A Sinful Desire

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Standing in front of me, he unbuckles his belt as he places a hand in his pocket while the other undoes the first two buttons of his dress shirt

Trailing my hands underneath my dress I pull my panties off, throwing them at him, he catches it with a sly grin, slowly lifting my dress up, I place my fingers on my folds, rubbing them gently

I could see the bulge in his trousers grow bigger and bigger as I moved my hand. Looking at him through glazed eyes I moaned, throwing my head back and arching my back. I heard him groan, chuckling I rub my folds with a little more pressure, "Ah, oh god-" I whimper, gripping my breasts and squeezing them

"Look at me," he demanded, I pant as I open my eyes, to see a small smirk on his face, leaning back into the pillow I place a hand over my mouth not able to contain the pleasure from down there

"Stop," he says in a low husky voice, all my movements stopped as I gripped the sheets, squirming

Slightly opening my eyes, I see him walk closer, the bed dipped as he climbed to me, kissing my leg, then my thigh, his head then came in between my thighs licking my folds, gasping I moan out his name

Looking at me with lusty eyes he sits back up, turning me over, I yelp as sit on all fours, kissing my back he grabs the lace, pulling it out of the bow and the holes, "Dom what are-,"

"Shh," he whispers behind me as he unravels the lace, once done he bends down placing sloppy kisses down my back, turning me back around he pulls me to him, "Put your hands together," he demands, lifting my hands up I place them together

Taking mine in his he ties the lace securely around my hands, "are they tight?" he asks I hesitantly nod my head, having no clue where he was going with this

Placing them above my head once again he leans down to my level, "you asked for this," he simply says his minty breath fanning my face, flashing his million-dollar smile, he claims my lips

I felt as if I were in a dream, this kiss felt like Demetrio's on the beach, with so much love and it is oddly comforting which is pretty ironic when both my hands are tightly tied above my head

Releasing my lips he trails feathery kisses down my cheek, jaw, and neck, his finger played with my folds as he sucked my neck, a loud moan comes out of my throat

Casually my hands fall onto his neck, making all his movements stop, grabbing my hands he pushes them back where they were

"Don't move," he growls out, going back to greedily sucking the life out of my neck

He moves further down, coming face to face with my throbbing pussy, "please," I whisper out as he places feathery kisses all over my inner thigh, chuckling he looks up, "it's called a punishment for a reason, love," he mumbles as he latched onto my thigh once again

Arching my back I whine as the heat between my legs grew every second

Stupid lace around my hands. Ughh

He took forever to finally come face to face with my cunt, his hot breath leaving me even more bothered, I clench trying to find some release, he smiles as he licks my folds very slowly almost like he was trying to savor the moment

"Sena," he hums out against my folds, the vibrations sent me crazy needing more, I move my hips but he holds me down, "Dom," I whine struggling to get out of the lace tied around my hands

"Shh," he breaths out, sucking on my folds, "Ah fuck," I gasp as he moves even faster, "I'm coming-I," before I could release Dom stops all his movements once again

"What the fuck Dom," I gasp out whining, while he gets up placing a kiss on my lips, getting off the bed he enters the bathroom, minutes later I hear the shower turn on

Moving my hands, I try to untie the lace but it was merely impossible, groaning I look around trying to distract myself from the fact that I'm fucking tied up

The bathroom door finally opened after an agonizing 5 minutes, "I know you jacked off jerk, untie me," I yell at Dom, who was standing there with his towel wrapped dangerously low around his waist, he smirked walking over to me, "Nah I like you better like this," he says crawling on top of me, "untie me," I whine but he ignores me claiming my lips in his

His fingers trail down my arms to my hands, a simple pull on the lace got it undone, bringing my hands up I place them in his hair, pulling hard, "Ow," he mumbles out, releasing me from his kiss

Falling beside me he brings me close wrapping his arms securely around me, his eyes trail all over my face making me blush, "you're cute when you blush," he comments as I look up at him

I snuggle closer to him his body wash intoxicating my senses

His eyes closed as he took a deep breath, looking at him only made me fall deeper in love, closing my eyes, I thought to myself is this what I wanted

These past two months made me love them so much, so much so I never thought about the consequences, they've told me multiple times that I was different but how different

Looking back at his face I caressed his cheek, no matter how much I wanted this to work it wouldn't, it couldn't this had to stop one day or the other

"what are you thinking about," he asks as I turn to look at him, I smile shaking my head, "nothing," I say kissing his cheek then his neck, "what are you thinking about," I mumble against his neck, "Hmm, I was thinking how lucky of a guy I must be to meet a gorgeous girl like you," he whispers out, making me stop all my movements

Sitting up I look at his confused face, "what happened," he asks sitting up as well

"I have to go," I get up from the bed, straightening out my dress, "Sena," he calls out my name as I wrap my hair in a bun, "Sena," he calls me again, this time turning me around so I could face him, "did I say something wrong,"

"No no you didn't, I just-," I look at him contemplating if I should ask him or not

"I have to start getting ready for the engagement tonight," I say diverting the conversation, he nods his head, but I knew he didn't believe me, giving him a small smile I walk out of the room

"Oh Serafina," I hear a squeaky voice from behind me, "Can I have a minute with you darling," she says trying to sound elderly, I turn around with a fake smile, "sure, what is it," I ask as she eyes me up and down

"Nothing much, I was looking for my brother, I was wondering if he's in there," she asks crossing her arms, "I'm no maid check for yourself," I reply about to turn around, "Hmm strange I thought I saw you coming out of their room," she narrows her eyes at me

"What is your point," I ask in a bored tone, "she walks closer to me with an evident smirk on her face, "Nothing," she says, looking into the room, "I guess I'll take my leave then," I say walking away from her

I walk into my room, releasing a breath, goddammit that was close, grabbing my water bottle I drink the whole thing looking at the time, I decided it was the best time to start getting ready, going into the closet I pick out a very simple black turtleneck dress that reaches to my ankles, pairing them up with the green Versace Antheia sandals

Looking at myself in the mirror I was hoping this night would be over soon, placing my hair in a loose bun I walk downstairs. To see Vanessa in a cream off-shoulder dress eating the grapes on display, "Today is the worst day ever," I mumble leaning on the counter next to her, taking a grape from the display, "Oh Sena," she sighs as we both stare at the people coming in

"Omg did you see her dress, her breasts are spilling out," I comment as one of many friends of Nikita come through the huge double doors, "oo, see the one in the green," Vanessa says pointing

"Wait is that, Salvia Roy," Vanessa's asks as she squits her eyes, "Who," I ask looking around when I spot a woman who looked like a supermodel wearing a tight fitted dress, showing off all her curves, "Omg," Vanessa starts to freak out next to me, I look at her with confusion, "Sena I can't believe this,"

"Who is she," I ask while Vanessa gasps, "Sena I swear you don't know anything, she's a supermodel, actor, and author she's literally the best at everything she does," she says excitedly before I could reply she walks away towards whatever her name is, rolling my eyes I follow her

The minute I get there, Nikita comes into view, "Salvia how are you gorgeous," they hug while Vanessa and I stand awkwardly to the side, "Oh stop you look gorgeous, Richard must be a happy man to get a wife like you," I scoff at her words making them both look at me, "and you are," she asks with a bitchy tone, "That's Richard's daughter," Nikita says, "Oh so you are Serafina Ricci," she says holding out her hand

I look at her hand and shook it briefly, she looks at me then behind me quickly letting go of my hand to walk past me, I look back to see the brothers talking to some girls

They look like they're having a fun time talking to them what assholes

Grabbing a drink from the tray I stand next to Vanessa and Matt who were having a conversation, "Sena,"

"Sena," I hear Matt say again, "huh," I say looking at him, "you good?" he asks and I nod my head, "yeah everything is peachy," I sarcastically say rolling my eyes, I turn back to look at them again I can see Salvia trying to make David notice her curves and she is successfully doing so I hate him so much

"Hello everyone," I hear my dad say from the top of the staircase, "welcome to our engagement party, Nikita and I are so happy you all could make it, this is a very special day for the both of us," he says looking into her eyes, I roll my eyes, crossing my arms, "I am happy that we are a step closer to being together forever, I love you, Nikita," he ends his speech giving her a kiss

Everyone starts clapping, while I refuse to, "Come on Sena, cheer up," Vanessa says from beside me, "whatever" I mumble, grabbing a drink and downing it

Not wanting to look or hear any more of this bullshit I excuse myself and walk out to the balcony, leaning on the railing I look at the view the ocean has to offer, "Hey," I hear from behind, turning around I see Sebastian, "Hi," I say awkwardly not knowing what to say next, "Umm I thought you could use some company,"

I rather stay alone and drown in misery

"I got you a drink," he lifts up a glass of glistening liquid, "Umm, thanks," I say, taking a small sip, "nice view right," I nod my head, not wanting to say a word, "you look beautiful by the way, well you always do," he nervously says to me, I chuckle slightly, "thanks," he moves closer, touching my shoulder, I move away from him, "Yeah umm it was nice talking to you but I'm going to head back-,"

"Woah easy there," I heard him say as he wrapped his hands around me, "I'm okay," I try to stand up straight again, "Serafina," he grunts out, placing soft kisses near my lips, I try to push him away but everything starts getting heavier, "let go-" I couldn't finish as he kisses me, biting on my lip, I struggle in his hold but every movement makes the next one harder

Tears start to run down my face when his hands were torn off of me, I fell into another pair of arms, that securely held me against their chest, "Sena"

"Sena, are you okay," before I could look at their face

Complete darkness took over

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