A Sinful Desire

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Light-headed was one word to describe how I felt. After all, it was not every day that three very attractive men loomed over you and ran their hands all over your body.

“What are you d-doing?” I gasped out as I felt David’s lips on my pulse, trailing along my neck. I felt Demetrios’ hands trailing up my skirt ever so slightly, exposing my legs to them, Dom’s breath fanned against my face as he looked down at me, his lips hovering above mine.

“Serafina” he whispered out and I caught my breath as he peppered kisses around my lips, teasing them but not kissing them. “Y-yes, Mr. Vero?”

“Dom. You are going to call me Dom, are we clear?”

I slowly nodded. By the looks of it, I had come to the realization that they thought I was slow or something, but I could not help myself, they were too attractive for me to think clearly.

Demetrio roughly squeezed my ass, finally trailing his hands beneath my skirt skimming over my panties. “Use your words, Serafina.”

“Yes, Dom, it is clear,” I mumbled out, not seeing straight as David started sucking on my skin, Demetrio’s hand was trailing to my front teasing his fingers along the crotch of my panties.

I gasped out as Dom’s hand met my breast, cupping it in his hold, I let out a moan as he moved my panties to the side, his one finger just touching me down there.

“Do you have any man in your life?” David asked, leaving my neck alone for just one second, “No but, what are you-” I tried to convince myself that I needed to push them away. Demetrios’ hands left from under my skirt when he suddenly flipped me around, making me face him. “We are going to fuck you like no one has ever before, Serafina. You have caught our attention, Miss. Ricci” he brushed his lips against mine, his sea-green eyes holding me captive, “And we plan to make you ours,”

His lips fell on mine, stealing away my first kiss as his fingers threaded through my hair, his insistent and delicious lips, devouring me. Tingles shot from my lips right to my core as I felt a hand undo the zipper on the side of my skirt. Recovering from the shock, my eyes still widened, I kissed him back, as my hands landed on his muscular chest over the black suit.

What was happening?

He broke the kiss and I gasped when suddenly Dom’s face came into my view, claiming the same set of lips after his brother was done.

This was so weird…were they tag-teaming me? Oh God Vanessa warned me about this.

Dom slowly kissed me, grabbing my chin in the palm of his hand as his tongue teased my lips, his teeth nipping at the red flesh. A pair of hands successfully managed to slide down my tight skirt down my legs, leaving my lower half in just my panties. Dom’s tongue slipped into my mouth and met mine. I blushed as a hand squeezed my bare ass sending shivers through me.

“Fuck, you have a beautiful ass, love” David muttered and suddenly I realized I kissed back the triplets with equal fervor Three brothers? Really, Serafina? You are a god-forsaken virgin!

David bit my lower lip as he left me wet and excited, cradling my face in his hands as I felt another set of hands on my ass once again, “Serafina, you are so goddamn beautiful,” Dom whispered in my ear as I tried remembering how to breathe, looking up at David who ran his tongue over my lower lip.

“I-I-I am a virgin,” I finally mumbled out once he left my lips alone, his fingers trailing to my front to cup my breast. As soon as the words left my lips, all their hands left my body alone, leaving my breath uneven.

“You are a what now?” David asked as he looked down at me in shock.

shit, I told you both,” Dom muttered out, running a hand down his face when I caught his gaze. “We can’t do this,”

“Fuck, Serafina,” Demetrio muttered behind me, “You are way too innocent for us,”

“Huh?” I asked as I turned to look at him, my eyebrows furrowed and my mouth slightly open. Demetrios’ hand caressed my cheek, his thumb trailing along my lip.

“Serafina. We-we are sorry if we scared you”

“Miss. Ricci, let us keep this professional, alright? We don’t plan to pursue you, as we don’t do virgins,” David said, his breath fanned my one side of the face, making me squirm. I bit my lip as I turned to look at him, but he was already out the door.

Dom stepped forward, standing directly in front of me, my chest flushing against him. “We are sorry, love. We should not have pursued you like that. I think it’s best if we just-” he lost his train of thought as his lips suddenly fell on mine. He grabbed the back of my head, kissing me feverishly and desperately. I was panting by the time his lips moved away from mine and I felt the wetness between my legs only increase as I clenched my legs tighter in anticipation.

“Fuck! Goodnight, Serafina. I can’t control myself-” he said as he let go of me and stepped back only to follow his brother out of the door. I looked at his broad back just before it disappeared when I quickly pulled my skirt back up, Demetrio stepped forward

“I apologize again,” He shook his head, his sea-green eyes a little hesitant, “I hope this doesn’t change things between the four of us, I’ll see you at the office at nine tomorrow, we are having a meeting with the board and we need you there,”

I nodded at him, biting my lips, looking away from his handsome face, “Yes, sir”

“Goodnight, Miss, Ricci,” he hummed out as he moved to the door behind me, his hand hovering above the handle, “Don’t wear one of those tight blouses again,”

He smirked at me and I caught my breath in my throat as the door was suddenly opened and Vanessa’s face came into view

“Hey, Sena- Oh!” She looked from me to Demetrio, her eyes widening when she notices my face, flushing like a tomato I wiped my lips with my hands.

“Hello,” he offered his hand to her and she took it, excitedly shaking his hand, almost looking like she was going to faint.

“I’ll get going,” he says walking past her and closing the door, she looks at me and gives me an evil grin, “What the fuck did I witness, is this a jackpot with one of the brothers,” she yelled, smiling at me from across the hallway, flailing her arms around, “you lucky bitch!”

“It’s nothing like that, Vanessa,” I mumbled out, walking into the kitchen

“Your fricken lipstick is all over your face, so don’t try to bullshit your way out of this, I want every single detail,”

I looked at her with wide eyes, pushing my hair behind my ear, “They kissed me-

“Wait THEY!?!” she screamed, “ALL OF THEM!!”

“Vanessa, lower your fucking voice, yes they ‘all’ kissed me,” Vanessa being the drama queen she jumped up and down the couch

“OMG OMG OMG, my innocent, little Serafina is going to get some meat. You need some vitamin D, girl. You are fucking pale.”

“I told them I am a virgin and- and they left” I hummed out, ignoring how excited and giddy she was. “What!”, she stopped all her movement and looked at me in disbelief

“Umm-yeah” I cleared my throat, “They don’t do virgins,” I shrugged at her and she shook her head

“But still girl, you kissed the Vero brothers!”

“And?” I raised an eyebrow at her. I got butterflies in my stomach just thinking about it, thinking about their touch as my lips still tingled.

“What do you mean ‘and’? Babe, they are the fucking Vero brothers! I am freaking out right now-” her voice got interrupted by my phone ringing loudly and for the first time in forever I was happy to see my father’s name flash across the screen.

“I need to take this…” I picked up the call, taking that as an excuse to leave her fangirling on the couch alone as I headed over to my room.

“Hey, dad.”

“Serafina, are you home?” He asked, his voice worried and I hummed in response, deep down, I knew I should call him every day and hated myself for ignoring him sometimes. He had only recently turned just fifty-five but somedays I felt like I would wake up one day and he would disappear into thin air. “Yes, dad. Just got here”

“How was work?” He asked and I fell on my back onto my already made bed, tired and exhausted.

“Ah, fine.”

“How is your boss? Is he strict like the last one? I remember Morgan Howard made your life hell last year, that son of a gun.”

“Let us not talk about him,” I muttered, shaking my head, “I have three bosses, actually, they are, pretty nice.” And extremely attractive and I have already kissed them, daddy. What do you think of your princess now?

“That’s good. Don’t want my little girl to have any trouble, now. Okay, listen, Serafina. Do not get mad and end the call. Let me talk first-”

“Is this about Nikita? Because if it is, I am not going to have this conversation with you.”

“Nikita and I are getting married,” I rolled my eyes, already knowing that this was bound to happen. Nikita knew her way around men and had some sort of crazy hold on my father. He obviously was willing to do anything for that witch. He was willing to marry her and the one thing I knew for sure was that my father was allergic to weddings.

“What the fuck, dad? I cannot bel-”

“Language, young lady” He groaned from the other side, “We are having an engagement party on Sunday, next week. I want you to come.”

“Dad. I am kind of busy here. Work is going to be hectic from tomorrow-” I mumbled out running a hand down my face. Nikita was going to be my fucking stepmother now! Absolutely amazing!

“Your father is getting married for the first time to the woman he loves. This is the least you can do for me. I want you there. No arguments.”

“But dad-”

“No, Serafina. Book your tickets or better yet, I will do that for you, Matt, and Vanessa, I’ll send you the details. Goodnight princess, we will talk tomorrow. I love you.”

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