Falling For Him

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Evelyn's POV

I looked at Blake with eyes widened while everyone was clapping for the “Couple”. He just shook his head, looking at me.

They then got off the stage. Everybody went to the food table and I had lost my appetite. Dad asked me to eat but I refused saying I'm not feeling like. He didn't question me further.

"Wait here, I'll be back in a few." Dad said, looking at a few men who were calling him.

"Okay." I smiled at him. He nodded and left. On cue, Blake came towards me, scratching his back of neck. He looked at me nervously while I looked at him, deadpanning.

"Evelyn, listen—" he started but I cut him off.

"No." I looked away.

"Hey, please. Don't do this." His eyes held a bit of guilt but at that moment, I didn't care.

"Look, get this straight. You kissed me, I kissed you back. Now, you can go back to your ‘future wife’. You didn't even say if you have feelings for me or not. You just came and kissed me!" I whisper yelled. He sighed.

"I know it was wrong of me. But, I promise you we will talk but not right now." He looked in my eyes, sadly.

"I don't even want to talk, Blake. I don't care anymore."


It's been three days since the party and I have started to avoid him. I don't even sit with them at lunch. Blake wants to talk with me, and trust me, I do too. But I don't know what to say anymore.

Plus, the kiss is always replaying in my head whenever I see him.

I opened the locker door and took my textbooks from it. I shoved them in my bag and turned, bumping straight in a someone.

I looked up and saw him.


Can't he get a hint?

"Evelyn—" I turned and moved away from him, not giving him a chance to speak.

See? This is how my days are going.

Later at lunch, I sat alone in a library with my cupcake and phone. A few minutes later, the bell rang. I got up and left for my next class. As I was walking down the hallway, someone held my hand and pulled me in a classroom with a yank. Before I could say something, a hand is covering my mouth.

I looked up and saw him.

Of course, Blake.

"What the hell!?" I yelled and pushed him back.

"Listen, Evelyn. Just let me explain myself." He pleaded.

"No, Blake. I don't want to. What are you even doing here, anyways? Don't you have other things to do?" I asked. He looked at me with confusion.

"Like what?"

"Planning kids with your future wi—" he smashed his lips on mine and kissed me aggressively.

He grabbed my ass with both of his hands and pulled me into him with a jerk. And I, kissed him back. My hand locked themselves behind his neck, pulling him in, deeply.

The kiss now turned passionate and fierce.

We pulled back at the same time and breathed heavily. He looked at me and smirked, trailing his thing on my swollen lip, looking at my flushed face as I blushed harder.

"You know, you are really hot when you're angry. Just like a cat." He said. I frowned.

"Did you just call me a cat?" I pushed him back, which was really unexpected as he stumbled. He chuckled and pulled me into him again, twirling a strand of my hair on his finger.

"I'm sorry you had to hear that, Evelyn." He said with guilt in his eyes. I frowned.

"That's it? You're sorry? Nothing else?" I raised an eyebrow.

"You know, I planned to tell you a hundred things. But right now, I don't even remember a single word of it." He smiled, looking at me.

"You're crazy." I stated, shaking my head.

"Over you." He added and smirked. I rolled my eyes. "Oh and I also wanted to tell you that– do you remember your first day at school?"

"You mean the one when you poured milkshake over my head instead of pouring it down your throat? Yeah. I remember." I smiled. He chuckled.

"Yeah. That day, actually I wanted to talk to you but when I came there, I tripped and the glass fell over you. I wanted to say sorry, but you were looking so funny that moment, I just could control my laughs." He chuckled.

"And then?"

"Then you switched my cupcake with a fake one and I thought you're a little too savage for me. But now, I think that's one of the things I love about you." He tucked the strand behind my ear.

"And what are the other things that you love about me?" I asked with a smirk.

"Maybe this ass..." He squeezed my ass.

"These lips..." His kissed them.

"And my favorite, these cheeks." He pinched my cheeks. I groaned and slapped his arm. "What? They are so squishy!" He exclaimed with a laugh.

"Oh shut up." I rolled my eyes.


"The dates of our match with River High School have been confirmed. It's in a matter of one week and I trust you all to practice well and be prepared." Blake announced to the team as he was the leader. All of them nodded and went back to their practices.

Blake came towards me and smiled.

"Hi." He leaned in and pecked my cheek. I smiled as I looked at him. "Would you like to join me to my game next week?" He asked.

"Why? You want me to kick some balls there?" I giggled.

"No. I just wanted you to be there and watch me play."

"I don't think my dad would agree." I said with a sigh.

"You can always tell him that you're going with Amy as she's the only girl in the team and also your best friend." He suggested.

"You want me to lie?" I raised my eyebrow.

"Doesn't seem so bad to me." He smirked.

"You have it all figured, don't you?" I asked with narrowed eyes. He chuckled and nodded.

"I do. What do you say?" He held my hands. I smiled and nodded.

"I'll see." He pecked my lips this time and smiled.

"Thank you. That's all I ask."

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