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Stories that didn't happen, but ones that were supposed to An alternative of memory, from a person with a different view "Is it infatuation?" "No I don't think so, I think I'm finally settling in." ~~~ "They're finally official" "Who would have thought of right? No one was expecting it either." Feelings bloom and wither in the season of spring when two people attracted to each other's ways meet, although one of them is still hesitant. A summer breeze flowed like their conversations, the feeling of warmth. Only in the beginning of autumn a love story finally begins, between two people who thought they'd never end up with each other. One person lost, another one moves, and the other one...content.

Romance / Drama
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Her Past


Attractions bloom as she laid her eyes on him. The boy with creased clothes and thick glasses caught her attention.

‘Is he new?’ I wondered, but then again most of us were.
Transferee students stood in straight lines for the ceremony making every senior kids chuckle and think how formal we were.

"Colli!” Mae called me.

“My cousin said his friend wanted to say hi to you.” she said with a teasing smile.

“What? Which one?” I quickly looked around, although a small part of me hoped it was that nerdy boy.

“I can’t see him anywhere now, but his name is Blaze.” Mae uttered as she looked around as well.

“Blaze? That’” I muttered.
‘I guess I’m a moth then’

“What?” Mae asked.

“Nothing, let’s go the ceremony is finished. The flowers are killing me” I said as I dragged her with me to our classroom.

Our teacher rambled on about introductions as we got nervous by the second, the thought of talking in front of a lot people isn’t something I enjoy. My mind still faintly on the boy I saw earlier.
‘Oh well, I’m sure I’ll meet him someday’

If only I knew how long that would happen, I would’ve looked for him sooner.

Weeks passed I haven’t heard of the boy again, Mae have seem to forgot and slowly I was too. I got acquainted with the people around me and they were becoming my friends.
We were talking about how difficult the lessons were gonna be when I had the urge to stretch. Class was almost over and my ass was tired of sitting.
My shirt rose and as I looked to my left, Charlie, someone who I noticed long ago, winked and gave me a flirty smile.
I raised a brow and smiled.

“Hey.” he leaned on his table.
“Hey yourself.” I copied his actions and looked up at him while remaining my smile.

‘How is he so fucking tall’ I thought to myself.

“I’m supposed to be graduating but I’m repeating this year.” he suddenly said.

“What?” I asked

“You were wondering how I’m so tall weren’t you?” Charlie chuckled.

“Okay then psychic calm down” I raised my hands laughing along with him.

During the past few months Charlie and I remained talking occasionally having flirty talks here and there, if he came to school that is. He failed school last year since he didn’t take it seriously and I wasn’t surprised. He always had that bad boy vibe around him, freakishly handsome, skips class, always making fun of everything he found interesting, and sometimes he even came to school smelling like cigarettes. I didn’t mind much about his ways, I’d go along with anybody despite what they are and frankly I found his company entertaining, despite all his effort to make me skip class with him.

“Yow li!” Charlie screamed as he entered the room.

“No I am definitely not skipping class with you.” I flipped him off.

"Ohh gladly.” He took my finger and moved his hand up and down.

“Charlie!” I pouted and caressed my finger. He stared at my lips for a while before looking at my eyes.

“I haven’t even said anything, besides it’s not skipping we don’t have class this afternoon.”
He sat down in front of me and continued “Wanna go out for lunch?”

I was busy arranging my things not entirely listening to him talking, only hearing the words ‘we don’t have class this afternoon’

“Really? Why? I didn’t know that.”

“Uh probably because you have your head up in the clouds but apparently the teachers have a meeting.” He sat there for a while staring at me expectantly.

“Huh? So what?” I asked confused.

“Lunch Colli.” I looked up slightly surprised by how close we were.

“Where? The restaurants are probably packed.”

“Well I have a place in mind.” He said moving closer.

“Wait does this mean I get to ride on your motorcycle?” I was grinning at the thought.

“Of course. You know if you told me earlier you wanted a ride I would have taken you for one long ago.” He said genuinely surprised by how excited I was.

“What? I just like motorcycles and rides.” I glared at him leaning on my chair.

“Or maybe you just like me.” He smirked getting closer making our faces inches apart.

“Never mind have lunch on your own.” I felt the heat rising up to my cheeks as I pushed his face away laughing and turned my back against him about to walk away.

He laughed and grabbed the back of my uniform hauling me up and literally dragging me outside with him. Charlie dragged me the whole entire time with me complaining and rambling on about how I wanted to kick his ass.

“Hop on.” He swung his feet on his motorcycle and revved up the engine.

“Wow you look so badass right now.” I gasped covering my mouth with both of my hands dramatically.

“I know I look hot jeez just admit you like me already.” He stuck his tongue out and laughed, his piercing that I only noticed now shining with the sun glaring down on it.

“You have a piercing? Hey you didn’t tell me that!” I shouted getting closer and grabbing his face forcing him to open his mouth again.

“You never asked me.” He took my hand and licked the side of it looking at me straight in the eyes.

I felt how hot his tongue was against my skin but his piercing was cold. I gulped and stared back at him. We both stood there like complete idiots for a while before I finally snapped out of my trance.

“Whatever. Move you idiot.” My face was red and I didn’t know why I was getting shy. I hopped on the back smacking him in the head while laughing. ”Leggo.” I shoved his back getting excited riding on a motorcycle again.

Charlie suddenly gripped my thighs pulling me closer to him, his touch felt hot. My front was so tightly pressed against his back and I suddenly had the thought of him feeling how fast my heart was beating. He kept his hands there for a while before saying “Hold on tight.”

Ten minutes passed and we were still driving, not that I’m complaining, I was loving ever second of it. I already knew Charlie wasn’t the type to drive slow even if the road was busy. I shrieked and squealed every time he would lean too much to a side, laughing his ass of by how thrilled I was. I had no clue where we were going, my stomach was rumbling at this point and I groaned every time it did.

We came to a stop and my jaw dropped. We weren’t in front of any restaurant, we were in front of a house.

“Home sweet home.” He smirked twirling his keys in his finger.

“Are you insane? Why did you bring me to your house? You said we were going out for lunch!” I looked around the unfamiliar place and looked up at his house noticing how big it was.

“We still are. Like you said restaurants are probably packed and I remember you saying how you didn’t like crowded places.” He shrugged and gesturing me to come with him inside.

That’s kinda cute he remembered what I said ages ago, still he didn’t have to take me to his freaking house.

“Aren’t your parents home?” I asked following him inside. Charlie tensed up suddenly looking mad instantly shutting me up and knowing it’s a topic I shouldn’t stick my nose in.

“They’re out.” His reply was short and his voice deepened more than it already was.

My heart was beating so fast at the thought of us being alone in his house but I didn’t dwell on the fact. “So we’re ordering take out?”

“Nope. I’m gonna cook for us.” He smirked throwing his keys on his couch and taking his blazer off. I stood there and gawked at him slowly undressing and tossing everything on the couch. “Do you want me to cook or give you a strip tease? I don’ t mind at all.” He teased before entering the kitchen

“Shut the fuck up.” Me cheeks burned as I took my blazer off and following him inside.

He gave me cookies and milk and I nibbled on them as he walked around getting spices for whatever he’s planning to cook. I didn’t really pay attention to his figure besides his height until now, he was actually pretty muscular and his abs were prominent. With every move he made I watched him with wide eyes and a cookie in my mouth drinking milk every now and then.

“Stop staring at me I’m tired of flexing my muscles.” He slumped and exhaled a big breath sheepishly smiling. I choked on my milk coughing and laughing at the same time.

“I didn’t tell you to flex them!” I was still lightly coughing about what he said, amused how he really was flexing them from time to time.

“Well I wanna impress my favourite girl.” He winked and leaned on the counter getting close to me. My eyes went wide and I just stared at him. “That shut you up huh?” He laughed and continued laughing. I blushed and drank my milk suddenly feeling thirsty.

I was halfway through finishing the milk when I was suddenly knocked off my ass spilling milk everywhere and I looked up to see a mass of fur above me. “It’s a dog!” I giggle and ruffled his fur everywhere not minding how wet my shirt was from the milk as the dog played with my neck tie. “You didn’t tell me you had a dog! You don’t tell me anything, so much for being your favorite girl huh?” I pouted and glared at him playfully.

“Like I said you don’t ask. His name is Berry, we found him on the side of the road and thought he was bleeding to death turns out he was just eating berries.” He smiled recalling the memory of his dog.

“Ugh give me a towel.” I stood up finally noticing the mess Berry and I made.

“Get one yourself.” He scoffed turning around to continue cooking. I let out a breath and stomped my way to him. When he turned around to ask me something I wiped my hands covered with milk to his chest. “This is a nice towel. Looks kinda stupid but it’ll do.” I smiled sarcastically hating how I had to look up to see his face.

“You know if you wanted to feel me up you could have just asked.” He leaned back putting his hand on my waist pulling me along.
‘This idiot is teasing me too much’ an idea suddenly popped into my head as I smiled.

I moved closer pressing our bodies together and placed a hand on his chest. Lowering myself a little, I looked up and stared at his eyes before licking a part of his chest that wasn’t covered with milk, dragging my tongue along his skin lightly and not once breaking out contact. His breath grew heavy and his grip on my waist tightened, I bit his skin and ran away laughing.

“Fuck!” He chased me around the counter managed to grab my arm pulling me to him.
‘Stupid fucking long limbs!’ I cursed him as he lifted me on the counter. Right where the milk was spilt.
"Eewww!” I shrieked and wiggled my body trying to get down.
“Let go of me you idiot!” I hit his chest trying to wiggle my way out.

“Stop moving fucking hell.” He set me down and adjusted his pants. My face grew hot as I noticed what he did.

“I’m all wet now.” I looked down at my messy state.

“W-what?” His eyes were eyed and his eyes lowered down.
“Not that kind of wet! I will hit you!” My face was even hotter than before as I scrambled to get away from him.

“Wow look at you blushing now when minutes ago you had your tongue all over me.” He smirked walking around me to turn of the stove.

“It wasn’t all over.” I grumbled under my breathe feeling embarrassed.

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