A Sinful Desire

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“Oh, you bloody fucking arsehole, what the fuck do you think you are doing?” The words had already escaped my mouth as I stared down at my split cup of coffee.

A sharp sting ran through my hand, pain shooting up my fingers at the impact. I was very much tempted to just loosen my grip and let the styrofoam cup fall onto the marble floor beneath me.

A large hand quickly snatched it from me, I looked up to see a handsome face staring back at me. “You should watch where you are going,” He muttered out and I let out an exasperated gasp.

Watch where I am going? Talk about the pot calling the kettle black!

I was in awe as I looked up at him, my neck bending at an odd angle as I stared up at the tall man, realizing my 5’9 form was nothing compared to where he stood. His brown hair neatly gelled back, and forest green eyes holding me a victim, his beautiful lips started moving as I admired him. Tattoos ran down his neck and peeked from under the dark coat he had on his big, tall body. I realized that I had spilled some of the coffee on him as I peered at the wet stain that sat on his clothing.

“Uh-sorry,” I reached forward to clean it somehow with my hand, but he stepped back from me. I let my hand drop back down and my eyes couldn’t help but trail down his body, capturing his form as they finally set on his black boots, only to trail back to his angelic face.

My eyes again captured something metallic glinting at me and I finally found the small nose ring on his defined nose, my gaze set on his beautiful set of pink lips. My vajayjay suddenly got very excited and I bit my lip. You are wet! What an achievement! My pussy screamed at me and I sighed in response, shut up, you have never even had a dick inside of you, you stupid whore!

I knew I was staring and the sensible woman inside my head tried to remind me of that, telling me to shut my mouth before I caught a fly in it. The handsome brute frowned down at me, his eyes rolling as he snapped his two fingers in front of my face, and I stood dazzled. Never in my life had I come across a person so beautiful, my mouth watered just at the sight of him.

“Huh?” I muttered out as I came back to reality, kicking into motion like an old motto I let my lips touch into a straight line, dragging my eyes away from his figure.

He handed the cup to my other hand and I quickly latched onto it in response, noticing it was half empty now. As soon as I looked up, he walked behind me, going to the counter and the familiar face of my best friend came before me.

“Serafina, what the hell? How can you be so clumsy?” Matt muttered under his breath, producing a tissue paper out of the paper bag full of the junk food in his hand.

“Ughh, thanks…” I hummed out as he cleaned my hand and inspected the red skin, letting out a deep laugh. “Babe, I leave you for a second, and you somehow manage to burn yourself”

I rolled my eyes at him as I pulled my hand away from his, “Oh, Dad! So sorry for that…” I mocked out, slightly annoyed at the man I bumped into earlier as we both stepped out of the coffee shop, “But seriously though, why do you have to act like my father? One Richard Ricci is enough, Matt…”

“That reminds me, your dad has been calling me non-stop- “As if on cue, his phone started ringing, the familiar ringtone he had set for my dad making me jump as we walked down the busy footpath, capturing the attention of a few passersby.

I said, certified freak, seven days a week …” I rolled my eyes at the absurdity of his ringtone but Matt Welov, my best friend since kindergarten thought that it was absolutely genius on his part.

“Hey, Mr. Ricci! What’s up” I rolled my eyes at their antics. I heard my father say something from the other side and Matt smiled at me, waggling his eyebrows.

“Ah, you are right, Mr. R, I am your favorite kid-” I grabbed the phone from his hand, putting it to my ear, “-take care of Serafina, I trust you, son-”

“Hey, dad. Can you stop being so overprotective? Nothing is going to happen to your little girl, alright? Besides, if anyone needs to be taken care of is Welov over here…” He playfully hit the back of my head in response.

“I know you can take care of yourself, Sena but you have to give your old man some relief,” He argued, and I let my cup closer to my lips, taking a sip of what was left of the coffee.


“Besides, it’s your first day today at the new company, I just wanted to wish my little girl good luck.”

“Thank you, Dad,” I sang out as Welov grabbed my cup of coffee, taking a sip, giving him the hardest death glare when he drowned it in one go, “Matthew!” I protested and he shrugged at me.

“Serafina, remember, no boys.”

“Dad, seriously?” I am twenty-two! You said the same thing in my teens, you can’t always control my life you know” I rolled my eyes at him, annoyed by the fact that my father was himself a player or at least, used to be one when he was a highly reputes model and warned me about men like him on a daily basis. Oh, the hypocrisy…

“I don’t want you to get heartbroken, you know. All men are pigs,” He started, and I cut him off, “Please don’t start with this again.”

“Fine, give me a call after work. By the way, why don’t you ever pick up your phone?”

“It was on silent”

“Hm, okay…Sweetie, also, Nikita wants you to come over-”

“Bye, dad! Love you!” I ended the call, not wanting to hear about what all his present girlfriend wanted me to do. My father’s taste in women was horrible and somehow, he always ended up getting all the gold diggers with big ass and boobs within a ten-mile radius.

Nikita was just four, four years older than me and I felt bile rise in my throat at just the thought. How could she want to be with someone so much older? Her annoying voice suddenly started ringing in my head and I cleared my thought, not wanting to think about how she used her body to get out of anything and what all she could be doing with my dad just to be with him.

I handed Matt the phone and he threw the cup in his hand in a nearby trash can. I sighed as we continued walking till, we arrived right in front of the huge building, standing over us and staring down at us dauntingly. I craned my neck up, looking at its length, and shivered. Safe to say, I had a slight fear of heights… and the corporate world. Ironically, I had willingly got my bachelor’s degree in business.

“Here we are, Sena. Ready for your first day at Vero Co.?”

“I am scared,” I smacked my lips together. I had not even been this scared during the interview that Mr. Rafael Vero had shockingly taken himself. I had put on my best charming face and had answered questions smartly enough to impress the old man and he had luckily offered me a position as a personal assistant.

“You’ll be fine…but you will be late if you don’t start moving that butt so chop, chop! Get those legs walking!” Welov jokingly muttered and I took a deep breath, smiling at him and waving him goodbye before entering the building.

“Miss. Ricci, how lovely to see you again. Please sit down,” he pointed to a seat in front of him, sitting down in his across from mine, the aging man was probably once extremely handsome when he was young cause he was aging like fine wine.

“I believe Nicole has given you all the instructions and shown you around the floor?” He asked as he folded his arms across his chest leaning back.

“Yes, Mr. Vero,” I nodded at him, straightening my back, and folding my hands in front of me. “Miss, Ricci, you have an excellent resume and great work experience but what I hired you for, is that smart mouth of yours and I hope you don’t disappoint us.”

“I’ll do my best, sir,” I said with a bright smile

“Although I was the CEO when I hired you, I am obliged to let you know I am going to retire soon, handing over my responsibility of this company to my sons, I am sure you have heard of them.” I nodded my head, the Vero triplets, of course. I had researched a whole lot when I had come for the interview.

I distinctly remembered skipping over their photos that had popped up on the browser, deeming them unnecessary, and instead, searching for only their credentials, finding nothing out of the ordinary. All of them, went to well-known Universities yada yada…

“After tonight’s retirement party, you will officially be working under my sons from then on Miss. Ricci. I am not going to lie, they are sometimes a little hard to handle” He let out a little chuckle, “But, I am sure you’ll be fine once you get used to them.”

I swallowed back and nodded my head, Mr. Vero again chuckled, “Don’t be afraid, Miss. Ricci, you’ll love them,”

I was taken aback by his laid-back attitude. He seemed relaxed for a man in such a high position. Well, not anymore. Maybe he was relaxed now that the company’s weight is going to be off his shoulders. The last time I had come here, he had been fewer smiles and sunshine and more business talk

“Of course, sir.”

“I really would love to introduce you to them, they are on their way here. They will come any second now.” Nodding my head, I look straight to see the beautiful view down below

Only seconds later, the huge door suddenly opened, and I resisted the urge to instantly turn around and look at the men. Mr. Vero stood up and I politely followed, turning on my heel to face the two men, and my jaw slightly dropped at the view.

Both stood in suits that perfectly fit them and didn’t fail to hide the muscles they had underneath their clothes. I took a deep breath as my eyes met a pair of sea-green eyes, glinting at me across the room.

A smirk formed on the one’s face as he held my gaze, and I broke it to look at the messy black hair on top of his head. I let my gaze from him only for my eyes to find the next pair of blue-grey eyes, to be mesmerized as he winked at me.

I dropped my gaze instantly as Mr. Vero cleared his throat, “Where is your brother?”

“He's coming,” sea-green eyes muttered, dragging his eyes away from my face to meet his father’s. His husky, deep voice instantly sent a wave of pleasure through my body and I felt myself getting aroused.

What is wrong with you, Serafina! Get your shit together, woman.

Looking from the ground to their god-like faces, I couldn’t help but look at them in aww, it should be illegal for a guy to look that sexy

“Apparently, some brunette poured her coffee all over him and he had to head home to change his Armani coat. Let's just say, she ruined his morning.”

Story seems very familiar; oh god wait no this can’t be

“David being dramatic, as always, huh?” Mr. Vero laughed under his breath, moving to sea-green eyes to pat him on the shoulder.

“Demetrio, meet Miss. Serafina Ricci.” I awkwardly walked closer to them, plastering a smile on my face. Placing my hand out in front of me for them to grab, he grabs my hand and shakes it, squeezing it a little before letting go. “…and this is Dominick,” a spark ran through my body as his large hand engulfed mine, gently shaking it only to grasp it tightly and bring my knuckles up to his lips, kissing them gently, making me catch my breath, “It’s my pleasure to meet you, love”

I take my hand out of his grasp, holding onto it with my other. Their gaze on me never seemed to vanish so I dropped mine to the very interesting floor pattern as the door once again open to the man from this morning, now dressed in all black.

He stopped in his tracks, looking at me, letting a deep frown set on his handsome face as his gaze burned me to the ground, holding me a victim. I felt vulnerable under the triplet’s eyes and I awkwardly looked away from him.

“What the fuck are you doing here?” The man, who I assumed was David asked as he started walking towards me.

I stayed quiet, knowing my brain could not function as fast with him that close to me, he came closer, with a hard glare set on his rock-hard face.

“David, meet Serafina Ricci, your new PA, and never curse again, boy,”

Boy? Boys? These were three huge, grown-ass men blessed with devilish looks!

Mr. Vero turned towards me, “We will be expecting you at the party, tomorrow is your first day, congrats and good luck,” he then turns around walks out those huge doors leaving me with these three.

Taking that as my leave, I walk over to the desk, and grab my bag off the chair, turning around to hit a chest, “Excuse me,” I said trying to move around, his hands come up and trap me between the chair and himself, the other two are on either side.

“No sorry, for ruining my Armani suit,” I looked at him creasing my brows, “last time I checked, you were the one who bumped into me so if I were you, I’d learn to watch my surrounds next time,” I said agitated that he’d accuse me of ruining his stupid suit, “We have a feisty one ey,” Demetrio simply said, slowly trailing his finger up my side. My breathing faltered a little, Dominick's hand came up brushing my hair off my shoulder, his fingers tapping patterns on my back as they fall back to his side

In an instant, David moves back, I quickly walk past them, forcing my curious mind to not turn back.

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