A Sinful Desire

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“Nicole, where is the fucking paperwork,” David yelled from his office, I could see her running around on the verge of tears, shaking my head, I walked over to her. David was always like this when in time of pressure, he becomes a whole other person.

“I’ll take it,” I say grabbing onto the files, neatly placing them on my arm, “thank you,” she said in a whisper, smiling I walk over to the door, entering without knocking, making my way over to his desk, placing them on it, “fucking finally Nicole,” he let out a gruff, without looking up

Ignoring him, I stand to the side, “Is there anything else you want me to get you, sir,” he looked up, “What are you doing here,” he asks like it wasn’t obvious, I look at him with a raised eyebrow, “nevermind, you can leave,” he said shaking his head, nodding mine I left the room

After about 20 minutes of filling out my planner, my stomach grumbled I deserved this for skipping breakfast today

Tilting my laptop a little, I get up from my seat, walking over to the nearest cafe, placing an order, I look for a place to sit in the overly crowded cafe

I walk further in when I found an empty seat next to an elderly man, “excuse me is this seat taken,” I ask holding onto the chair, he looks up from the newspaper he was reading, and shakes his head

Smiling I take a seat next to him, placing my bag on the table, digging into my croissant, “you remind me of my wife,” he suddenly says, folding the newspaper, I look up, shocked that he would pay attention to me, usually no one would

I smile sitting upright, wiping my mouth with a napkin, “what’s her name,” I ask

“Amelia,” he says looking down with a smile as he remembers her, I smile too, “she must be a handful to handle if she’s just like me,” I say, making him chuckle, “oh she was a handful, always keeping me on my toes,” he says, looking at me again

I laugh, “she’s lucky to have a caring husband like you,” his smile falters a little, “no I’m the lucky one, she brought out the good in me, I miss her every day,” I crease my brows, “she passed away,” he says folding his hands, “Oh I’m so sorry for your loss,” I say holding onto his interlaced hands, “don’t be, everyone has to go, some sooner than others,” he smiles, going back into his day-dream

“If you don’t mind can I know more about her,” I ask, “Of course,” he says, telling me all the memories he had of her bottled up in his head

“...she told me she would divorce me if I didn’t go and get her some pickles,” he said laughing, I wiped my tears, “she’s the boss and she knows it,” I say turning my phone over, looking at the time and a couple of messages

Widening my eyes I get up, “sorry umm,” I hesitate not knowing his name, “I have to go, but it was nice talking to you,” he smiles and nods, as I fast walk out of there

“Where the fuck were you,” I heard David yell at me as I was about to enter my room bipolar much, all eyes turn to me, “I was hungry,” I say quietly, Dom walks over, placing a hand on David’s shoulder, “Bro relax, go I’ll talk to her,” he says, David’s angered glare left me to face his brother, pushing Dom’s hand off his shoulder he walks away

“I apologize for the way he acted,” Dom said, opening the door to my room, I look to see everyone still staring, intrigued of what would happen next, Dom noticed this, “I’d suggest going back to work if no one wants to get fired,” he says loudly and calmly

Everyone scrambled off, reluctantly minding their own business, I mouth him a ‘thanks’ while I enter through the door he held open for me

Grabbing the paperwork off from my desk, I walk back to the door, which Dom was still standing by, once I walked through it again, he let go, his hand gripping onto my waist, “shall we,” he smiles leading me to the meeting room

Once we enter, I take my seat at the corner, pulling out the pen that was clipped to the file, I look up to see a familiar face

It’s the man from the cafe, what is he doing here

“Mr. Santiago, so glad you could hold this conference with us,” Demetrio spoke up, shaking his hand, followed by David and then Dom

“Better be worth my time,” he says, in a completely different tone, from which he spoke to me with, he looked to the side to see me, “Miss, surprised to see you here,” he says with a smile, “same here sir,” I say, the brothers exchange looks between him and I, “I’m sorry, do you know her?” David asks

“Indeed,” he says making me smile, “right, let’s get started,” David brushes it off, “I want to talk about the investments, you denied our policy...” David went on talking about our sales and distributors, I sat back quietly taking notes

“Miss,” I heard Mr. Santiago say, I look up to see everyone’s eyes on me, “yes, sir,” I gulp, “what do you think about this,” he asks, I look over to the brothers with wide eyes

“Sh-,” Dom started but was quickly cut off, “Mr.Vero, I wasn’t talking to you,” he said, focusing in on me again

I let out a breath, “In all honesty sir, you shouldn’t make the deal,” I say earning a glare from the three brothers, “but if you’ve come out of your way to meet with them, you are somewhat interested in their offer, I know you don’t have a harmonic relationship with this firm, but I can assure you, they work hard to satisfy every client’s needs, trust is very hard to give especially in a corporate world, but determining our success I can assure you the safety of your reputation in our firm,” I say, he placed his hand on his chin, “that’s a very good point, Miss..,”

“Serafina Ricci,” I say my name, “Miss. Ricci” he crosses his arms, while I fumble with my hands, hoping I didn’t make a mess out of this, “Okay,” he says standing up, “I’ll see you all during the next board meeting, don’t disappoint me,” he says standing up

Thank god, omg we got the deal!!

I did a happy dance in my head

“Thank you, Mr. Santiago, we look forward to working with you as well,” Demetrio says, standing up as well leading him out the room

“We got the deal,” David said still astonished by what had occurred, he gets up and walks towards me, "I owe you an apology don’t I,” he says rubbing his head, while I nod mine with a grin, “I’m truly sorry for my behavior, forgive me,” he says like a little kid, I nod my head with a smile, “I forgive you,”

“Great job, Serafina,” Dom said rubbing my shoulder, walking out of the room with his brother

Taking a deep breath I walk out as well, heading to my room, relaxing into my chair, what an exhausting day, positioning my laptop straighter I check my emails

“Miss. Ricci” I heard a voice from the doorway, looking up I see Demetrio leaning against it, “Would you like to join us for dinner, it’s a small thank you for what you’ve done today,” he says walking further into the room, placing his hands in his pockets, “It’s pretty late,” I say, looking over at the time

“Don’t worry, we’ll drop you home right after,” if he insists why not, I nod my head, standing up fixing my outfit, “nice to see you took my advice,” he speaks up leaning on my desk

“what sir,” he points to my outfit, “oh yeah,” I say hiding my face which was heating up because of his bluntness

“Ready,” Demetrio smiled at me, placing his hand on my back he guided me to the lobby

Once out of the building, we walked to the car, where he opened the door for me and I slide in while he entered from the other

The minute I settle, I was greeted by Dom and David, “Serafina,” both their rough handsome voices filled my ears, “Mr. Vero,” I say, looking down at my hands

“Does, I Sodi, work for you Serafina,” David asks pulling out of the parking space, “Uh yes it does, and you can call me Sena, if you like,” I say in a mumble, “Of course,” he replies back with a chuckle

As we drove, there was one question that was bugging me from the start I couldn’t help myself when I blurt it out, “So, you…. share women?” I wanted to facepalm myself I mean who asks her bosses these questions

“Sometimes,” came David’s short and curt reply

“How-how does that work exactly?” I could not help but get even curious. The images in my head did not do me justice and I could not contemplate how a woman could be with three men.

Curiosity killed the cat

“You will find out soon enough, love,” David laughed, his hand tightening around the wheel and I shivered as his voice went straight to my apex, within me. Did he just say I would find out soon?? Sensing my sudden state of arousal, Demetrios’ one finger came under my chin, making it turn towards him.

“Aren’t you curious, love?” He hummed out, his thumb tracing my lower lip suddenly. His thumb poked into my mouth and I could not help but take the finger in my warm mouth and suck on it gently. He grunted out something when my tongue touched the tip of his thumb. I did not even know what in the world my mouth was doing, it was like it had a mind of its own.

“Fuck. Demetrio, don’t you dare have all the fun without us,” Dom complained, growling like a beast. I could feel the anger radiate off his body in the small tense car.

“Fucker,” Dom growled out and a shiver ran through my body as Demetrio ignored his brothers and my mouth let go of his thumb. I looked at the two brother’s heads curiously while Demetrios’ mouth fell in the crook of my neck.

He started kissing the skin, sucking on a sensitive spot, leaving behind a mark of his presence while his tongue slipped out, licking the hickey. I let my eyes shut, letting my body relax against his.

Leaning back, he smirked, “Better luck next time, boys,” Demetrio laughed out placing his hand on my bare leg under the skirt, trailing his hands to my thighs

Pulling me to him, he crashes his lips on mine, I was so lost in the moment I didn’t notice my phone ring

He let go of my lips falling back against his seat, quickly I turned to the side taking my phone out

“Hello?” I breathlessly asked, clearing my throat.

“Sena, are you okay, where are you?” she asks all to very fast, “I-uh I-I’m with my bosses, we are going out for dinner,” I say still trying to catch my breath

“Why are you breathless, -ohh you sly bitch, you’re getting that ‘d’ aren’t you,” she says, I could tell she had a big grin on her face

“Vanessa stop, I’ll call you later,” I say quickly cutting the call, just as the car skid to a stop

“We’re here,” David grits out, getting out to open my door, I step out to be grabbed by him, he gave me a quick peck on the lips, catching me off guard, “let's go,” he says wrapping his hand around me, I noticed that the two brothers were already moving towards the restaurant.

It was a high-end restaurant, which was expected they are the Vero brothers, they are filthy rich. I felt so underdressed looking down at my thick sweater dress, from this morning, while the others were wearing fancy dresses

As we made our way to the entrance, we got a couple of stares from the people around us so I tried to put some distance but, he wasn’t allowing it

“Tell me, Sena. What do you like to do in your free time?” David randomly asked as he pulled open the door for me and I stepped inside

“I-Uh like to read, paint, that’s pretty much it,” I trailed off as I looked at Dom and Demetrio who were already seated at a table

“Who’s your favorite author?”

“Sylvia Day,” I muttered without a second thought, “What about you? Do you read?”

“Ah, hardly, but I do enjoy a nice book,” he laughed out, “Dom however can stare at a book all day long, he’s the one most interested in books,”

I get situated beside Dom, as David walks over to Demetrio’s side, taking a seat, We all ordered something same with a glass of wine, Dom’s hand rested behind my head on the chair as I looked between the brothers

“Tell us Sena, other than reading and painting, do you have any other hobbies,” I hesitate a little, “well I sort of model,” that piqued their interest, “I would’ve guessed it, you have a body worthy of modeling,” Demetrio says biting his lip

“Uh, thanks, my father is a model so I followed his footsteps,” I say playing with the knife on the table

“What is his name? Have we heard of him?”

“Richard Ricci,” I let out and they nodded in recognition.

“Right, he was the face of Armani for years. Definitely heard of him, but we didn’t know he had such a beautiful daughter,” Dom says, brushing his finger on my sweater, which I barely felt because of the thickness, I blush a little at his statement

“Tell us more about you,” David urged, “There really isn’t much to know about me,” I shrugged at him, not liking the fact that I was being put on the spot here again

“That is not true, at all,” Dom muttered, leaning towards me as his lips brushed against my ear.

“Favorite color,”

We went repeatedly, asking each other so many questions

“Okay, last one favorite memory of your childhood?” I ask them

“Breaking David’s bicycle,” Dom laughed, and David rolled his eyes at him, “Asshole”

“Breaking Dave’s guitar,” Demetrio laughed, “He had this stupid electric guitar that he used to play all day long. Fucking idiot thought I was deaf for a whole year,”

I smiled, liking how close the siblings were to each other. So close, that they shared women. It was nice to see and I suddenly wished I had more siblings. The three men clearly shared an unbreakable bond.

“You two fuckers, I was the nicest brother to you but oh, I do remember the day when I locked you both in that room with a tarantula for a whole day during our trip to the Maldives when we were fourteen. Oh, you pussies cried so much,” He laughed throwing his head back, “and I slept with your girlfriends,”

At fourteen? My eyes only widened slightly but they all noticed my sudden change in attitude and Dom’s hand fell on my thigh when suddenly our order arrived.

After that, and we had not talked much, Dom’s hand was making soothing circles on my leg, I was slightly relaxed at the feeling.

“Serafina?”, Demetrio asked me, making me look up at him after a minute

“Hmm,” I muttered, chewing, and swallowing down a bite of pasta. It was delicious, one of the best things I have ever tasted. I relished the taste of fresh basil and the garlic undertone that made me moan under my breath appreciatively.

“Did we say anything wrong?” he asks and I shake my head, “No, no, it- it’s just getting late, and I don’t want to keep my roommates up, waiting for me"

They nod their heads, a couple of minutes later, we finish up and get into the car again, it was awkwardly silent throughout the car ride, none of the brothers made a move on me either, which I was thankful for, we arrive at my apartment complex, “I’ll see you tomorrow, Mr. Vero,” I say as they frown at my choice of acknowledgment, but nevertheless said ‘goodnight’

Relieved they didn’t follow me I went up to my apartment, throwing the keys on the table

When I got a call from someone I was least interested in talking to at this moment

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