Reckless Behavior

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Eros Smirnov was the epitome of a god. He was tall, built of fucking steel, and sexy as sin. I wanted him when I was fourteen. Ten years later, and I still want him. I thought it would be hard to obtain such a man, but it turns out, Eros wants me too. [:] Leia Barlow is more than I thought she would be. He father would never let me meet her and now that I've seen her for the first time, I understand why. Matthew Barlow knew how I liked my women. Tall, full-figured, a nice ass with breast to match with a good head on her shoulders, and Leia turned out to be all of those thing. Now I'm running her father empire and with it, I get to claim her.

Romance / Erotica
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Chapter 1: How It Began

Every woman wants to feel special. Wants to feel wanted, craved, needed.

As Leia adjusted her top and checked her make-up, she exhaled. It was time. It felt like she’d been waiting for this night her whole life when it’d only been since she was fourteen—the chance to make him want her.

Ten years ago, when her father let a young man into his home to train, it seems Leia’s innocence left her body. This man was all she thought about, craved. A man that she became fascinated with, though he’d never even seen her in person. Her father made sure of it.

But It didn’t stop young Leia from watching Eros Smirnov.

A god on the planet earth.

Perfection in her eyes.

Eros was there to train for three months, then sent to work. What kind of work, Leia was never sure of until six days ago—when her mother and father had been murdered right in front of her. It was gruesome and done without remorse.

Leia cried out as the bullets pierced her parent’s skull. The masked murderers left her there, and Leia did the only thing she could think to do, she called her Uncle.

Percy was an asshole and a pervert. He’d made more advances on Leia than she cared to think about, but he never went further than touching. It creeped Leia out. She wasn’t into incest.

“Are you ready?” Leia turned to see Percy standing in her doorway. He was dressed to kill in an ebony suit that slimmed down his beer belly. Leia gave him a curt nod, popped her red painted lips, and picked up her purse. She shuddered at the lustful gaze her Uncle gave her as she brushed past him.

“Keep your mind in the right places, Leia,” Percy grunted as he walked at her side. “All these men what your father’s title. Choose wisely, or the whole establishment will come crashing down.”

“Understood,” Leia said as she started down the spiral steps. As she neared the foyer, she could see the group of men looking up at her. She wasn’t into reality T.V, but she very much felt like she was a bachelorette heading down to pick from a liter of men who craved her. Yet, Leia only had eyes for one man.


He was the man that she wanted since puberty. A Russian beast with eyes brighter than the fucking sky. She wanted him to run her father’s empire and fuck her while he did so.

Time seems to have stood still when Leia finally spotted him. He stood taller than the rest of the men. All of them knew and had seen her at some point, except for Eros.

When Leia met his gaze, her heart hammered against her chest. His eyes were still that fierce blue; his once long blonde hair was cut into a blunt style that stopped at the top of his shoulders. It was parted in the middle, framing his perfectly chiseled face. His Ivory skin was littered with black ink. But it was his lips that Leia loved the most. Pink, big and juicy. Like nothing, she’d seen before.

A throat clearing brought Leia’s attention to Percy. He scowled at her before shaking his head. Leaning down until his filthy mouth touched her ear, the old prick spoke.

“Don’t get any ideas. These men are here to claim a spot, not your needy pussy. If you need that taken care of, I got the remedy.” Leia reared back, repulsed. Her gaze cut to Eros, and she was surprised to find his heated look of Percy.

“Back the fuck away from me before I tell one of them to kill you.” Leia hissed. “And they will if it means they will be the head of my father’s empire.” Percy’s face drained of blood before he stood to his short height and smoothed his hands down his suit. Leia’s face held a sneer until she looked back to the group of twelve men.

“All of you are here because you are at the top of your territories or had the most impressive files,” she began as she stepped down the remaining steps into the foyer. Leia’s eyes bounced around to all of the men, some she knew by name, some she only knew from gala’s or public events—but never did she make eye contact with Eros. Leia knew if she looked at the man, he would see that he was chosen already—that her father had specifically put his file on top with clear indication that he was next in line, which wasn’t a surprise. In the last ten years, he had made it easy for her father’s empire to take up most of the east coast and central America. There wasn’t a rival in their area that could touch them. Eros was the reason.

“As you know, mother and father are dead, but I am very much alive. If you are given the position, the first thing on the agenda is finding their murderers. After that, I will give you the folders, files, and hard drives with my fathers’ information, and you’ll work on what needs to be handled.”

“Tell us this, though, who will work on you?” A bold man said. Leia stared at the brown-haired man who spoke. His eyes were a vibrant green, and he was handsome, and he knew it. The smug look on his face was an indicator. With a roll of her eyes, Leia found it best to ignore him, but Eros did not.

“Speak to the Queen like that again, and I will kill you,” his European accent was thick and throaty. Leia’s eyes cut to Eros, who stepped through the men. He was a house of muscle. Broad, solid, and unfucking moving. Eros didn’t stop walking until he stood beside the smug guy. His gaze went from the asshole to Leia before he spoke again. “Say what needs to be said, Leia. We all know how this turns out.”

Holy mother of Jesus.

Leia didn’t like men who were too sure of themselves. Yet, she could tell by the look in Eros’s eyes that he knew he was claiming the throne.

Clearing her throat, Leia looked away.

“Say it, kotyonok,” Eros demanded, his voice a rasp. Leia shuddered. She spoke Russian, as well as six other languages. It was something she had to do since her father dealt with different people from all over the world.

“And how does this end, Eros?” His name coming off her lips made the woman instantly wet. She’d never said it aloud, and it felt good. It felt even better to be standing before him. Eros scanned her face, and Leia could see how pleased he was. It was his first time seeing her, and it was safe to say that six hours of fussing over what to wear and how to do her make-up paid off.

To her surprise and the others, Eros gripped her chin, in-between his thumb and index finger. He was so much taller than Leia that she had to crane her neck to look up at him. Her thong dissolved when he gave her a heated gaze.

“It ends with the key to the palace in my hands, your father and mother being avenged, and your pretty cunt against my lips,” Eros spoke loud enough for everyone to hear.

Leia gasped as her mouth slacked open.

“Knew you had to be this stunning when your Papa wouldn’t let me meet you. I knew he knew we’d click, that the fire between us would be instant, powerful, enough to burn all things to the ground. But I never knew it’d be claiming at first sight,” Eros continued. “Now say what needs to be said so I can take you to your palace.”

“Is this not the palace?” Leia said on a breath.

"Nyet. Not anymore. You will have a new palace, a new throne, a new home. With me.”

“Says who?” Percy cut in as he stepped into the conversation. “My brother’s business does not leave this house.” A feral sound came from Eros as he pulled Leia back and stepped towards Percy. The nasty older man drew back as his whole body shook.

“You pitiful man. Where were you when your brother was fighting off the rival? Or do you know who killed him? Are you upset that Leia did not give her Uncle some pussy or that she won’t give you the kingdom?”

“What are you-” Percy began, but Leia watched as Eros cut him off with his hand around his throat.

“Do not speak lies to me! I know a snake when I see one, no matter how sly he may think he is! When I find out who did this, I am sure you will die right along with them.”

Leia’s eyebrows drew together when she saw how nervous her Uncle looked. She had never thought about him being behind her parent’s murder, but it made sense.

Her father hated him. He knew Percy was slime and refused to let him be his second in command.

“If you killed my father, I’ll kill you with my bare hands.” Leia found herself saying as she stepped up to Percy. She gently placed her hand on Eros’s and looked up at him. “Let him live today,” the woman said with a small smile. “ Can we go now? I’m ready to see your home.”

Eros pulled away from Percy and stared at Leia with a passion so fierce she almost looked away.

“It is not my home. It is our palace.” He said as he grabbed her hand and strode to the door. The other eleven men followed, and when Eros began to bark orders, Leia’s body came alive.

“Go to your territories and let your men know that the key has been handed over! The new President is Eros Smirnov, and I rule with a fist made of steel. Cross me, die. Do as you are told to do, live. It is that simple.” He shouted as he continued to drag Leia toward a town car. When he was finally standing next to it, he turned and looked at the men with a stern look on his face. “It is time to take over the states completely. The west coast will soon be ours!”

Leia noticed that all the men seemed pleased except that one asshole and her Uncle. He stood behind all the men holding his throat. As she got into the back of the car, Eros following her in, Leia knew that wasn’t the end of Percy or the asshole. They’d show back up in her life again, and not in a good way.

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