Falling For Him

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Blake's POV

Right now, I'm standing out of Evelyn's house. Amy was there too. I feel really nervous.

Amy rang the doorbell. A few seconds later, the door was opened by a old lady, about in her fifties.

"I'm sorry, who are you guys?" She asked with a polite smile.

"I'm Amy and this is Blake. We are Evelyn's friends. We are here to visit her." Amy tells her.

"Oh, yeah. Mr Matthews told me her friends would come. Please, come in." She opened the door wide for us.

"Thank you....?" Amy raised and eyebrow.

"Betty. I am a maid. If you need anything, you can call me." She said.

"Oh. Thank you, Betty." Amy said and we walked upstairs to Evelyn's room. She opened the door and we stepped in.

The room was in a mess. There were tissue papers everywhere in the room. A few books and pens were scattered here and there. It looked as if the room had been struck by an earthquake. The curtains were closed and it was very dark in there.

But then, my eyes landed on a figure cocooned in the blanket and I felt like the world has lit up just for me.


She was laying in the bed, clutching the blanket tightly as if her life depended on it. She had dark circles and was looking a bit skinny but still very beautiful.

"Okay. Clearly, this room is in a mess. First thing we do is clean it up." Amy announced. I scrunched my face up.

"No, I'm not cleaning the room up." I said.

"You're right, Blake. You're not cleaning the room up, WE are." She said with a sarcastic smile. I rolled my eyes and helped her clean the room up.

I saw a few photographs around the room. One of it was of Evelyn and Amy together in an amusement park, eating cotton candy. They we're sticking their tongues out while grinning at the camera. The picture was quite old. Maybe of seventh grade or something.

Next was of quite recent. It was of her and her cousin Xavier. Xavier was kissing her cheek while she was grinning at the camera.

These photos brought a smile on my face. She's just so adorable!

So cute!


Finally, we were done with the whole cleaning thing. Most of it was done by Amy though.

"Okay, now step two. Wake up the sleeping beauty." She said and opened the curtains, earning a groan from the bed.

Evelyn woke up, stretching her arms up and yawned.

"Afternoon, Evel." Amy grinned.

"Oh. What are you doing here?" Evelyn said with a sour throat. I feel bad for her now.

"I came to take care of you and I brought you a surprise." She said pointing at me.

I'm a surprise??

"Oh my god! Blakey! Come here!" Evelyn called with a squeal.



I raised an eyebrow. She leaned in and whispered in my ear, "she's high on painkillers." She giggled. I chuckled.

This should be fun.

"I'll bring you some fresh towels." Amy left.

"Oh Blakey! Come here!" Evelyn called again. I chuckled and walked to her. She pulled me down with a jerk and hugged me tightly. "I have missed you so so so so much......" She said with a satisfied sigh. I smiled.

"I missed you too, Evelyn." I brushed her hair with my fingers. She pulled back and grinned.

"You did?"

"Yeah." I whispered. She hugged me again and buried her face in my chest.

"What the fuck!?" A voice screamed. I jerked away from her and looked behind and saw Luke! Oh thank goodness.

I thought her uncle came.

"Don't scream, Luke. You're disturbing us." Evelyn said, sending daggers at him. I laughed out loud.

"What the hell? Did she just say that?" Luke asked in confusion.

"She's currently high on painkillers." I tell him. His face turned in oh.

"Well, have you seen my girlfriend?" He asked. On cue, the door opened and Amy came in. She saw Luke and squealed.

"Baby!" She hugged him. Seeing her, Evelyn copied her action.

"Blakey!!" She hugged me like Amy hugged Luke. Both of us laughed.

Amy gave me the fresh towels. Just when I was about to say something, Evelyn got up and ran to the washroom, puking.

I held her hair quickly and helped her clean up. I walked her to the bed.



"I-I feel dizzy." With that she passed out on the bed. I adjusted her position and covered her up with blanket. I didn't notice it first but, she was wearing a pair of shot shorts.

About a few minutes later, she woke up again with a groan. This time looking much better than before. She looked around the room and her eyes widened when they landed on me.

"You? What were you doing here?" She asked.

"I'm here to....um...."

"I called him." Amy said. "He was missing you at school." She added with a grin.

"You were?" Evelyn raised an eyebrow. I shook my head.

"No. Not. I didn't. I really didn't." I said quickly.

"Well, that's not what you said a few minutes ago." Amy stated with an eye roll.

"A few minutes ago?" Evelyn asked.

"Yeah. A few minutes ago you were all like ‘Blakey! I missed you’ and he was like ‘I missed you too’." She said, mimicking our voices.

"I wasn't." Evelyn argued.

"You were."

"I was—" fortunately, the door opened and Betty came in with a tray in her hand.

"I'm glad you have woken up, Evelyn. Here's your food." She placed the tray on the nightstand. "You look quite better from earlier." She smiled at her.

"Thank you, Betty." Evelyn said, gratefully. Betty left. Evelyn picked the bowl with shaky hands. Just when the bowl was about to fall, I held it. "Thanks." She sighed.

I held the bowl with one hand and fed her with other. She hesitated first but then ate from my hand.

"I look like a zombie, right?" She asked.

"Don't you think vampire would be cooler?" I said with a chuckle. She hit my hand.

"Shut up!" She smiled and chuckled.

A few days later, Evelyn got all better and started coming to the school again. The days weren't boring like they used to be. They were much more fun with Evelyn's teasing, laughing, giggles and smiles.

The world literally lit up for me.

But, one day, something struck me.

I was falling for her.

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