Falling For Him

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Evelyn's POV

We were now moving to our rooms. I thought Amy and I will share the room while Blake and Luke will share the other room. But apparently, Blake didn't wanted me to have a different room and Amy wanted to share the room with Luke and Luke agreed so now Blake and I share a room while Amy and Luke share a room.

The whole point of this rambling was to tell you that,

Blake and I are gonna be in a room. Alone.

And I'm nervous but I don't know why.

Fuck it!

Blake handed me a key and said, "These are your keys, in case you want something and I'm not around." I nodded. He offered to carry my bags too though I did protest, but he didn't listen.

"Okay now. You all go to sleep. There will be practice tomorrow morning sharp at eight o'clock. Just a little warm up before the real match. Goodnight, everyone." Coach said and everyone greeted him back.

Blake opened the door with his keys and I was left stunned. It was just so cozy and awesome. It had a huge king-sized bed in the middle, comfortable for two people. There was also a big couch near the wall, it looked a bit comfortable too.

Other than that, it had a closet with two separate sides and a huge mirror with a small table in front of it. And also a TV in front of the bed.

I felt huge warm hands sliding around my waist, then a chin was placed on my right shoulder and I could feel him smile.

"Finally, I have you all to myself." He said and turned me, leaning in to kiss but the door opened with a loud bam and Amy came in squealing. "Or, maybe not."

"Evel!!! Did you see the rooms!!!!" She came forward to hug me but stopped when she saw me with Blake. "Oh, am I interrupting something?"

"You already did." Blake stated. "I should have locked the door properly." He muttered.

"Oh, sorry." She grinned sheepishly at Blake and then turned to me with a bright grin before taking my hand and pulling me out of my own room while rambling about how good the rooms are and there's a pool she wanted to try.

I saw Blake flopped on the bed with a heavy sigh. I giggled and followed Amy.

She took me to the pool and squealed.

"I can live here forever! We should do a small vacation trip someday. Just four of us, what do you think?" She smiled.

"We totally should." I agreed.

We then talked about random stuff and the left for our rooms back. While in the hallway, I saw Rebecca giving a stack of dollars to a guy. I couldn't see his face and neither did I pay attention to them. I just came back to my room.

The door was unlocked already. I went in and saw Luke and Blake talking and laughing. Seeing me, Luke got up and smiled.

"I take that as my girlfriend is back in the room?" I nodded. "I'll take my leave then. Goodnight both of you." I smiled too and greeted him back. He left. I locked the door from inside and climbed on to the bed.

Blake pulled me on to him and kissed me. I happily kissed him back while smiling. He then moved down to my neck but I pulled back as the telephone rang. He groaned.

"The universe officially hates me!" He exclaimed. I picked up the call.

"Hello?" I called.

"Um...is this Ms Matthews? There's a parcel for her." The voice said.

"A parcel?" I asked in confusion.

"Yeah. You need to come down and receive it." And the call hung up.


I turned to Blake as I got out of the bed.

"There's a parcel by my name. I'll be right back." I said and left the room. I took the lift and came to the ground floor. While moving to the reception, I bumped in a guy.

"Sorry." I said quickly and looked up. He was quite older than me and was really good looking I may say. He smirked.

"It's fine. I'm Jake." He held his hand for me to shake. He seemed a nice guy. I smiled and placed my hand in his.

"Evelyn." He held my hand a little longer than needed and I felt him being creepy.

Maybe he's not a nice guy.

"A beautiful name for a beautiful girl like you. But I'll see you around, Evelyn." He said and walked away.

I sighed and walked to the reception. I asked them for any parcel by my name but they said there's no such parcel. Frowning, I came back to my room.


"Got it?" Blake asked.

"No. They said there's no parcel by my name." I shook my head and climbed on the bed beside him. He pulled me into him in a cuddling position. I sighed, inhaling his cologne.

"As much I would love to cuddle, I suggest one of us should sleep on the couch." I said. He shook his head and kissed me on head.

"No one needs to. You can't go away from me now." He hold me tightly. I smiled, knowing what's gonna happen.

He'll probably regret this later.

Later that night....

I woke up, startled to a loud THUD. I quickly turned the lights on and saw a Blake who had fallen off of the bed, groaning.

"Fucking hell, Evelyn!" He groaned loudly and I giggled. I placed my head in my hand and smirked.

"I tried to warn you. But your stubborn ass just won't listen." I said with a chuckle. He got up and glared at me. He picked up a pillow from the bed and a spare blanket and walked over to the couch and fell asleep while cursing under his breath.

I switched the lights off and went to sleep to.

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