A Sinful Desire

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Yawning I move around trying to feel the warmth around me, but to my dismay it was missing, opening my eyes, I stretch sitting up

Going to the bathroom I do my business and wrap a towel around me as I walk back out to see a note beside my bed, walking over to it I pick it up

'At work, we’ll see you in the afternoon, love'

Placing the note back on the table, I walk into my closet getting ready

After our little moment at the beach, Demetrio and I went on a long walk, David and Dom joined shortly after, happy to say they relieved the burning fire within me, doing all their sinful deeds on my body all night

Smiling at the thought I pull on a floral lace-up back mini dress over my head, wearing my white converse I walk out of the room

“No!” Nikita’s voice came booming from downstairs, rolling my eyes I slowly descend the stairs, “I wanted exactly 50 petals in each!” she yelled at the poor man’s face, “Darling what happened,” my father came rushing to her side

Grabbing some biscuits on the table, I sat down watching the drama unfold, “Richard,” she cries, hugging him, “No one listens to me around here,” she whines, “Nikita, why don’t you take a break, I’ll sort this out,” he says as she stomps away, he makes his way over to me

“Goodmorning, princess,” he says patting my head, “Good morning Dad,” he sighs sitting next to me

"I asked Walter to buy your favorite pineapple cake, it's on the kitchen counter, do you want me to ask Walter to bring some," I shake my head, "No, I'll get it," I say as he smiles, "okay get some for me too," nodding my head once again I rush out of the room to the kitchen to see the cake still in its package, opening it up my eyes sparkled

It smelled delicious, grabbing a plate I place a small portion on it when the door to the kitchen opened, thinking it was one of the maids I didn't turn around, taking a bite I moaned

"I love it when you moan," a raspy voice was heard from behind, I freeze up, when I felt hands on my shoulders and lips on my neck, "David," I gasp out as he bit my neck, "you know me so well don't you," I smile turning around, capturing his lips, "what are you doing here so early,"

He leans back looking at his watch, "we missed you," he says brushing his hands across the lace that held my dress together on my back

"We? where is Demetrio and Dom," I ask, he looks at me again, "dining room talking to your dad," he says quickly claiming my lips once again, "then what are you doing here," I ask pulling myself away from him

Groaning he holds my face in his hands, "you ask too many questions," he says slamming his lips forcefully on mine, biting on it

Lifting me up he places me on the counter, fumbling with his belt, I quickly unbutton his shirt, pulling him towards me, he enters me swiftly. Groaning he pressed his forehead to mine, his hot breath fanning my face, "Ah- Dave faster," I moan into his ear, leaning back a little, he pumps faster, covering my mouth to silence my screams

"I'm going to-," he says thrusting even faster, "Dave oh god," I say as he hit that spot multiple times making me clench around him, grunting he pulls out, taking a napkin and squeezing himself out onto it, he leans on the counter next to me, his muscles shinning from the sweat, grabbing my hair he pulls me into a kiss

Letting go of me his strokes his cock, "want to go another round," he asks his eyes filled with lust, "David," I chuckle, getting down from the counter, I take out some plates placing them on the tray alongside the cake not before putting a spoon full in his mouth to stop him from kissing me

Grabbing the tray I peck his lips which were covered in icing, "one more," he whined trying to grab me, giggling I run out of the room

Passing by the mirror I checked myself, holding the tray in one hand, while I wiped away the smeared lipstick

Taking a deep breath I make my way to the dining room, to see Dom and Demetrio instantly look up, with darkened eyes, David enters the room shortly after I do, ruffling his hair as he walks past me to sit next to Demetrio, blushing I walk to my dad, "thank you, Sena," he says oblivious to the sexual tension in the air

I place the tray on the table, leaning over the table a little more than necessary, "thank you, Serafina," Demetrio says with his silky voice

I smile at them, taking my seat next to Dom, "Brothers," Nikita says walking over to us, "what made you guys come back so early," she asks sitting on my father like there weren't 10 other chairs waiting for her ass to sit-in

"There wasn't much to do, so we came here," Dom says, his hand trailing on my bare thigh, sending tingles everywhere, I grip onto his arm trying to push it away, "Serafina, are you okay," my father asks looking at my flustered face, Nikita's eyes narrowed down at me, "Yes," I say clearing my throat

His hand trailed higher and higher to my core, I need to get out of here, right then my phone rang, "my bad, excuse me," I said, standing up, quickly walking out of the room

"Hello," I say, walking to the garden area, "Hello, who is this," I say again, pulling the phone away to see an unknown number, creasing my brows I place the phone back to my ear, "Hello," I sing out, with hearing no response I cut the call

Well, that was weird, scrolling through my phone I make my way back to the house but miss a step, stumbling right into a foreign pair of arms, "Oh I got you," I heard a manly chuckle from above me

Slowly opening my eyes I look at a pair of light-blue eyes which were staring into my soul, getting uncomfortable under his gaze I squirm, lifting me up he places me on my feet, his hand still around my waist, nervously smiling I put some distance between

"I see you've both met," Mr. Santiago says standing next to the man, "Hello Mr. Santiago, nice to see you again," I say as he nods his head, "This is my nephew, Sebastian," he introduces him as he held his hand out for me to take, "Hi, I'm Serafina," I say taking his hand with a smile, he held my hand for a little too long, I forced my hand out of his grasp

"Hello Serafina," he says winking at me, I crease my brows, right then we heard someone clear their throat, turning to the side we see the brothers standing there with either neutral or angered faces

"Mr. Santiago," David greets shaking his hand, standing next to me in a possessive manner, "what brings you here today?" he asks placing his hands in his pockets the other two also walked closer

"As you of course know I'm a friend of the family, I'm allowed to visit anytime I desire Mr. Vero," Mr. Santiago counters back with a hardened glare towards David

Slightly scoffing David puts on a breathtaking smile, "Of course," he says moving his gaze to the man next to Mr. Santiago, "Sebastian," he nods towards him while the air around us started to become suffocating

Before I could break the awkward silence my father with Nikita clinging to his side comes into view, "Lucas, glad you're here. Sebastian happy to see you here as well, I've heard nothing but great things about you," my father says, patting him on the back

Nikita however flashed him a seductive smile, twirling her hair around her finger

I wouldn't expect anything less than this from her

"I see you've met my daughter already," my father ushers me to come to him, "Yes, I have, the resemblance between you both is exquisite," Sebastian says all of a sudden making me blush, "well yes, she is my daughter after all," my father says all proud, holding onto my shoulder

"Sena why don't you show Sebastian around," my father says, pushing me a little closer to him, "But-,"

"Sena," my father says again giving me a pointed look, resisting an eye roll I smile at him, "sure, I'd love too," walking away as Sebastian followed close behind me

Only here for 4 days and my father's controlling nature is surfacing again. Just great.

As I walked down the hall I could feel the three pair's of eyes burning holes in the back of my head, making the situation even worse

Once we were out of view, I slightly turn towards Sebastian, "so from the entrance we've come to the living room if you go further down you'll see the dining and walk even further you'll see the kitchen....," I say pointing to the doors, "very beautiful," he mutters out looking at me, "what,"

"your home it's very beautiful," he says grinning, I give him a small smile, wanting to get back to the others, right then I heard my savior voice, "Sena," she yelled as she ran to me, breathing heavily as she grabbed onto my arm to help steady herself, "I've been looking everywhere for you, but anyways I've booked this club-,"

"Vanessa," I say making her look at me confused, "meet Sebastian," I say smiling turning her around, I could see her mouth drop, he chuckled holding his hand out, "Hey," she shyly took his hand

"Hi," she turns to me with a raised eyebrow, "Uh let's go, they're probably waiting for us," I say grabbing onto Vanessa's arm dragging her gaze away from him, "I think I've found my soulmate," she whispers in my ear, making me roll my eyes, "shut up," I say as we enter the living room

"You have a lovely mansion, Mr. Ricci," Sebastian says sitting next to Mr. Santiago on the couch, my father smiled, "Serafina didn't cause any trouble did she," my father joked around, I never wanted to punch his handsome face this hard until now, "No, Mr. Ricci, she was very helpful," Sebastian says checking me

I could see Dom clenching and unclenching his hands

"You've also met Vanessa," my father nods towards her, Sebastian smiles, "yes I did," he says making Vanessa heat up next to me

They talk for some more when Mr. Santiago stood up, "Alright it's getting pretty late, don't want to cause a disturbance before your engagement day,"

"Yes don't forget to come, Lucas," my father says hugging him, "and if possible you could bring Sebastian, the more the marrier," Nikita says standing in her 6-inch heels, holding onto my father I can tell by the look in her eyes she wants him, so embarrassed to call her no to be related to her, I narrowed my eyes at her and she had a smug look on her face

Once they all said their goodbyes and left, I snapped my fingers in front of Vanessa's face, "earth to Vanessa," I say standing in front of her, blinking her eyes she comes out of her daze, "done checking him out," she looked at me in complete denial, "I wasn't checking him out, I was admiring how the good Lord has blessed him," she says making me roll my eyes, "whatever,"

"Hey not everyone has three brothers lurking around them," she says way too loudly, "shh," I place my hand over her mouth, "God Vanessa how many times do I have to tell you to keep it down," I mutter looking around the room

"Sorry," she whispers, "yeah, this you'll whisper," I say sarcastically

"I said I'm sorry," she whines again, "okay," I hum out as we both left the room

I was about to walk upstairs when hands wrapped around me, "Sena," he whispers, turning me around he crashes his lips onto mine, I wrap my legs around his torso as he pushes me to the wall, "Stay away from him," he mumbles against my lips

"why," I moan out, "just do it," he says sucking on my neck, smirking I pull away, "what if I don't," I say looking into his eyes, rubbing his cheeks, "you will be punished," he says squeezing my ass making me gasp

"Punish me then," I say roughly claiming his lips again, pulling me off the wall, he walks down the hall to his room, kicking it open, he throws me on the bed as he crawled up to me, my hands struggle to undo his belt when he grabs them both, placing them over my head, "not yet," he whispers in my ear, getting up, "Dom wha-,"

He places his finger to his lips silencing me, "touch yourself,"


"Touch yourself"

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