Ghost Boyfriend

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Have you ever imagined how it's like to have a ghost boyfriend? Rose, a 25 year-old girl, moves in a new house, but she didn't know her love story starts from a mirror.

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Two months ago, I moved to this new house. It's big and has everything you can imagine, although the price wasn't much. I was desperate so I took this chance and bought it. It never crossed my mind why the owners wanted to sell it with such price, but I didn't care. I just wanted a good place to stay in near my job.

Everything was good so far. Until two weeks ago, I started hearing a voice calling: “SAVE ME!”

And from here is where my story begins.

Before we move further into my story, let me introduce myself first.

Hi, I'm Rose. a 26 year-old girl living a pretty normal life. I lost my family when I was 12 years old due to a car accident. After the accident, I moved to live with my grandparents. As a little girl, I thought life would be fair for someone like me, but it didn't turn out that way. I was being beaten every day for, according to my grandparents, wanting to go to the new funfair in town when I was a child the night of the accident. Is it really my fault for being a kid?

Every night I keep thinking, “What if it was me?”. Then, I thought that life didn't choose me for a reason. Maybe there is something still needed to be done; something I don't know yet. So, I decided to study and work harder to be a strong woman, to make my parents proud. After 14 years, I am now an independent woman with a house my own.

I have a job at MS Company. It is one of the biggest trading companies in town. I know you're asking how I got there. Actually, I did well at school and that's all that matters. I work as the CEO's secretary. My job requires to be highly secretive about what I do. I get lots of deals from our enemies trying to fool me.

After working there for couple years, I managed to have the money I want to buy the house I dream of. One day, while searching for a good place near my company, I found a big house with fancy and modern decorations. I could wait no longer and contacted the owners right away and the sell was done in a couples of days. The only thing that was suspicious is the price. It was very low, so I asked the owners and they said that they need to travel abroad as possible. I guess I was a fool and believed that.

Since this moment, I thought life finally started to smile at me. I packed all my stuff and left my grandparents' house and moved to my new place. I won't lie to you when I tell you that the place was charming, but there was something creep about this old classic mirror in my room...

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