A Sinful Desire

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“Miss. Ricci, Mr. Vero is asking to see you,” filling out the last minute information on the calendar, I stand up adjusting my pencil skirt, which highlighted my curves in all the right places. My wavy hair flowing down my sides, gathering it in my hand, I pull it all to one side

Walking to the large double doors, I push on them and walk inside to see them in different parts of the room, “Mr. Vero, you asked for me,” I said looking at all of them, “Yes, we did, do you happen to know where the Hampton file is,” David asks his eyes trained on his laptop

It’s been almost a week, that I’ve started working for them, and let me tell you, they’re a pain in the ass, always telling me to fetch things, they could do themselves, for example taking a file that’s on the top shelf next to where Dominick was currently standing.

Letting out a frustrated breath, “It’s on the shelf, “I said pointing, “Do you mind getting it for us, love”, Demetrio, said placing his folder down, sighing, I walk to the shelf, reaching out to get the file, but my hands didn't go that far stupid long shelves. I try again standing on my tippy-toes but it’s still too high up for me.

In an instant I felt someone press into me from behind, their hand pressing and trailing upon mine, their breath on my neck, as they inhale my perfume.

“Dom, we talked about this,” Demetrio said, standing up and walking over to us, wrapping his hand around my waist, turning me to face him, making me crash right into his chest, holding me tight against him, “what are you doing,” I ask, trying to push him off, but Dominick was standing behind me, placing feathery kisses on my neck.

“I’m going to have to ban you from wearing clothes like this, it shows your curves to much, especially…” Demetrio says bends down kissing my neck, in the moment I wrap my hands around his shoulder, moaning at the pleasure both were giving me, I got yanked from Demetrio, now in the hands of David, he grabs ahold of my chin, “Do it again and we won’t be able to control ourselves.”

Suddenly there was a knock at the door, all hands left my body, which I was so thankful for, I ran my hands down my outfit, straightening the creases.

Mr. Vero, walks in, “Oh, Serafina, how are you, dear,” I put on a bright smile, “I’m doing well, Mr. Vero,”

“Hope these boys are not bothering you,” he says patting Dom on his back, “Not at all sir,” I say earning a smirk from all of them

“Will you please excuse us,” Mr. Vero says, walking over to the huge glass window. With his back turned towards me I turn to leave, sitting back at my desk, erasing what all happened a few minutes ago.

I spent the whole day working on fitting meetings into their schedule, looking at the clock, it was time for me to log out, packing my bag, and wearing my jacket, I turn my computer off and walk outside. I looked around to pull a cab when

“Miss. Ricci”

“Miss. Ricci!” A stern voice said, and I finally registered that my name was being called. I turned around to see Dominick saying my name. I looked behind him to see that Demetrio was also walking closer

“How was your day?” Dominick asked with a smirk as he joined me, and I cleared my throat. After the incident, I have not seen them around after their father came to meet them, I was relieved that I had not run into them, but all my hopes suddenly came crashing down.

“Good, Mr. Vero.”

“What are you doing out here in the dark? Demetrio said and I looked at the busy streets around us. It was dark but the roads were as lively as ever. “Trying to find a cab?” I asked dubiously, raising an eyebrow at him.

“Come with us, we’ll drop you off,” Dominick muttered near my ear and I looked at him with wide eyes. “Uh-no! There is no-”

Demetrio came in front of me, his body almost brushing against mine as he looked down at me, “We are not taking no for an answer and that wasn’t even a question, Miss. Ricci.”

“Our brother is bringing the car over,” Dominick’s breath fanned against my ear and I took a deep breath in, trying to think clearly again as Demetrio suddenly reached behind my head to grab onto the clip that held my hair in a bun, making it fall around my shoulders in loose waves.

“I-uh?” What are you doing…?” I muttered out, unsure of why these intimidating men were always ganging up on me. “It looks better open” he whispered, his lips teasing my ear lobe as I jumped at the sensation. Leaning back he ruffled my hair, even more, dropping his hand letting his fingers brush up at the top of my blouse, teasing the first button there.

“Next time you should avoid wearing outfits like this, it gets very distracting,” Demetrio says, making me pull back, “or maybe you could keep your eyes off of me, problem solved,” I said with too much confidence, he chuckled, running his hand through his curly hair, “or I could just rip it off of you,”

He did not just say that, why the hell am I getting turned on by this

Lost for words, I just stood there, suddenly a fancy, shiny black car skid to a spot right beside us, making my glare towards him stop. “That’s David lets go” Dominick grabbed my hand, guiding me to the said car. He opened the door for me, making me slip into the warm car and shutting it behind me to enter from the opposite side. I noticed Demetrio had slipped in the front and I saw David adjust the rear-view mirror to catch my gaze.

“Hello, love” He let out a little laugh, his voice deep and sending a delicious spark through my body. “Good evening, sir,” I somehow managed to let out.

The car sprang into motion and Dominick’s hand fell on my thigh, startling me. I couldn’t help but stare at his hand, not knowing what to do. For some odd reason, I really liked its presence right there.

I told them the address to where Matt, Vanessa, and I lived together. Vanessa was only two years older than me and a registered nurse while Matt was a designer. I smiled at the thought of them.

“Do you live alone, Miss, Ricci?” I heard Demetrio ask and I frowned slightly. One second, he was being all formal, and then, he the next talked about ripping off my clothes. “Umm-no. I have two flatmates.”

I looked outside, annoyed that there was so much traffic, sighing I look down at my hands, “Are they both girls,” David asked, and I met his gaze in the rearview mirror.

"Not exactly,” I mumbled out, “I live with my friend and her brother”

Dom’s hand squeezed my thigh, teasing the bare skin peeking out from under my skirt. I took a deep breath, trying not to stare hard at his hand like a lunatic, I lift my head up to see him staring at my face, my eyes snapped to his.

“Mr. Vero…” I started, a little uncomfortable but he ignored my protest. “Our father is Mr. Vero, it’s Dom for you, love.”

“Have you always lived in New York, Miss. Ricci?” Demetrio’s voice sounded from the passenger seat and he turned in his seat to look at me.

I shook my head in response, wetting my lips with my tongue, “No, I moved here four years ago from Seattle.”

"Interesting," he said, nodding his head turning to face the front again

Dom let his hand fall off my thigh and I sighed in relief but only for a second when he caressed my cheek, moving the loose hair behind my one ear, I felt my face heat up all of a sudden and I knew that my face was red like a tomato.

“You are beautiful, Serafina” he muttered out, his eyes fluttering between my eyes and my wet lips. “Fuck, I really want to kiss those” he grabbed my face in his hands and pulled me close. I looked at him like a deer caught in headlights, confused, and overwhelmed.

“Dom, no” David growled out as his hands tightened around the steering wheel from the corner of my eye.

What is wrong with them? Was I missing out on something?

“Dave, I can’t resist myself”, Dom muttered, bending his neck to kiss my cheek. My nipples suddenly hardened, and pleasure shot through my body and I slowly realized that I was soaking.

Were they going to pretend I was not here?

“Demetrio, tell him” David growled out and the car skid to a stop, “Dom, no. We already decided on this, don’t play us dirty,” Demetrio mumbled out and Dom finally let his hands drop from my face, letting me go.

I felt left out from the conversation and took a deep breath to look outside and realized that we were parked in front of my building. “Oh, we are here” I muttered out, grabbing onto my bag as I opened the door, ready to escape the tense car filled with so much testosterone that my mind was all fogged up.

I stepped outside, standing straight in my heels to run a hand down my pencil skirt to ease out any creases. “Thank you, for the lift,” I muttered out, my eyes shifting from Dom’s to Demetrio’s who smiled at me, opening his own door.

“No problem, Serafina, we’ll drop you off at your door,” Demetrio said as he made his way over to me, his hand falling on my lower back.

“No, no! It’s fine, I can go on my own,” I spoke quickly but David switched off the engine and came out of the vehicle as well, walking over to me looming over my form.

“Seriously, I can go on my own. You guys don’t need to-”

“Of course, you can, but we would not be very nice gentlemen if we don’t leave a lady safely at her door, no?” David muttered his tone full of humor as he whispered in my ear. I jumped when his tongue suddenly teased my skin and I realized that they had me trapped between the car and them.

I walk a little, making them move back so I have some space. Demetrio’s hand once again claimes my waist but the placement of his hand was a little lower this time, resting on my ass as he very lightly squeezed the skin there. “Shall we, Miss. Ricci?”

I silently started walking, heading over to the building. I sighed out loud as we climbed over the stairs to the entrance and Dom came in front of me, opening the door to the apartment complex.

I blushed a little at the gesture as I moved past him, walking up the stairs on the side of the ground floor. I flushed as I turned around to see that they were still following me and Demetrio’s face was near my ass, his dark eyes set on my hips.

We walked over to my door, so I turn to face them, “thank you, I think you can leave now,” I muttered out, I take out my keys and turn towards the door, not able to comprehend how I was so aroused.

“Aren’t you going to invite us in, Miss. Ricci?” Demetrio smirked at me, his sea-green eyes twinkling as I looked up at them again nervously. David leaned against the door, crossing his arms, his breath fanning against my head while Dom buried his hands in his pockets, his blue-grey orbs raking over my body.

“I-uh-fine,” I mumbled out, my hands shaking as I tried to slip the key into the hole. Demetrio brushed his hand with mine, sending a rush of pleasure through my body, “Here, let me” he quickly opened the door and I stepped inside, waiting for them to follow me, well aware that my flatmates were not home yet.

He followed me, coming to my side and Dom stepped behind me, his front flushing against my body like this morning as I gazed between them with my eyes wide open. David shut the door behind him and before I could blink, three pairs of hands fell on my excited body, exploring me.

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