough his soft lips held so much passion, lust, and maybe even love yep definitely dreaming! he bites down on my bottom lip making me gasp, his tongue entering my mouth battling with my own. His hands tangle in with my hair, pulling on it a little, while I do the same with his soft hair.

We were so lost in each other, the way I dreamed to be

Only then did I realize that I fell for the triplets pretty hard

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