A Sinful Desire

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I groan as I hear mumbled voices, slowly opening my eyes I notice I'm leaning against someone's body, noticing I'm awake a hand came under my chin to make me meet a pair of aqua blue eyes, "Dom," I whimper out, as my eyes started to close again

"Sena, Sena," I hear him say, as he caresses my cheek, I crease my brow as I force myself to look at him again, once my eyes met his, I smiled at him, he bends down to give me a small kiss, "love," looking around I spot the other two brothers looking over at me, "you're awake," David says like it wasn't obvious, I look around to see we're in my bedroom now

"Sebastian," I say in a panic, "shh," Dom whispers in my hair, holding me close to his chest, "he's gone, love," came Demetrio's simple words, I slowly nod my head holding onto Dom

After a couple of minutes, Dom stopped caressing my back, laying me on the bed we were situated on, "get some rest, love," he says, kissing my forehead, I hold onto him getting nervous, "I promise, we'll be back soon," he says again kissing my cheek, I hesitantly let go of his collar and played with my hands

Just seconds after they left I instantly became bored, stretching my hand hit something above me, looking up I see a phone, grabbing it I bring it towards my face, hmm Dom must have forgotten it, just for fun I scrolled up when it unlocked

Huh no password that's weird

I contemplated whether I should snoop through or not as I fought with myself, I saw a message pop up on the top, it read 'finished'

What the fuck does 'finished' mean the more I thought about it the more my brain started to hurt, sighing I turned his phone off throwing it back on the bed

After hours and hours of waiting the brothers came back serious as ever, "Sena get ready we're leaving in 20 minutes," David says leaning on the doorframe, texting away on his phone, "But what about Matt and Vanessa?" I question, "They left already, now get ready," he says not once looking up from his phone

Rolling my eyes I get up and walk into the closet and pick out a sage maxi dress and heels, wearing them in front of him to get his attention but it doesn't seem to work, suddenly his phone rings, he points at me than his watch before disappearing

Grabbing my suitcase, I take it downstairs and meet the brothers and my father, "sad to see you guys leave already," I heard my dad say to the brothers, he turns to me as I walk up to them, "I'm happy you came Sena, I really am and please give Nikita a chance, she's amazing," I resist to roll my eyes, "Of course Dad, it will take some time but I will accept her, eventually," Over my dead body

We bid our goodbyes and I was in a limo to the airport, In a freaking limo, I mean how rich do you have to be to do this

I fiddle with my hands when Demetrio speaks up, "Is there something you want to ask us?" I look at him and shake my head, "Don't lie Sena whenever you're nervous you play with your hands," he says making me stop, I look at him thinking if I should ask him or not

"W-what exactly happened to Sebastian?" I ask as they all became visibly stiff, "we told you not to worry about it," David says, "I know but-,"

"He won't bother you anymore," Dom grits out, I decided to leave it after his response, minutes of awkward silence later, we turn to an empty lot with a plane in the middle, I had so many questions and as if he could understand it Demetrio spoke up, "it's our private plane," he answers as he gets down David following him

Dom gets out and held his hand out for me, grasping onto it, I get down as well, we all walk onto the plane

Demetrio takes a seat while David walks all the way to the back, opening a door and going inside, I take my seat by Dom, "What crawled up his ass," I ask Dom as he chuckles, "Sebastian pissed him off," Dom says, once again moving the loose hair out of my face

What does that have to do with me, what did I do to get ignored

I sat back as the plane took off, minutes have passed by and he still didn't come out of that room, Dom was reading a book, while Demetrio dossed off, unbuckling my seatbelt I made my way to the door, opening it up to see him sitting on the chair working on some papers

Closing the door behind me I made my way over to him placing my hand on his shoulder, "Sena," he whispers out as I take a seat beside him, "I'm sorry," I say out of the blue, his forest green eyes snap up to mine, "Don't fucking say sorry, it isn't your fault,"

"But all you've done is ignore me, I don't know what else to think," I say looking down, sighing he turns towards me his legs trapping mine, "Sena, look at me," he says making me move my head up to look at his face, "You are ours, do you understand, no bastard can take you away from us, no one," he rasps out against my cheek, at this point my whole body was shaking with pleasure

Leaning back he stared into my eyes for what seemed like hours, suddenly he closed them and let his head fall

Now it was my turn to lift his head up but instead of talking I placed my lips over his, butterflies swarm in my stomach, I kissed him so many times but this felt like our first, pulling back I leaned my forehead on his, as my hands started to unbutton the rest of his shirt

I push it off of him, my lips immediately attaching onto his shoulder, his hands go under my dress lifting it to my thighs, pushing me back he captures my lips again as he kneels in front of me, his hands caress my breasts as he now sucks on my neck

Leaving sloppy kisses everywhere, he manages to get in level with my pussy, kissing my thighs he pulls my panties off throwing them to the side, pulling my hips he comes even closer placing one of my legs over his shoulder

Not waiting for another second he greedily sucks my folds, "God, David, fuck," I gasp out as he bites down on my folds, my hands tangle up in his hair as I pull on it, "Ahh, I can't," I squeal out as he adds a finger and rubs the nub with his thumb, intensifying the feeling throughout my body

"I-I'm a-mo-st-," I couldn't finish my sentence as a toe-curling orgasm spread, my leg was shaking as he licked the juices that were spilling from my pussy, my grip on the chair was making my hand so pale, but it was worth it

Before I could relax, he lifts me up making me wrap my legs around him, throwing me onto the bed, he climbs in between my legs, undoing the straps of my heels

I threw my dress off of me, leaving myself in only a bra, my hands traveled down to unbuckle his belt and it didn't take him long to kick off his trousers and boxers

In an instant, his dick entered me making me close my eyes, "fuck," we both curse out as he moves slowly in me for an agonizing minute

"Fucking move," I yell at him making him pick up the pace, he pumps in and out so fast making my breasts flop everywhere, "Ahh, omg," I moan pretty loud as he thrusts even deeper

Groaning he comes down to suck on my neck, I could feel his sweat fall onto the side of my face, grasping onto his neck I pull him to me in a sloppy kiss

Feeling his pace slow down I turn us over making him lay flat on the bed, I start to move fast, our skin slapping together is the only sound you could hear in this silent room

Gripping onto my waist he pounds into me even harder, "David," I yelp out as I felt him hit that spot multiple times, clenching around him I lean down and suck his neck, "Don't fucking clench," he growls out, making me clench again

I sit up again, falling deeper onto his dick, I could feel him pulsating inside of me, biting my lip I grind on his dick, letting my orgasm course through my body for the second time today

I fall onto him, letting my breathing even out with his, he rolls us around with him still inside of me, "I can never get enough of you," he whispers as he thrusts a little, making me close my eyes, I felt his lips on mine, lifting one of my legs over his shoulder, he thrusts deeper but slowly

"Neither can I," I moan out as he grunts, I can feel him getting bigger inside of me, "I love it when you go deep inside of me," I moan in his ear, grasping onto his hair, he completely stops moving and clenches his stomach, I could feel his cum fill me up

"Fuck," he murmurs out, lying beside me, turning his head he looks at me, I turn to face him completely, caressing his cheek, making a small smile appear on his lips

After a couple of minutes of us gazing into each other's eyes I climbed off the bed, and found my dress on the floor, he got dressed as well and we both walked to the main cabin, earning a grin from Dom and Demetrio, "look who decided to come out," they tease as I take my seat next to Dom, laying my head on his shoulder

A good 16 hours later we reach Manhatten, New York as we get down from the plane I see a hurdle of people near the gates with cameras, I immediately separate myself from Dom as he looks back confused, I look over to the gates and he did too, "Fucking press," he mumbles out as he walks away, I walk behind all of them until we get into the car

A short drive later they drop me at my apartment, walking up I see a couple of people near the corners of the building holding cameras, creasing my brows I hurry up the stairs to my apartment, I open the door and see Vanessa and Matt, settling into the couch, "Hey bitch, how was your trip with those hunks," Vanessa sings out, walking over to me, and swinging me in her arms, "Vanessa," I laugh out, "Let's not, I'm going to go change," I tell her

"Oh and by the way do you happen to know anything about Sebastian, I've tried calling him a couple of times and he won't answer," she asks me, making me go stiff, "I-Uh don't know,"

"Ugh just when I thought I found the man for me, he disappears," she says all sad, sighing I walk over to her, "Hey, don't get all discouraged, I'm sure someone is out there for you, much better than that asshole,"

"Whoever that man is I hope he commits suicide so he doesn't have to deal with your broke ass," Matt says from the couch, making her throw a steel plate at him, knocking him out cold, "Vanessa what the fuck," I gasp out running over to him, "Don't worry he's fine, I didn't even hit him that hard,"

"Help me pick him up," I struggle to say as I try to lift him, she comes over to the other side and struggles to lift him as well, but we both somehow managed to drag him up onto the sofa

As we straightened up I heard the worst possible thing I could ever hear from the TV

"P.A. Serafina Ricci in a romantic relationship with a Vero Brother?"
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