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this story is the part of my imagination and the character names are taken from the famous show kaisi yeh yaariyan!! only their names are same, rest things will be my imagination and it can be read as a general fiction. a rich girl who wanted to be indipendent and a rich boy who is the rude boss of his companies, he is arrogent and rude where girl is chirpy and a total chatterbox. just peep in to know more about this story. Starting date- aug- 21

Romance / Humor
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Chapter 1

A beautiful girl was checking her resume and her sisters were getting ready for their job. They are four sister with beautiful faces and all the manners, though they were filthy rich still they want to be independent, they doesn't want their parents support in every up and down of life.

Suyash and shreya kapoor a lovely couple live in kolkata with their four daughters, couple love their kids more than their life, there is nothing that suyash didn't provide them. Their first daughter navya kapoor was a reporter in a news channel, then mukti kapoor and alia kapoor, they both are twins mukti is a tomboy where alia is like a barbie doll. Mukti is a interior designer where alia take her digree in hotel management and nowdays working for his dad and running a chain of hotels very successfully.

Now if we talk about our heroine nandini kapoor then she is the little sister of all of them, she is the epitome of beauty but that doesn't means she doesn't have brains. She is very intelligent and being a topper always she became the centre of attention, boys always drool over her but her chirpy and outspoken nature always makes everyone adore her cuteness.

She is a princess to her parents and a little angel to her sisters. She is loved by everyone around her.

Now coming back to the present scene, nandini again topped in her University and now wanted to take a job for her further career. She was checking her resume when her sister mukti just snatched her resume and look at her with furrowed eyebrows.

"Like seriously princess, you're checking it for 15th time. You are the topper and you must have some confidence on yourself because you have already the great marks on your certificates." Mukti just give back her file and cup her soft cheek.

"I know di but still i have the fear of loosing, you know i am very scared because it's my first interview what if i got rejection?? Just promise me you won't hate me if i get rejection." Nandini mumble keeping her hand upon mukti's, mukti just laughed out loud listening to her and soon alia joined her.

"Ohh so you think we will hate you if you got rejected, then listen to me ms.nandini kapoor we love you more than anything and if some asshole reject you then just tell me, i will make sure to purchase his company and show him his real place that who is the real boss." Alia look at nandini and attitude was reflecting from her beautiful eyes. Nandini was the princess for all of them. They can bear anything but not a drop of tear in nandini's eyes.

"Di i want to make my own career, if you'll show your powers then no one will give me job. So please for me just keep your anger in check. For me please." Nandini pouted and alia just place and chaste kiss on her forehead.

"Nandu we will always support you but promise us that you'll always told us everything related to your life. You're just a kid and you are a fashion designer then why don't you just start your own career. Just open a boutique the rest work of advertising and marketing will be done by one of my friend. I know lot's of photographer and reporters who will cover this news." Navya suggested coming back from behind.

"No di, for starting a boutique i might need lot's of money but i want to do everything on my own. I will start my own company when i will take the experience from some companies. I want to explore everything before halting at any place. So please di support me and pray for me because this job is so crucial for me because it is no1 company of calcutta that needs a designer." Nandini explained her tension and her sisters just kiss her forehead.

"You're a rockstar nandini, you will rock i know." All of them said and they shared a group hug.

"By the way mukti today is your turn because sona, me and navya has already done cleaning this room on last weekend and now it's your turn."
Alia said turning her head towards mukti and giving her a stern look which mukti just return looking at her with duh look totally ignoring her.

"This is our sisters room so it's not decided. Firstly just make the rules then feel free to order me ms alia kapoor." Mukti decoded making alia rolled her eyes and finally navya has to jump in between to stop their fighting.

"Shut up both of you. Alia what you have said rudely and dumbly, you could have make it intersting by adding some sweetness in your voice and mukti you, why you're so dirty. It's our sisters room in which we spends our sister's time. Me, nandu and alia have already clean the room so now it's your turn or else we won't let you enter here from now on. You have also a separate room i think." Said navya and alia smirked and mukti just made a puppy face. Nandini was laughing looking at this emotional drama of our very own mukti.

"Yes i know you don't love me navya, that's why you're talking to me like that. Don't worry from now on i will stay in my room. You don't consider me as your sister that's why throwing me out otherwise you wouldn't ask me to clean it. If it would have been nandini or alia you would never talk to them like that." Mukti just wipe her fake tears ignoring everyone's gaze which was on her for now.

Alia was shaking her head in no watching her drama where navya was crying being all emotional, she was wiping her tears and try to look at crying mukti.

"Navya just stop crying, she is just faking everything and you fool is crying." Alia roared and navya glared at her.

"Shut up alia, can't you see our mukti is crying and you're accusing her for nothing. Don't worry muku i will clean this room on your behalf." Navya hug her and kiss her forehead and mukti wink at alia hugging navya. Nandini was laughing all the time where alia was huffing in annoyance. Soon mukti pull all of them in a group hug and they hug each other like their life is depend on it.


We can see a man was sleeping in his master bedroom shirtless while his lower body was covered with black valvet sheet. He was sleeping on his stomach so his hot tatoo and his sexy smile was visible, his hot tatoo that was covering his upper back totally,
"A devil who was holding a star". He was sleeping due to a dream where he was celebrating his first night with his wife. He saw she was sitting on his bed covering her face and he was approaching her and sitting infront of her he just hold her hand.

When he finally decided to open her vail to uncover her face, he found himself drench in water. He got up with a jerk and found himself in his simple room but not decorated. He just pull his wet hairs annoyingly and look at his elder brother who was giving him a sexy smirk.

"What the fuck is your problem abhimanyu, i was watching a very beautiful dream. Why you always throw this water on me whenever i tried to open her veil." Yelled an angry manik throwing black pillow on abhimnayu's face who just chuckled and push the pillow aside.

"The answer to your first question is i am your twin so i have the right to pull such stunts on you and the second thing if we could see our soulmates in dreams then i would be having my wife besides me with my four kids." Said abhimanyu and laugh.

"The same dream is coming again and again. I don't think it's a coincidence. I think it has something to do with my life. Maybe i could found out who my soulmate is if you spare me someday with my beauty sleep." Manik groaned in annoyance and abhimanyu just laughed out loud.

"You have a important meeting and you're just sleeping and dreaming about a girl who doesn't exist in this world. You're manik malhotra bro, just select any girl you like. Girls will die behind you." Said abhimanyu walking out.

As soon abhimanyu just went away kabir malhotra the elder son of malhotra and elder brother of manik,abhimanyu and dhruv, entered inside. Dhruv was the younger one. Manik just rolled his eyes when he saw kabir was taking out manik's new washed socks from the drawer.

"What the hell is your problem kabir, why can't you just damp your socks in loundry basket. Why you used a pair of socks for almost one month. Don't you feel dirty." Manik made a yuck face and kabir face was neutral.

"How can you be so clean freak manik, just enjoy your life." Kabir said wearing those black socks sitting on manik's bed just beside him.

"I am enjoying my life being neat and clean. I can't be a as dirty as you." Manik just got up from his bed and entered inside the washroom. Kabir just smiled and after wearing the shoes he just walked away from there.

Dining area

"Babies all of you are getting big. All of you are settled and now it's time to think about your wedding." Nyonika malhotra started to conversation and found her all four boys were discussing about business among each other.

"Boys your mother is asking something." Their dad mr.raj malhotra finally yelled a little taking all of them into the reality.

"Ji yes, sorry mom vo we were busy discussing about the projects, tell us mom what you wanna say." Asked manik raising his eyebrows.

Nyonika malhotra just cleared her throat before starting this conversation," Manik you're 24 and kabir is 25 years old. Don't you think both of you should get married. It will be really good for all of you."

Manik and kabir were startled by this sudden declaration and they both look at each other a little weirdly.
"Mom we will marry once our work will be done. You know na this time all of us are standing in the top of our career and one wrong decision would ruin everything. This time we should only concentrate on our career thing because as we all know everyone is gonna be married one day so mom i think you shouldn't just think about it for now." Explained manik malhotra and nyonika just look down at her plate with sadness.

"Manik i am getting proposals for all of you and when you know one day all of you going to marry then why not now?? Besides i have a girl in my mind for you manik. You know your dad's friend soha, why don't you know her and then think about this proposal." Grinned nyonika happily after telling him and manik just chocked on his drink.

Kabir just laughed and rub his hairs to soothe him,"Mom is one is interested in us that doesn't means we also like them. Manik doesn't like that kind of girl and you still don't know what she actually is. She is not the one which she always try to pretend before you." Said kabir defending manik and manik just give him a smile.

"I don't know kabir what she is and what she is not. I just want to be grandma and before that ma. I always starve for a baby girl, i want my daughter in law to be my daughter." Nyonika said wiping her teary eyes and all of them felt bad a little for their mom.

"Mom we really love you and we are ok with your this marriage decision but could you give us the time of 6 months then we will marry surely with your choice." Said manik holding his mother's hand and she just smiled and crease his hairs. He is the favorite son of his mother, his attitude, his face and mainly his habits always make nyonika remember her young age. She was the same. After having their breakfast all of them just went to their workplace.

Raj malhotra is the most successful businessman in mumbai where kabir runs his own channel, kabir just made this channel with his hardwork and abilities. Abhimnayu is also a businessman where manik malhotra is the founder of "MM Brand" the most finest and expensive brand of india. He started his brand which wasn't for men only but for women. They made watches, perfumes, clothes etc. He is the owner of no.1 brand and filthy rich.

(A/n- he could never share this bond in the serial with his mother so i thought why not in the story.)


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