Keep your eyes on me

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"I love you, as long as I live I'll always love you, my butterfly." He said. So kindly, with his soft hands cupping my cheeks, he dried my tears but they just didn't stop. "Please, don't go...I'm begging you..." I tried one more time. I can't live without him. I can't live without him. I miss him, I miss him every second of my life when he is not around and I waited, I waited so much for the day that I would have him. "I'm sorry...I need to go..." He murmured, his forehead on mine and I know he was holding his tears. "Please...just keep your eyes on me..." One more time. One more chance for us, I just need him to keep his eyes on me, one more time before he goes. If he goes...

Romance / Drama
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Chapter 1

“I fell for you and I am still falling...“-Unknown.

My heart stopped.

My breath was caught.

Every time that I see him, Every second that we are in the same room, my heart just stops, I can’t breathe and he is the only thing that I can really think about.

Eric Royal, the most beautiful man in the world, with his blue gray eyes, curly black hair, a god worthy body, he is everything I ever wanted, but, unfortunately, he is an asshole, motherfucker, who just thinks about himself.

He is a loner, rude with everyone, even with the teachers he gives sharp answers, not in a good way.

And still...

I want him, I want him so badly...

I must be masochistic, because I just like who makes me suffer, and this is terrible, but this is life and I want him, I will fix myself when I’m 80 years old, now, I can make bad decisions.

“Hey, are you okay, girl?” Alissa asked me, she sat by my side in the cafeteria. “I want him” I pointed to Eric with my chin, just for a fraction of seconds , no one sees but me and Alissa.“No way! He is a fucking bastard!“She shouted. “Shut up!” My despair was so great that I hid under the table.

She has a strong presence and a striking look, her eyes are so green that she can see through all your walls, and is terrifying when she gets mad. Her hair is so red, she is like Merida from disney, almost the same, if it wasn’t for the green eyes.

“He is already gone, squirrel, you can come to the light now” She mocks me and I roll my eyes at her while I come back to my seat. “I hate you” I murmur.

“Own, I love you too” She let a laughter come and started to drink her iced tea. I don’t understand how someone can drink that, it tastes so bad, but okay. “I know what you’re thinking, leave my tea alone!”

“But how can you drink that thing?! Coffee is way better than that!” I reply. “You’re crazy, I’m not listening to you!” She said, I rolled my eyes again, holding a chuckle.

We waited for the bell in silence, just drinking a little, eating some cookies and most important of all, reading. The cafeteria used to be really noisy, but now, since they opened a Starbucks across the road, no one stays at school for morning tea, just us and some other nerds, like her, or reading fanatics, like me.

I’m so absorbed in the book that I don’t even hear the bell rings. Alissa is who “wakes” me up, I wish I could read more, but I have PE now. Worst. Subject. Ever.

Even though I had to be there, my mind was in a different place, maybe a different world, just repeating that quote from the book, over and over again.

I know you hate me. Come and kiss me. Handsome devil. Fallen angel.

I fell, for a second I thought that was just a dream, but no, this is real, I fell on the ground, I might have tripped on the ball or something like that. Man, my head aches.

“Hey, are you okay?” I heard someone ask, I looked up, right in the eyes of the person who spoke and I don’t know what to do.

My heart stopped.

My breath was caught.

He was right in front of me, is that a worried look at his eyes? It can’t be, I must be hallucinating.

“Hello? Are you even listening?” His eyes, oh, his fucking eyes, so intense, so...unpredictable.

“Uh?” I shook my head, he must think that I’m such a dumbass “I’m sorry, yeah, I was listening to you, but you got me unprepared, like, you never talk to anyone if isn’t to satisfy your own desires, and I don’t think that I could be of any use tripping and falling on the ground.” The words just came out of my mouth and I couldn’t hold. I hate myself. Fuck!

“What the-”He stopped in the middle of his phrase, taking a deep breath. “Look, I don’t have all day, you are laying on my bag, so could you, please, get the hell out of my stuff?” Rude as fuck, but this I can’t put all the blame on him, I did call him selfish asshole, not in this words, but anyways.

I stood up, my ankle hurt so bad, I felt my eyes tearing and had to hold on him to not fall again. “Holy shit, are you okay?” He asked again, holding me by the waist, I felt a shiver run down my spine and my cheeks starting to get red. So humiliating.

“I think I might have sprained my ankle…” I murmur, feeling the embarrassment. Why, my dear stars, just why?! Am I really supposed to be that clumsy in front of the guy I like?!

“Okay, I’ll carry you, even though you don’t deserve it, I’m being a nice guy today, so enjoy, let’s talk to the teacher.” He mostly grumbles then anything, but it’s fine, at least I don’t have to do PE anymore and I’m being carried by the hottest boy in the whole school. Man, I just hit the Jackpot and at the same time, I got straight ahead to hell.

I rather don’t answer his comment, so I just nodded and let him take me in his arms.

Is so weird and good this feeling of being carried. He talked with the teacher for a few seconds while I was lost in the waves of his hair, I wonder how it is the sensation of running my finger through these waves.

I wonder how it is to kiss his lips, feel him whispering in my ear. I wonder how it is to hold hands with him. How would be his girlfriend? I couldn’t know, he never dates and I’m sure that he would never ever fall for someone like me.

“You’re staring. This is creep, at least be more discreet.” I heard his voice pull me off my thoughts.

“I-I wasn’t staring! I-I was just...just...okay, you know what? I don’t owe you any explanations!” I spoke clumsily. I hate him!

“Yeah, sure, you can believe that brown eyes” Sarcastic. Rude.

“Okay, I’m not talking to you until we arrive at the nursery and just for the record, My name is Makeyla!” I sigh, trying to just look at my own hands. I hate him.

“You want him…” Something in my head spokes, yeah, that’s right. I can hate every single value of his, every single word that comes out of his mouth, but I still want him and I don’t know why...

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