A Sinful Desire

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“The Vero brothers? The fucking Vero brothers! Girl, how do you not know who they are? They are on every tabloid.”

I shrugged at my friend who was slowly becoming a psycho after hearing about my bosses. “Matt, get your fat ass over here!” Vanessa shouted, calling for her brother who was applying a face mask

“Coming bitch, self-care is important,” rolling her eyes, she bounced up and down the couch.

“You seriously are so relaxed after this news. Those men are snacks. They are the hottest bachelors in New York, right now.”

“Okay?” I say rolling my eyes, placing my phone down, tying my hair up, “Ughh you lucky bitch, I so want to be in your position right now, if they held me against that chair, I would’ve-”, before she could continue, I throw a pillow at her face

“Please, I really don’t want to hear about your fantasies,” I say chuckling, Matt does too as he plops down next to us, “Aren’t you supposed to get ready,” Matt asks, I honestly wasn’t sure if I wanted to go, I mean it’s only Mr. Vero’s retirement I don’t even think he’d notice if I was there or not

“Oi, don’t give us that look girl, you ARE going,” they said in unison standing on either side of me, pulling me up and dragging me into my room, “we’ll get you so dazzled up, those brothers will be fighting over you,” rolling my eyes I lay flat on the bed as they rummage through my closet, trying to find the ‘perfect’ dress.

A couple of minutes of destroying my closet, Vanessa comes out with a deep v neck aqua green dress, with a high slit on the side.

“You are going to look beautiful in this,” Vanessa claps her hands excitedly, getting up I wear the dress standing in the full-length mirror, “They are totally, going to go crazy over you, I think you might even get laid by one of them or if you’re lucky enough you can do three at once,”

My face instantly heats up, “Girl, calm down she’s still a virgin, I don’t think it’s ideal to have three dicks inside of you at once for your first time, plus she’s going to a retirement party, not a club,” Matt says, making my face heat up even more.

“Seriously you guys need to chill, I’m not giving up my virginity to anyone as Matt said, it’s a retirement party,” I say walking over to the make-up stand applying some mascara.

I look at the time it was quarter to 7, pulling out my phone I booked an uber, grabbing my bag I walked to the door hearing distant, ‘Love you, bye’ from both Vanessa and Matt. Smiling I went down to the uber, a few minutes later, we arrived at a beautiful gala, it looked like something out of a magazine.

I walk in, nervousness starts to kick in, I know no one here, I knew I should’ve just stayed at home, right before I could turn around and leave, Mr. Vero spotted me, calling my name and telling me to come over, “dammit,” I muttered under my breath

“Ms. Ricci, I’m glad you can make it,” he said holding his drink up, the women next to him, which I’m guessing is his wife, had a huge smile on beautiful her face, the mystery is solved on where they get their good looks from, “Oh darling, you look gorgeous,” she said giving me a warm and welcoming hug.

Smiling I compliment her as well, we have a small conversation when the drinks come around, I grab one off the tray, when I felt someone’s gaze on my backside, from the looks of the woman in front of me, I knew it was them

“David, Dominick, Demetrio, my handsome boys,” she says walking past me to give what I assume a hug, holding onto my glass a little tighter, I turn around for the second time today to see the triplets

I checked them out, the suits they had on, held onto them like a second skin, it was a delicious view. Get your mind out of the gutter, girl they are your bosses.

“Hello Serafina, glad you could make it,” David said formally but with a daunting raspy voice, making Niagara Falls flow in my panties, I pressed my legs together for some sort of release.

A small smirk formed on his soft lips, as he watched my movements. Ignoring him I move my gaze over to Demetrio than Dom, who were busy staring at my chest and my now crossed and very much exposed leg, I stand up straighter, adjusting my dress, so my leg can hide behind the cloth

“Happy to be here,” I say back with a smile, I swear I saw their eyes turn darker

Before they could say something else, Mr. Vero spoke into the microphone

“Welcome ladies and gentlemen, thank you all for attending this party, as we have all heard by now, I am stepping down as the CEO of Vero Co., from now on my three sons, David, Demetrio, and Dominick, will take the position.” Everyone started clapping, all three of them excused themselves and walked over to the stage

The minute they left, I downed the drink in my hands, my nerves settling down a little, I stay in my position and watch them side hug Mr. Vero

David grabs the mic, “Thank you all once again for coming,” he says as he looks around the room, “We thank you for this opportunity of working with you all,” he moves his gaze to me, “We hope to know you even more,” he says, smiling, before turning to the other side of the room, “let’s enjoy till the night lasts,” he ends his speech, handing the mic to his father

They walk down the stairs adjusting their suits as they walk past me with a sly grin

What is up with them smiling all the time

I turn as I watch them walk past me to the group of people, circulated in the middle of the room

Walking over to the bar, I sit down on the stool, asking for another drink, when I felt a hand on my back, “Hey gorgeous,” his breath against my ear, I look back to see Demetrio, who now is sitting on the stool. I ignore him taking a sip of my drink, but I could still feel his eyes watching me intensely

“Are you just going to stare at me, the whole night,” I asked annoyed, “If I have too,” was his simple response, I turn to face him, “such a flirt aren’t you,” he chuckles placing his head on his hand, leaning to the side, I so badly wanted to weave my hands through his hair

“only for you,” he says, making me laugh, “what’s going on here,” another voice rang in my ears, Dom stood next to Demetrio, I shared looks between them both, they weren’t identical triplets, which I was happy about, I didn’t have to struggle to differentiate them but they were same yet so drastically different from each other

Mr. and Mrs. Vero came up to us, “Looks like you’re getting to know each other quite well," Mrs. Vero spoke up, “we sure are,” Demetrio said, winking at me

I look at my phone and realized it was close to 11, “I-Uh have to leave,” I said grabbing my purse, “do you want us to call a cab,” Mr. Vero offered, “Uh, no I’m good, I'll manage,” I say getting up from the stool, “It was nice meeting you Mrs. Vero,” I say, “Oh, leave the formality behind, you can call me Sofiya,” I nod, giving her a hug, I shake hands with Mr. Vero

Finally turning to Demetrio, I shake his hand, “It was nice speaking with you,” I smile, Demetrio, brings my hands up to his lips, leaving a small kiss, "I enjoyed our conversation as well,” he says, flashing his pearly white teeth

I look over to Dom, releasing my hand from Demetrio and placing them in Dom’s, “till tomorrow,” he says, shaking my hand, “till tomorrow,” I repeat, with a smile

Letting go I walk towards the entrance, typing away on my phone, booking an Uber when I bumped into someone, they were quick to wrap their hands around me as I wrapped mine around their neck, “are you always this clumsy,” his raspy voice flowed like music to my ears, his minty breath fanning across my face, I slowly open my eyes, to see his neutral face looking down at me

I was stuck in a daydream looking at him, all different scenarios popping into my mind, "Has anyone ever told you, staring is rude,” he says with a smirk, bringing me back to reality

I move uncomfortably when he pulls me back up, setting me on my two feet, “sorry, I wasn’t paying attention,”

“Yeah, I would’ve guessed, out of all the room you had...” he looked around the empty lobby, “you bumped into me,” he looks at me again, “I said I’m sorry,” I say as I tried to walk past him, keyword tried, when he held my forearm, “Dave, how long it has been,” a womanly voice came from our side, he let go of my arm but held eye contact with me

She looked at me than him, “David,” she said his name again, which caused him to turn, “I said it’s been long, how are you,” she moved a little closer to him

Taking that as my chance to escape I quickly walk out of the building, finding my uber, and sitting in, relaxing into the seat

I got home within 10 minutes, getting out of the uber I walk up to the apartment

Opening the door, I immediately saw Matt, sprawled across Vanessa, while Love Island Australia was playing in the background, rolling my eyes I pick up the remote, turning off the TV, I pick up the popcorn, which was about to spill, “Sena, is that you”, Vanessa muttered, and I hummed, she rubbed her eyes, noticing Matt on her, she pushed him to the ground, but he didn’t wake up. Placing a blanket over him, I went into my room to change, Vanessa followed, “How was it,” she said excitedly as she sprawled across my bed.

“It was eventful,” I gave her a quick response, before entering into my closet and picking out a large shirt, “How were the brothers’,” she sang out, “basic playboys,” I said stripping out of my dress, placing a shirt over my head

I get into bed next to her, “What do you know about them,” I ask sitting against the headboard. She smirks and starts to talk, “I knew you’d be interested in them, they’re like Greek gods,”

“Vanessa,” I say annoyed

“Okay okay, the oldest out of the group by two minutes is, David Vero, he studied business at Yale, graduated being a topper, plays professional soccer, and a total player like you said, but once at an interview, he said he wanted to travel around the world have sex with exactly 195 women, all from different countries.”

“What the fuck?” I mumbled out under my breath. Was it even possible for a person to have that much sex? Was this a joke? “He must have all sorts of STD’s,” I said shaking my head

“I know it must be hard for your virgin brain to understand Sena, but you can avoid STDs by using protection, “rolling my eyes at her, I told her to continue.

“Next is Demetrio Vero, he’s the sweet one in the group, everyone who has met him said he was super flirty totally flirty. He also studied business, there really isn’t much to talk about with this one, and last but not least, Dominick Vero, the naughty one of the whole groups, he worked as a model and is a basic fuckboy, he also did a couple of pornos, just saying his dick is HUGE.” She said making me gasp

“You saw his pornos,” I said with a disgusted face, “Yo girl, needs to release once in a while,” I covered my ears not wanting to imagine the scene of her watching his pornos and masturbating.

“and there is a rumor that they even share their women sometimes”

My eyes widened, “That is fucking weird. Horny women make that shit all the time…I am pretty sure normal siblings-twin, triplets, or whatever don’t want to have sex in the same room as one another, let alone with the same person.” She shrugged her shoulder, “Hey, I’m just telling you what I heard,”

“Okay, that’s enough information for today,” I said, moving down and covering myself with the duvet, she falls back down, and I hear her snore minutes later, my eyes start to flutter as well, thinking about those three.

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