A Sinful Desire

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“fuck, marry, kill; The Vero brothers – David, Demetrio, and Dominick,” Camila asked with a devilish grin on her face, her eyes shining with humor.

She was beautiful, her dark black hair and her olive skin made her look like a Latina goddess. I bit my lip as I looked at her, trying not to feel too jealous as I try to convince myself that her beauty was the reason I was jealous and not the fact that a rumor about the three Vero brothers fooling around with her was flying through the office.

Amanda, the forty-some-year-old blonde woman shrugged indifferently, chewing down her mouthful while beside her was Naina, the equally gorgeous Indian American woman as Camila, who ate her food.

“Naina?” Camila asked her for an answer, sipping on her coffee and taking a bite from her sugar glazed donut.

“Nope. I am so not playing this game with you, Camila. The last time we did this you told Stephan and his-” Naina started, filling her mouth with another bite from her wrap so that she did not have to answer.

“Amanda?” Camila again tried, waggling her eyebrows. “Oh, come on, they are like my son’s age. I am not going to answer that,” Amanda muttered in response, biting her salad

The black-haired woman finally turned to look at me once again, “Serafina-?”

“Nope,” I muttered out as soon as my name left her mouth. Being a new worker here, I was definitely being picked on more and Camila narrowed her eyes at me, smiling, “No, I am not letting you off the hook. Choose, Serafina.”

I let out a laugh, raising my eyebrows at her, “Why don’t you go first?”

“Sure, Easy. Fuck – Dominick, he seems like a total freak in bed. Marry – David, he is gorgeous, I mean all of them are but, yeah, and finally, kill – Demetrio, He is too childish for my liking. Now, your turn.”

I felt my face flush and I cleared my throat, “I-I, umm”

“Don’t pick on her, Camila. Leave the poor girl alone, cut her off some slack. Look at how red she is getting,” Amanda laughed and Naina joined her. I felt my cheeks redden, even more.

Well, will someone just kill me now!

“Relax, Serafina. I am just messing with you, alright? No need to blush” she huffed out, “Let’s pick on someone else. Okay, celebrity edition-the three Chris’s: Hemsworth, Evens, and Pine.”

I shrugged at her, again grabbing onto my fork to play with the vegetables, “Fuck: Pratt, Marry: Pratt, Kill: hm…I don’t know, the remaining three?”

“Pratt, really?” she narrowed her eyes at me, and I resisted the urge to roll my eyes. Why did everyone in this office act like they were fucking two? Who played fuck, marry, kill after graduating from school? I was so frustrated this past week and this one day was moving excruciatingly slow.

It was moving slower than a freaking snail moving backward on a turtle moving forwards

“He is funny,” I let out in response, finally putting a forkful into my mouth.

“Serafina- God, you are boring. You are like a Miss. Goody two-shoes, it’s fucking annoying. Can I ever make a friend in here who appreciates sexy me-”? She obviously didn’t have a filter and suddenly stopped speaking, her eyes widening as she looked behind my head at someone.

“Oh, hey, Mr. Vero-” Camila hummed out, a playful smile on her face. I clenched my fists. Secretaries who dropped their skirts faster than they picked up calls usually got on my fucking nerves and I could not help but glare at her.

I turned around to see that Demetrio had walked into the lunchroom, a frown resting on his face as he looked at all four of us. His eyes instantly meeting mine. “Miss. Ricci, may I have a word with you in our office?”

“Yes, sir, I’ll just pack this up and will join you-” I quickly answered, already reaching for a lid to cover my food.

“No, take your time. The three of us can wait. You can eat first, Serafina” he turned on his heel to leave, throwing a smile my way, when he left I stood up, putting away my lunch.

“Damn, that man is fine,” Camila muttered and Naina rolled her eyes at her, her gaze meeting mine.

“Weren’t you just saying you would kill him?” I dubiously muttered, adjusting my dress a little.

“Well, that was a made-up situation,” She let out a little laugh and I put my lunchbox in my bag, keeping it on the vacant chair. “Also remember, Serafina, what happens in the lunchroom, stays in the lunchroom. Be a good girl and don’t tell anyone about anything I said, alright, sweetheart?”

“Can you take this to my room when you go back?” I asked Amanda after resisting the urge to again roll my eyes at Camila and she nodded in response. “Yeah, sure.”

I quickly moved on my heels, wishing a couple of people on the way as I finally reached their office door, knocking on it hesitantly. The last time I had seen them was a day after they left my house, after they had kissed me, and only in a board meeting where I had sat in the corner, away from them while they pretended that I didn’t exist. I bit my lip as I suddenly recalled how good it felt to be in their arms.

“Come in, Miss. Ricci” A deep voice which belonged to David, called out, I push on the huge door to enter their office on shaky feet. I registered all three men waiting for me, their eyes meeting mine and running over my body as soon as I walked in.

Under their predatory daze, I felt almost like a stupid helpless, sweaty mess. Why are you shaking? Why are you shaking Serafina Ricci? My inner voice yelled at me and I tried to catch a grip over myself and keep myself from trembling like a coward. Stepping into their office, I felt like a little lamb walking into a whole lion family’s den.

“Miss. Ricci.” Dom greeted me from his seat behind a large mahogany desk, right beside Demetrio. “Hey love, you look-” David started, who was leaning on the desk trailing off, his brown eyes running across my red, embarrassed face in amusement, “-a little flustered. Ran a marathon or something?”

“Um-no,” I let out a little chuckle, my head bowing as I looked down at the floor

“David,” Demetrio growled out, making my eyes snap to his as he glared at his devilish brother who shrugged in response. “Please sit down, Miss. Ricci,”

I nodded, making my way over to their desk, and thanked David as he suddenly pulled out a chair for me. Just as I was about to slip into it, he sat down in it, his arms wrapped around my waist to pull me down into his lap.

“Mr. Vero!” I squealed out in surprise as my eyes met his brothers’ in shock. They both looked amused by my reaction and Dom cleared his throat, pretending that it wasn’t strange that I was sitting on his brother’s lap.

“Serafina, love, how is everything going? Are you getting acquainted with your work?” he asked, and I nodded at him with a small smile, “Yes, sir. It’s going well.”

I then felt something poke against my ass, a little gasp escaping my lips. Was that? I felt warm breathing on my neck, his lips fell onto my skin, his tongue teasing me.

“So, Miss. Ricci. We have a meeting tomorrow. We want you there and you should do some research on Mr. Santiago, our client. He is a tough one to break and does not agree on anything our family does but this deal is very important to us. Look into the figures, go through the details of the deal, and review everything once before the meeting at eleven tomorrow, alright?” Dom said and I nodded.

“Yes, sir,” I moaned out when suddenly David’s erection grew even bigger, my mind a mess as my chest heaved up and down. My eyes fell on Demetrio whose gaze was sitting on my heaving chest, his eyes dilated. “Serafina, I know that I told you to not wear those tight blouses but fuck, the sweater is worse.”

“Huh? What’s wrong with it?” I say in a teasing tone, looking down at myself, still lost in the way David’s lips kissed along my neck, his teeth teasing the skin there to mark.

“Those breasts look beautiful, that’s what’s wrong with it,” he explained, as David’s hand crawled up to grab a handful of my right breast, squeezing it in the palm of his hand

“David,” I mewled out his name as he pulled up my dress, exposing my bra

“Fuck. I can’t do this!” Dom growled out as he jumped out of his seat. My eyes landed on the large tent in his trousers and I gulped when his predatory gaze met mine, his eyes glazing over from across the table

David adjusted me on his lap, making my back straighten as his brother made his way over to us. Dom’s lips fell on mine instantly and I moaned out at the touch when he bunched up my hair, roughly claiming me.

His tongue expertly swept across my lower lip, asking for entrance that I gladly gave him and his tongue slipped into my mouth and from the corner of my eyes, I saw Demetrio get up from his seat, making his way over to my other side.

“You both are right, brothers, Miss. Ricci here is too irresistible,” Demetrio muttered as Dom broke our kiss, making my head turn to his brother’s direction. Sea-green eyes danced across my face, he bent down to grab my face in his hands and kissed me.

Like a mad, thirsty man trapped in a desert who suddenly came across an oasis to satisfy himself. He quenched his thirst from my lips, roughly kissing me, his tongue slipping into my mouth to explore me.

“Oh my god,” I whispered out as his lips left mine and I felt David unhook my bra from behind. My cheeks flamed in embarrassment. This was the first time in my adult life that my breasts, such an intimate part of my body were being exposed not only to one man but three.

My maroon nipples stood proudly, as I felt the urge to cover them with my hands as their sharp, beautiful gazes ran over my body, but that slipped out of my mind when Dom and Demetrio cupped one breast each in their hands.

“Fuck look at these,” Demetrio muttered out, groaning under his breath as the pad of his thumb ran over my nipple, making me gasp.

“Beautiful, so fucking beautiful,” Dom cursed, his fingers grabbing my aroused bud, rolling it between them. My back arched at the beautiful, different sensation, a sensation I had never felt before in my life. Liquid heat pooled in the base of my abdomen and I could not help but let out a loud, embarrassing moan.

“Shit. Moan like that one more time and I’ll shove my dick in that tight, little pussy of yours,” David whispered the dirty words in my ear, his teeth biting my ear lobe suddenly. Both the men admiring my breasts simultaneously took in my aroused nipples in their wet, warm mouths and of my both hands fell into their hair, pulling them even closer to me.

I clutched onto their soft, brown hair. Demetrios’ curly hair felt so good in my hand, grabbing onto Dom’s hair, I pull on it as the pleasure shot from my nipples directly to my apex where David’s cock greeted me.

I rolled my hips in his lap like a greedy, dick-deprived nymphomaniac who had not had sex in forever which is basically the case. I could not control myself in the presence of these men who were basically sex on legs and dripped with so much, promising, sinful sex appeal. I heard a grunt from behind me.

Clutching onto their hair, I moved two of the brothers away from my heaving chest, “What’s wrong, love?” Dom asked while Demetrio frowned down at me, “I need to use the restroom,” I said getting off David’s lap, lowering down my sweater dress.

“What-” David breaths out

“I mean there’s nothing wrong, it’s just I really need to pee because I drank a lot of water…” I kept rambling on, causing them all to chuckle

“Hey, it is okay, our washroom is to the right,” Demetrio said with a smirk, my cheeks became even redder

I did my business quickly, flushing once I was done and rolling my underwear back up, adjusting my sweater. Stepping in front of the mirror, I stared back at the flushed woman.

What in the world are you doing, Serafina? Get your mind out of the gutter!

Washing my hands thoroughly, I dried them with paper towels, throwing the paper in the bin, fixing my unhooked bra. I stepped outside to see them in a circle whisper-shouting about someone, “-she is so fucking annoying, but we will have to go because she will kill us if we don’t. It is her big day.” Demetrio mumbled out, his eyes moving across the file in front of him.

“Hell no,” David grunted out, sitting back into the chair in which we were previously sitting on while Dom cleared his throat, “Miss. Ricci, are you going to join us or hide behind that door for five more minutes?”

I jumped at his voice, rushing inside to close it behind me, “Um-okay. Sorry. Thank you, I-I’ll just- um leave, bye,” I sang out, my voice high-pitched and strange as I headed for the glass door, escaping the suddenly heated office to walk back out, heaving out a breath.

Camila’s eyes instantly narrowed at my flushed face when I walked outside of their office and I threw an unexpected wink her way, moving past her.

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