A Sinful Desire

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Groaning I answer the call, “Hey dad,” I said faking my happiness that was dripping from my voice

Hello, Serafina. How is my princess doing?”

“I am fine, dad. How are you?” I ask leaning against the counter

Ah, same old, same old. Are you home right now?” he asks, I roll my eyes, “where else would I be,”

“I just wanted to tell you that I have booked tickets for you, Matt, and Vanessa. The flight is on Saturday, at 8 am. Okay?” I smack myself with the palm of my hand, “Yeah, yeah perfect, I’ll be there,”

“Pack everything, be on time because you never are-”

"Jeez Dad, I’ll pack everything okay? I will not miss the flight, don’t worry. I have to go but I love you,” I say, waiting for his response, “I love you too, see you Saturday, sweetheart,” he says, making kissy noises, chuckling I say ‘bye’, cutting the call

Stretching my back, I walk into my room, stripping out of my clothes to take a nice long and hot bath, touching my lips that were kissed by the brothers

Why am I thinking about them like this, they are my bosses for god sake, I can’t risk it anymore

Sighing I turn the water off, wrapping myself in a robe, walking out of the room, I fall onto my bed, hoping to lay there for a couple of minutes, but fell asleep instead


Groaning I roll over to the side of the bed, rolling right off, “ouch,” I whined, rubbing my arm, getting back up, I turn the alarm off

My hair was still a little wet, brushing it to the side I walk into the bathroom, brushing my teeth, walking into the closet I pick a black sweater dress, and a Gucci belt, getting ready in the mirror, I wear my white boots and walkout

“Good Morning, babe,” Vanessa said, looking over her shoulder, I walk up to her and hug her from the back, leaning my head on her shoulder, “Good Morning,” I groan out

Releasing her I walk to the fridge pulling out some yogurt, “Oh, by the way, dad booked our tickets Saturday morning,” I say, pulling open a cabinet, taking a spoon out

“Sena, are you okay,” she asks, I nod my head I was absolutely not okay, I mean what does he see in her, what makes him think she is the fucking one

“Sena,” she shakes my shoulder, “I called your name like five times,” I sit on the counter, “come on, you know she-,” I cut her off

“I don’t want to hear it, Vanessa, really I’m not in the mood right now,” I say putting a handful of yogurt in my mouth, she sighs taking a sip of her coffee

“What happened in here,” Matt said, walking out of his room, “nothi-, Matt is that my scarf!!,” Vanessa pointed out, “got to go,” he quickly places a kiss on my forehead, running out of the door

“I swear I’m going to get a lock for my door,” Vanessa grumbles, placing her cup into the sink, I chuckle, “see you in the afternoon, babes,” she kissed my cheek, walking out of the door

Hopping off the counter, I place the spoon in the sink, I throw the yogurt cup away, grabbing my bag, I book an uber, locking the door, I take my time to walk to the lobby

“Serafina,” an elderly woman’s voice came from behind me, turning around I saw, “Mrs. Jhonson, what a surprise,” I say way to exaggerated, I give her a small hug, “well dear you look gorgeous as always,”

“No one can beat your beauty, Mrs. Jhonson,” she smiles, “where are you heading too,” she says checking out my outfit

“to work you know the daily, hate to say this but I have to get going,” I say walking backward a little, “Oh go on then I won’t keep you waiting,” I wave and head over to the uber

I make it to the building fairly fast this time, rushing up the goddamn stairs whose idea was it to keep this many, I finally entered, walking to the elevators, punching in the number of my floor

Walking to my room, I place my bag on the couch as I sit at my desk opening up my laptop, getting to work right away, “Miss-,” Nicole knocked on my door, I lift my head up, “can I talk to you,” I crease my brows, “yeah is something wrong,”

She hesitates a little, “I-uh, no,” she says looking to her side, walking further into my room, sitting on the chair opposite of mine, “how did you manage,”

“manage what?”

“you know them,” she says in a whisper, leaning closer to me, “Nicole this is a soundproof room, no one can hear you,” I say, interlacing my hands, she sits up straighter

“How did you manage the Vero brother, it’s not only me everyone asks this question,” she says fiddling with her hands

“Everyone as in,” I ask raising my brows, “the girls and some guys too,” she says

“I’m just doing my job,” I say leaning back into my chair, “I know that but, you have them wrapped around your finger,”

I almost choke on my saliva, “I don’t have them wrapped around my finger, I don’t know what you’re talking about,”

She sighs, “I just thought you have it hots for them, I mean you are pretty close, you know their dislikes and likes...,”

“Which again as I said before, I am there P.A. it’s my job to know all that, but there is nothing going on like that between me and them,” I say, she nods her head

“How can I be so stupid, I mean I just thought well the other thought too, so you’re not, you know in some sort of relationship with them,” she asks with the hope that she would get an answer out of me, I shake my head, she gets up to leave

“Wait why have you suddenly decided to ask me this,” I ask standing up, she hesitates a little, “Uh well you see,” she nervously laughs, “there is a slight rumor going on around that you’ve- you’ve umm,”

“spit in out already,” I say getting annoyed, “that you’ve been with the brothers in a sexual way,”

“What,” I asked walking to her, “who told you that,” she tries to walk out of the door

“Nicole I asked you a question,” she sighs and tells me the name of the person behind this, “Camila,” I close my eyes, “you may leave,” I hear my door open and close

That fucking bitch doesn't have anything better to do

I sit back in my chair angrily typing away on my computer

Hours went by, it was almost dark, and it looked like a thunderstorm out there, sighing I turn everything off grabbing my bag, I walk out of my room, to see the vacant cubicles, I walk not so far when I heard my name

“Serafina,” I turn to see the brothers walking towards me, just great, “you need a ride,” Dom asks and I shook my head, “I’m good, I’ll take an Uber,” I said a little angrier than I intended, “are you good,” he asks, I respond with a short and simple response, “No”

Turning my back on them, I walk away, not wanting to be around them, “Sena,” I heard my name again, but I wasn’t in the mood to even look at them

Walking out into the lobby, I decided that it would be a great idea to walk out into the thunderstorm, I open the door, and immediately met with the rain, but sadly I was grabbed and crushed against someone's chest, I saw David’s forest green eyes, “are you fucking crazy,” he asks me, trying to block the rain from hitting my face, “let me go,” I struggle against him, “No,” he said holding me tighter against him

Right then their stupid black car come to our side, he grabs my hand pushing me inside the car, I sit soaking wet on their leather seats, “what the fuck Sena,” Dom said from the front seat, “take me home,” I muttered, pulling my hair to the other side, “Not until you tell us why you’re acting like a brat,”

“A brat,” I huffed out, “I don’t want to talk to any of you, either take me home or I’ll walk myself,” I say, pulling on the handle but the door wouldn't budge, "I put it in child lock,” David said from beside me

I glared at him but sat against the seat, “we’re waiting for an answer Sena,” I ignore them facing the window, “love, please,” Demetrio, says turning in his seat, I still ignore them

David lets out a huff, “Is this all because of yesterday,” he asks I instantly go stiff taking that as an answer he holds the side of my face, turning me to him, "Sena, we feel a connection towards you,” he says making me look into his eyes, wrong move, ” The women we shared before are nothing in your comparison, we want to know you, every inch of you,” he says brushing his fingers over my lips

I push his hand off, “ still you are my bosses, there are already rumors circulating around the office, hearing those makes me feel like a slut who is fucking her bosses to get a promotion,” I say tears slipping down my face

“Love, never call yourself that ever you are far from that,” Demetrio says, caressing my thigh with his hand

David moved a little closer, wrapping his hands around me, I lean into him

“You shouldn’t care what people would think. Fuck people, all that matters is your emotions,” Dom says looking at me, “we want you, Sena,” that makes me look up, “really,” I ask sitting up

“We want to pursue you,” Demetrio said, I looked at him not sure how I’m feeling at the moment right now

“I thought you don’t do virgins,” I asked, looking at all three of them, smirks visible on their lips

“Don’t worry love, that’s going to change real quick,” Dom says in a mumble, starting the car

wait what!?!?

As we drove, I could hear the rain roughly falling against the car, looking out the window, so much traffic was also building up

“You feel cold?” Demetrio asked me, I realized he was staring at me from the rear-view mirror the whole time

“Yeah,” I mumbled, and he turned the heat up

I grabbed my sweater, pulling it away from my body. My hair was dripping wet and I felt slightly annoyed at the sensation. I held my phone, deciding to call Vanessa only to realize that there was no signal. It was raining cats and dogs and the sound of thunder made me shake once again. David pulled me close and I let him, my body brushing against his, as I placed my head on his shoulder

“Fuck,” Demetrio muttered, looking around, “Why isn’t the traffic moving? Is the road blocked?”

Dom turned on the radio in agitation as we all sat in the car on the busy road, waiting and the news started playing

“…Heavy storm outside, citizens are suggested to stay indoors, and all the roads downtown are blocked”

“Shit. I’m going to take a U-turn,” Dom muttered, and I sighed in relief as I saw there were no cars behind us yet. “Serafina, do you mind if we take you to our place? There is no point in waiting here and we cannot drop you home in this storm any other way…”

My eyes widened but I slowly nodded, biting my lip, “Sure. Yeah, okay” I stuttered out as David’s fingers started making circles on my thigh

I let the sound of rain pour wander thoughts, my gaze fixed on the windowpane as I tried to figure out where we were going on these almost unknown roads. The Vero triplets were rich, and I only imagined that they lived in a very huge mansion or something

I almost felt sleepy as time quickly seemed to pass as I leaned my head against David’s shoulder, playing with the rings on his fingers, then all of a sudden, the car stopped, and I looked outside to see a huge expensive building come into view, covered with glass, a fancy entrance and I realized that they lived in a condo of some sorts. The beautiful building in the lower East side of Manhattan looked huge and up close I could not even tell how tall it was

We entered the basement where the parking was after the guard greeted the men, letting them in quickly. I was consumed by my nervousness as the car halted and I found myself getting out of the door Demetrio opened

I pulled on my sweater, to separate it from my skin, “Sena, come,” Demetrio muttered, grabbing my hand in his warmer one. I noticed the reserved parking they had under their name and noticed one of the expensive cars there that they had dropped me in

My eyes instantly landed on a very attractive motorcycle, a huge black motorbike. I didn’t even know a thing about motorbikes but for some reason, I really wanted to ride that particular one

“That’s David’s,” Demetrio muttered in my ear as he noticed where my attention was fixated


“I’ll take you for a ride on her someday if you like,” David came to my other side, his body brushing against mine as he smiled at his bike like they were long lost, lovers


“Well, of course. Her name is Becky. She is a bad, bad girl but a good ride nonetheless.”

“Okay,” I let out a tiny laugh, “I would love to ride her,”

Oh god,” he grunted out, his eyes shutting, “Please don’t say that again”

“Are you religious?” Demetrio asked me, his eyes narrowing in thought, “You are a virgin after all.”

“No, not really. I am not, I honestly cannot remember the last time I prayed,” I mumbled out, already feeling like a shitty person. “you guys?”

“Oh, hell no,” Dom laughed, coming up to our front, his back facing us as he guided us to the lift in the corner, “Do we look religious?”

“I suppose not,” I muttered out, not wanting to make assumptions just based on looks. Who knew if the friendly neighborhood bad boys could be the ones to fall on their knees and pray? It was the twenty-first century, anything could happen

We get to the elevator, I stepped behind them, still having my hand entwined in Demetrios’ who instantly leaned against the wall, making me mimic him. Dom pressed the button to their floor, and I noticed that he had pressed the button to the top floor, the penthouse

He turned around, a smirk playing on his lips as he started walking over to me. His hands suddenly fell on either side of my face, trapping me even further as the brothers formed into some sort of semi-circle around me. “What are you doing, Dom?” I gasped out as his head fell in the crook of my neck, kissing up my neck and loudly inhaling in my scent

“Kissing your beautiful lips, love. What else?”

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