Immortal Sin

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Soon to be college graduate, Noelle is taken off her seemingly perfect path to adult life, and brought into a world of darkness she had no idea existed. When Noelle discovers she is being hunted by a family of insatiable brothers, she loses herself in a spiral of darkness searching for answers. Seen as nothing more than a meal, she must find a way to use her intellect and resourcefulness to prolong her time to live and save her from this curse. Could the one cursed to end her savior?

Romance / Fantasy
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By now I had known the dark indulging feeling of being taken in. Every bit of my skin felt like it was burning, my legs were going numb and my eyes were going blurry. His lips on the skin between my collar bone and breast were painfully sweet. The blood draining from my body was a reminder of my humanity.

I winced in pain, his arm around my waist and hand pressed against my bareback. Whether or not blood-stained my dress didn’t matter to me. I knew I had mere minutes before I would faint and was left at the mercy of the man in front of me. Would he finish me off?

“ can’t...anymore..” I fought and attempted to push away from his body but was met with the wall behind me. He had only loosened his grip because he knew I couldn’t run. I was drained, weak, and alone.

There was no response from him except for the sick sound of blood being swallowed and sucked out of a body. He was never this aggressive before, this violent. I bit my lip, hoping he would ease on the drinking, but he didn’t. I couldn’t help but start to dig my nails into the skin on his back. His skin was smooth to the touch...which wasn’t supposed to be.

There was a scar he had gotten on his left shoulder a long time ago. A scar that was so deep the skin had never healed correctly over it, despite his faster than normal healing. My hand traced the back of his shoulder looking for a trace of the scar but found nothing more than smooth skin. Something was wrong, though my vision was blurry and I couldn’t see in front of me, I started to realize, the person taking me in, wasn’t doing it out of love or lust, they were ready to kill me.

“Who..“I gasped for air, “are you?”

There was no response.

I managed to whisper, “ more.” which was only met with a harder bite on my skin.

My sight turned a hazy lavender and my breathing was hard to keep up with. I could feel my legs completely giving out beneath me and my head falling backward. There was nothing more I could do to fight. I thought I was going to die, until I heard a faint whisper,


Nelle? Where was he ? Where had he gone? Could he see me?

None of it mattered because the hazy lavender soon turned to black and my body no longer felt pain nor pleasure. There was nothing there except the feeling of darkness and silence.

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