A Sinful Desire

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His voice came out low and deep, his lips instantly falling on mine. My head banged against the wall, Demetrio let go of my hand, allowing me to roam mine along Dom’s broad shoulders, liking every muscle I found. He bent down to kiss me and to accommodate our height difference, his hands fell on my ass as he lifted me up, making my legs wrap around his waist.

Blushing at how close we were and at how feverishly he kissed me, I became very aware of my soaking core that was begging for a release. I had been begging for a release for the past few years now. I had never had an orgasm in my life, and I felt like I was missing out. At least the brothers’ touch was promising of all the sinful things they could do to me.

I had been sexually frustrated the entire past month I had known them. I came home every day and toyed with myself for a few minutes with my head full of them but I felt so dirty masturbating and never in my life had the courage to make myself cum so I used to stop and instead twist and turn in my bed many nights to fall asleep. For some reason, I could not drive myself over the edge and I longed to know how that felt like.

“Dom move it along. Don’t take her right here,” Demetrio groaned out once the doors to the lift opened up with a 'ding'. Dom had a mind of his own and he again feverishly started kissing me and my hands flew into his short hair, grabbing onto it tightly.

Pulling apart, I finally noticed the floor number was 60th. We were on the 60th floor! How high was this building again? This had to be one of Manhattan’s highest residential buildings!

“60th floor. Oh my god. I have never been in a building as high as this, oh wait, except for the Empire State Building” I gasped out as Dom stepped out with me clinging onto him.

“The view is exhilarating,” David muttered out, but I could not see him. “Wait till you see it”

“Drop me, Dom,” I hummed into his neck and he begrudgingly allowed me to stand on my feet once again. I turned around to see that Demetrio had the huge wooden door already opened and was waiting for me to enter.

I was almost intimidated to step inside as all of them waited for me to move. Stepping onto the mat in the front, I looked at the marble flooring that probably costed more than my entire wardrobe and as an instinct slowly started to take off my heels.

“What the hell are you doing?” Demetrio asked with a frown

“Taking off my heels. They are kind of, dirty because of the rain,”

“No, keep them on,” he mumbled back with a small smile playing on his lips, “Don’t be silly.”

A hand closed around my upper arm and Dom dragged me inside of their apartment. I awkwardly waddled in behind him and David followed the two of us.

“You should take a shower first,” Dom said as I looked around the beautiful minimalistic setting, my eyes falling on the ceiling to floor windows that covered every edge of the apartment. The rain falling harshly against them looked gorgeous and I could see the entire view would look like early in the morning.

“Okay,” I mumbled under my breath, biting my lip in the process when Dom let go of my arm and Demetrio instead took over, his hands falling on my lower back to guide me to a huge room. “There is the bathroom. Why don’t you go inside, and I’ll just bring you some fresh clothes and towels.”

I nodded as I stood in the middle of the room. Once he closed the door behind himself, I quickly ran over to the said bathroom. A huge circular bathtub sat in one corner and in another a shower enclosed in a large glass box.

I reached for my phone as I waited for Demetrio to come, still finding no service, and let out a sigh under my breath. I washed my hands in the sink and headed over to the shower to make sure I found some shampoo and some soap when finally, the door to the washroom opened and Demetrio walked in, shirtless with his body completely on display.

“Here you go,” He let out and walked over to me, placing the towels on the rod right in front of the glass shower while he handed me over the clothes.

“I hope they fit,” I looked down at the medium-sized shirt, which was probably big but not too drastically, and some boxers. I gulped back and nodded at him.

“Yeah, thanks,” I mumbled back as he left and I quickly started undressing, slipping out of my clothes, and keeping them on the sink while I let myself in the shower. Taking at least five minutes to figure out how the complicated shower worked, I quickly washed my hair with an almost manly, musky smelling shampoo under the hot jets of water. Lathering it in and washing it out of my hair, I grabbed the sandalwood body wash and found myself finishing within no time.

Wrapping my hair in a towel while drying myself with another, I slipped into the shirt and then the boxer’s which were a little too big, but managed, disregarding all my clothes in the basket. I look in the mirror, unless you concentrate on my chest you could barely tell I am not wearing a bra.

After some thought, I finally stepped out of the bathroom to join them out in the living room.

All three of them were only in black boxers, their muscular chests totally on show. I felt myself get aroused once again just at the sight of them. Demetrio was lying on his back, a magazine in front of his face while David who sat in the middle of the surprisingly huge L-shaped couch had a laptop on his lap, his fingers typing away. Dom was lying on the other side of him on his side, his head in his one hand and his attention given to the television that had a soccer game playing. It looked like there was a photoshoot going on and I had just walked in onset.

“Umm, hey,” I awkwardly let out, making all their heads snap to mine. “Can I use any one of your phones? I am not getting any reception here”

David nodded, reaching beside him to pick up his phone. I walked over to him and he handed it to me, I take the phone and walk to a corner, while their eyes follow my each and every move, the phone rang two times before Vanessa picked up

“Hey Vanessa,” I say in a hushed voice, “Omg Sena, do you know how worried we were about you, there is a storm going on outside, where are you,” she screamed all at once into the phone, “because of the storm, I cannot make it back home, so I am at my bosses house,” I say, pulling the phone away from the shriek that came out of Vanessa, “You are at their HOUSE, lucky fucking bitch, I swear if you do not get some dick,” I roll my eyes, “Vanessa, I’m just staying the night, it is not a big deal,”

“Bitch you still cannot be in denial about this, if I where you, I’d be on my-”

“Okay, I have to go, I am safe, I love you bye,” I saw cutting the call, god this girl and her fantasies, I walk back over to them, extending my arm out for him to grab the phone, but instead he got ahold of my hand making me sit down next to him and Demetrio

“Any plans for the weekend?” Demetrio asked me, scooting closer to me, his head resting in my lap. I wanted to run my hands through his soft curly hair.

“I'll be flying out to Seattle to see my father” I mumbled out, already regretting it. Chances were, I was probably just going to punch Nikita in the face.

“Strange. We also have to fly to Seattle to see our sister.” David muttered, looking up at me from the screen in front of him. “How long will you be there?”

“Just a couple hours. I’ll be back by Monday night though. You guys don't mind right?”

“Yeah, that's fine,” Demetrio muttered out, looking up at me “You look good in my shirt. Maybe you should wear these to the office”

I felt myself blush and he chuckled at my red face. Demetrio turned in my lap, in the process lifting up my shirt, exposing my stomach, he played with the band of the boxers when I felt his soft lips on my stomach. Lifting the shirt even more, and kissing higher, I gasped when I felt his lips right underneath my breast.

Dom walked over, kissing my neck, helping his brother take off his shirt that was on me, exposing my naked upper body. Demetrio sat up engulfing one of my breasts and sucking on it, while Dom trailed kisses to my chest, doing the same.

I heard David shut close his laptop, his hand falling on my chin, making my head turn to his.

His lips instantly fell on mine, kissing me like I was an oasis in the middle of a desert, and he was a very, very thirsty man. A hand was pulling on the boxers I had on, but I did not care as I let my tongue meet David’s

I pulled apart from him, when someone turned me and pushed me flat onto the couch, Demetrios face came up and he gave a quick kiss on my lip trailing it down to the boxers, slipping it off of me, “Fuck your pussy is beautiful,” he says placing one of my legs on his shoulder, kissing my inner thighs, Dom swipes his tongue across my stomach while caressing my breast and David continues his bruising kiss on my lips.

I moan trying to clench my thigh, but Demetrio restricts that, “hold on, love,” he says breathing so close to my pussy.

With so much frustration I pull on Dom’s hair making him groan,” Fuck, Serafina,” He says capturing my breast in his mouth, the same time Demetrio places his mouth on my pussy, his tongue flickering across my clit had me curling my toes instantly, arching my back I grab onto the side of the couch, the pleasure shooting out of me in waves, “Demetrio,” I moan his name loud as he sucks on my folds faster

Dom traces his hand down, moving his fingers on my sensitive folds, moving in a circular motion, applying a little pressure each time, making my eyes roll to the back, Demetrio grazes my folds with his teeth, biting on them, making me clench my stomach, Dom adds a finger and soon adds another one, pumping in and out of me so fast, I hold onto David’s hand, kissing it, not able to control my loud moans

My mind was a complete utter mess as I tried to get used to the oh-so-fucking pleasurable feeling of having a mouth on me down there

Both Dom and Demetrio increased their pace, “Ah oh god, I’m close,” I say clenching my thighs together. David’s fingers played with my nipples, pinching them slightly sending jolts all through my body which only added to the ecstasy.

I could not blame myself for feeling like putty in their hands. Any woman who had an interest in men would feel the same way. Having three men devour you at once was not the best situation for testing your concentration skills.

I started seeing stars as my legs started to shake, I pushed on his head, but he did not budge, his lips never left my bundle of nerves, his tongue moved with faster strokes, Dom’s fingers going in and out of me much faster, “Cum for us baby,” he said with a deep voice, making me reach my orgasm I grab onto Demetrios hair and clenched my stomach, coming into his mouth. His tongue drank away all my escaping juices, the slurping sound almost so erotic that I almost came again.

I struggle to catch my breath after the mind-blowing orgasm I just received, I force my eyes to stay open to see Dom, licking my juices off his fingers, while Demetrio wiped his lips.

My eyes trail down their muscular bodies, to their boxers, seeing a huge bulge, my hands acted on their own, I reach for Dom’s boxer’s touching his outline, “Serafina, don’t,” he grabs my hand, but doesn’t make an attempt to move it, so I sit up and pull on his boxers, “I want you, all of you,” I say seductively, before pushing down his boxers, his length sprung out, I knew it was going to be huge, but I never imagined this, nevertheless, I took him into my hand and stroked his cock, I was getting way too aroused.

My other hand went to pull down Demetrios boxers and I look at David, who had his eyes on me the whole time, I increased the pace of my strokes a little, making Dom groan, running his hands through his hair, I lean forward and place his tip in my mouth, “Fucking hell,” he moans out, caressing my hair, pulling it all into his hand, I open my mouth wider, keeping more of his cock in my mouth, massaging his balls, pumping him faster, when he pulls out breathless.

Demetrio comes and stands in front of me so I do the same, licking his cock up and down, and placing him in my mouth, sucking on him, while my other hand strokes David’s. The quiet apartment is now filled with their grunts and moans

“Damn this mouth,” Demetrio moans out, keeping my head steady and thrusting his hips, keeping more of his cock in my mouth, I increase my speed, stroking David with all I got, “shit, fuck I’m coming,” David said, placing his hand on mine, stroking himself even faster, throwing his head back, I turn my focus to Demetrio, licking him up like a lollipop, grazing my teeth across his veins, causing him to shudder, “Just like that, baby,” he says, placing his hands on his hips.

I feel hot liquid down my throat, and I try my best not to gag and take all of it in, licking him clean, David’s eyes are shut close, concentrating on jerking himself off, just like Dom’s. I pull Demetrios' cock out of my mouth and clean my lips with my thumb, causing his eyes to darken.

“You are going to be the death of us,”

“Take me,” I say, gliding my hands down his abs, “Oh we will, love, we are in for a hell of a ride. He picks me up, throwing me over his shoulder, slapping my ass, making me even more aroused. We walked to a bedroom, both brothers following

He throws me onto the bed, I lean on my forearms as all three of them stare down at me, I bit my lip, feeling a little nervous now.

David crawls onto the bed, "there is no need to be nervous, we will be gentle." With that, he pushes on my shoulder so I can lie flat on my back, he trails his lips down my neck, chest, stomach, and over my pussy, licking my clit, a moan rumbling out of my chest.

Getting up he goes to the drawer and takes out a condom for all of them, they place it over their cocks, making me lick my lips. All of them climb on the bed, their hands roaming my body. “Ah, fuck, right there,” I moan at David’s fingers pumping in and out of me.

Demetrio comes between my legs, making David’s movements stop, a frown came onto my face but was replace when suddenly Demetrios dick was moving up and down my folds, causing me to arch my back. Dom massages my breast, licking, biting, and sucking on both nipples, I run my hands through his hair.

I wrap my hand around Demetrios shoulders, ready for the pain, “Fuck,” I scream as Demetrios cock enters me officially taking my virginity.

Tears sprung to my eyes, as I clench around him, “Omg why are you guys so big,” I yell, digging my nails into his shoulder, hearing a chuckle erupt from all their chests, “Genetics baby,” Dom says kissing my forehead.

Demetrio was half-way into me and the more he pushed the bigger he gets, like how the fuck is that possible.

I clench around him even tighter, “Fuck baby, if you keep doing that, I don’t think I could last much longer,” he says with his deep, luscious voice. After a minute, he starts moving a little, the pain was unbearable at first but after a couple of strokes, it all went away. Grabbing onto his back I trail my hands all the way down to his torso, feeling an unaccountable amount of pleasure down there, his movements just kept getting faster and faster and I could not help but scream out his name while stroking Dom’s and David’s dicks.

“Faster,” I moan out and he complied, sitting up, he placed my leg over his shoulder, moving within me even faster, shaking the bed a little, I squeeze onto the other two cocks with the pleasure Demetrio is giving me making them grunt, moving their cocks in my hands.

“Serafina, you’re so gorgeous,” Demetrio says, leaning down, giving a kiss on my lips, I felt a knot forming in my stomach, he suddenly slows does his pace a little, and I whine, literally begging him to go faster, “Demetrio please,” I whisper out.

He complies, sending me over the brink with his pace, I felt him twitch inside of me, he pulls out taking his condom off stroking himself, his face full of sweat.

David picks me up by my shoulders and places me on top of him, making my legs fall on either side of him, “Ride me,” he says, as I lift myself off and grab his dick, placing it right under my opening, “Uhh, fucking shit,” he says grabbing my breasts and giving them a tight squeeze, I slowly move down, adjusting to his size, I’m barely moving, and he already has sweat dripping down from his forehead

I grind until, I get the momentum and move my hips up and down, increasing my pace, apparently, that was not enough for him so he held my hip and slammed his cock inside of me so fast, I felt like I was on cloud nine.

Dom came from behind, grabbing my ass, and giving it a slap, giving me even more pleasure. “This is going to hurt,” Dom says, spreading my cheeks, David’s movements slowed down a little, as Dom lifts his cock and positioned it in front of my asshole, he slowly enters me, cursing to himself, I feel anything but pleasure, a burning sensation in my rear-end by the time he had completely fit himself inside of me, I had a full-on meltdown, clenching David’s cock inside of me and Demetrio's next to me. Dom leaned his entire body against mine, and started to move, pulling on my hair, the pain was still there but it was not as noticeable as before

Falling into the crook of David’s neck, I suck on it, letting him take over and move inside of me, while Dom destroyers my rear-end. A couple of minutes later I feel Dom pull out, feeling so much more relieved afterward, David pulls out soon after and goes to the bathroom to wash.

I lay on the bed unable to move, even an inch, but felt a little relieved when a warm wet cloth was placed on my pussy, “Hmm,” I moan at the feeling, the cloth travels from my folds to my ass, I look up to see David, holding contact with my eyes as he bends down and kisses my pussy, I close my eyes, feeling aroused again. Dom lifts me up and places a shirt on me, tired I fall back into the bed.

I felt someone press their front to my back, wrapping their strong arms around my stomach as David lays in front of me, coming closer, placing his hand under my pillow, caressing my cheek, a smile forming on my face, “Goodnight, Dave, Dio, Dom,” I say snuggling into Demetrio's hold on me, tightening his arm around my stomach, and taking David’s hand intertwining our hand, doing the same with Dom’s, “Goodnight, Sena,” they all say before I fall into the best sleep I’ve ever had.

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