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"I'm a jerk, but you stole my heart" ---->Derek "I'm a better person when i'm around you" ---->Halsey "I fell in love with you because you loved me when I couldn't love myself" ---->Nicholas But what shocked me the most were Alec's words... "I want you. All of you. Your flaws. Your mistakes. Your imperfections. I want you and only you." ---->Alec Brad. It all started when i agreed to move in with them. The four bad ass of Greenville. Currently, i had been forced to attend a party with them and we were all playing truth and dare at the moment with other high schoolers. The bottle was spun around and it landed between me and Alec. I was to ask the question. "Truth or dare?" I say slightly slurring on my words due to the little drinks i had taken. "Truth" he replies with a lot of confidence, smirking at me, his green eyes holding my gaze. This was the perfect time to ask him what has always been bothering me. And then my question rolls out of my tongue. "When was your last kiss?" He seemed shocked with the question but covers it up quickly with an evil smile, as he searches around for something, or maybe someone. Having found it, he turned around to face me and answered my question. "Now" And with that, he pulls me up in a swift movement, grabs my waist, draws me closer to him,and then you can imagine what happens next. My asshole is kissing me.

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It was a late afternoon, after I had just kissed my best friend's brother. It wasn't something I had planned, but it couldn't be avoided either. An hour before the incident, I was asleep in the room I and my best friend shared. It's been a few months since I moved in to live with her family in California, during our summer break.

Since after the death of my dad and none of my relatives cared to take me in, Katherine's family came to my rescue or so it seemed. But since the incident, I started having panic attacks and also nightmares about the crash. Just when I was experiencing another nightmare, a knock on the door draws my attention.

"Yes?" I answered in a strained voice.

" Hey it's Ty" a masculine voice replies.

"come on in"

"You okay?" Tyler asks, his voice sounding a little slurry while shutting the door behind him.

"yes I am" I say smiling like I just had the best sleep ever.

"if there's anything bothering you, you know I could do with a talk right?"

"have you been drinking? Also since when did you become a listener Ty? I mean you barely pay attention to me or Kat whenever we have issues to discuss with you. You sure you're not drunk?" I ask with a smile on my face.
He was acting cute which was outside his character. "Why are you in my room, young man?"

"Fine," he sighs "my girlfriend is coming over"

"and what does that have to do with me?" I ask not knowing where he was headed but also noticed a change in his expression, though brief.

"I told her I was home alone and wanted you to know so as not to interrupt us, you know we could be making..."

"yeah, I get the gist Ty! That's enough. Trust me, I won't want to be a party to your make out sessions." I say rolling my eyes, already disgusted by the thought of it.

Well I won't deny the fact that Tyler is quite hot when compared to guys his age, he's tall, not so muscular but has a nice build and also a flirty smile while winking his gray eyes at girls. He flirts around with me whenever he notices I'm moody as he's quite aware how his pickup lines crack me up. We had everything going smooth for us until now.

"don't you ever get jealous Rainne?" Tyler asks all of a sudden with a strained voice, changing the air between us.

"jealous of what Ty" I ask still a little dumbfounded.

"all the girls I bring home."

"why should I?"

"don't you have feelings for me?" he asks slowly like he's walking on a mine field.

"what the hell are you talking about? Why would I have such towards you." I don't like where this is going.

"why can't you? Am I not an option?" he asks, clearly hurt by my last statement. But I wasn't in any mood to make his feelings any better, considering the fact that he also seemed drunk.

"you never were and never will be one" I answer giving him a stern look.

"please I'm over this. Leave." I stand up and walk towards the door when he grabs my hand and positions me to face him, his gray eyes staring deeply into my icy blue one.

"you drive me crazy Rianne! Why the fuck does it have to be you" he curses while moving his fingers through his messy blonde hair.

I stare at his eyes for a while and all I could see there was desperation and pain. "hey, get some rest we'll talk later." I suggest while trying to step away from him but he just won't let go of my hand.

"I know this might sound crazy, but I think I'm in love with you, I just can't seem to get you off my mind. All I think about is the vanilla scent of your hair, your happy laughter, the brightness of your eyes when you successfully complete a project, the joy in your voice while you tell me about your crush from a novel you're yet to complete. My mind is going crazy just thinking about you. I just want to..." he stops and stares at my lips for some seconds and back to my eyes.

"Ty don't you dare do what you're thinki..."

He cuts me off as he pulls me in for a kiss. His lips were cold against mine and wet as I could also state alcohol from his saliva the managed to escape into my mouth. The kiss was great and all but this wasn't right. I push him off me and wanted to slap him but couldn't bring myself to it. I mean I also enjoyed the kiss or maybe not.

I just stare at him one last time, turned around to grab my phone and walked out of the room. I step outside and noticed how cold it was as my cheeks become flushed. I was in a hurry and had forgotten to grab a coat.

I stroll down the streets for hours using it as an opportunity to clear my head. All through the night Ty has been calling and sending me messages which I chose to ignore.

After a while, feeling a little settled, I enter Daisy's café to order a drink. While waiting for the order, I bring out my phone and turn it on to see 30 missed calls, 14 messages and 5 voicemails. Turns out Katherine had quite a share in the missed calls. I click on her name and dial her number, just then my order arrives. She picks up at the first ring.

"Hey babe, what's with the missed calls" I ask grabbing my drink and standing up, while walking towards the exit of the café.

"Was wondering where you went all day and Tyler said you were in a bad mood like he upset you."
Tyler. That name.

"Hello?" Kats voice brings me back to reality.
"ohh sorry. Just needed some space that's all." I say trying to ignore the whole drama that went on this afternoon.

"Alright. I sent Christian's picture to you. Have you checked it out?" she asks sounding all excited about her new boyfriend.

"Really? Hang on let me check."
Still walking, I click on the picture app and saw the one she sent to me. Hell yeah!

That's my girl. The guy is motherfucking hot! He was really someone to die for as I bump into something pretty hard. Or maybe someone.
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