Falling For Him

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Evelyn's POV

I woke up again to a loud THUD. Blake had fallen down from the couch too. I giggled at him. He got up, playfully glaring at me and strode over to me, attacking me with tickles. I laughed out loud, trying to tell him stop.

"S-stop." I giggled again. Finally he stopped and flopped beside me, laughing. I turned and landed on top of him. He smiled, running his hand through my hair and pulled me in for a kiss.

"Morning." He muttered.

We pulled back and then freshened up. I was brushing my teeth when the doorbell rang. I just peeked as I saw Blake going to open the door. He opened it and I saw Rebecca standing on the other side. They said something I didn't hear and then Blake went out, closing the door.

I frowned but said nothing.

After that, I took a shower but Blake still hadn't come. I came out, wore my clothes, thinking where he might be.

I pulled my hair in a bun and put on a little make up. Just when I saw about to step back from the mirror, the door opened and Blake came in, looking all sweaty.

"You showered already? I was thinking about sharing, you know?" He smirked. I smiled but I knew it was a fake one. He frowned but said nothing and went in the bathroom, kissing my forehead.


Blake's POV

The doorbell rang and I went to get it. Rebecca stood there, wearing her slutty clothes as usual. I rolled my eyes and looked at her.

"What now?" She smiled brightly and looked up at me.

"I knew you won't remember. The coach has called you all for a little warm up before the match." She said.

She's right. I forgot and Evelyn didn't even remind me.

I guess she forgot too.

"Okay. I'm coming." I closed the door and went downstairs for practice.

After practice, I was all sweaty. I came back to room and saw Evelyn standing in front of the mirror, all ready. I smirked as I decided to tease her.

"You showered already? I was thinking about sharing, you know?" I smirked. She smiled but it didn't quite reach her eyes. I frowned but decided not to say anything. I kissed her forehead and went in the bathroom to shower and get ready.


Evelyn's POV

Currently, Luke and I were sitting in the stadium. The match was about to start. Amy kissed Luke, saying it's for good luck. I searched for Blake but couldn't find him as he was pretty busy because he's the captain.

Both the teams were on the ground now. Blake looked at me and smiled. And the match started.

I didn't find anything interesting, nor did I understood what's going on.

I mean, I was never interested in soccer. Neither am I now.

I felt a little tap on my shoulder and I turned. To my surprise, there stood Jake. He gave me a warm smile which I returned.

"I met you again. Hope you remember me." He said. I giggled and nodded.

"I do, Jake." He offered me some popcorns which I gladly took. Luke turned to me with a confused face. I decided to introduce them.

"Jake, this is Luke, my best friend's boyfriend. Luke, this is Jake. We bumped near the reception yesterday." Jake gave him a smile and so did Luke.

"Pleasure to meet you." Jake said. Luke nodded.

"Likewise." And then he turned back to the game, watching his girlfriend.

I saw Amy kicked the ball, making a goal and the whole team cheered. I smiled.

A few balls were then kicked by Blake, making goals too. The other team also made a few goals.

Again, I lost my interest.

I sighed and leaned back in my seat.

What did I think before coming here? Lying to my dad?


Was the answer.


The match was finally over. We won by two goals. Coach looked really happy as he turned to his team.

"You all did great today. Now you can go and do whatever you want. Party or stuff." Everyone cheered.

Blake came to me and kissed me. It was a short and sweet kiss. We pulled back and smiled.

"Congratulations, captain." I said with a smirk. He chuckled and nodded. He then pulled me for a hug and sighed.

"Thank you for coming here, really."

"Hmm." I said. I don't know why but my mood was quite off since the morning.

"WE ARE GOING FOR A PARTY!!!?" Someone roared.


Of course.

We all laughed and agreed.

We came back to our hotel. While going in the lift, I saw Jake going the opposite way. His gaze caught mine and he smiled, waving. I smiled back and waved too. He left.

"Who's that?" Blake asked with narrowed eyes. I grinned.

"Jake." I answered. He rolled his eyes, knowing this wasn't the answer he wanted.

Just when the elevator's door opened, I was pulled with a jerk out and was the dragged to Amy's room. It was her who was pulling me.

"We are going for a party!!!!" Was what she said all the time. When we got there, Luke wasn't in the room. She pulled out two dresses from her bag and held one of it for me, pushing me in the bathroom.

"Go get changed first." I chuckled and took a look at the dress as the door closed.

It was a black coloured, one shoulder dress that reached my mid thigh. It was a really beautiful dress. I pulled it on and it hugged my curves perfectly. Smiling, I got out.

Amy then pulled on a chair and did my makeup. I chuckled at her enthusiasm but quietened down when she glared at me.

An hour later, we were finally done. Luke smiled at her and pecked her cheek.

"You look gorgeous, love." Amy blushed and smiled at him. I went back to my room and was really surprised to see no one in there. Sighing sadly, I put my stuff back and picked my phone to see if I had any phone calls or any texts from him.

But there was none.

Just then, the door opened and Blake came in, talking on the phone. He didn't even noticed me when he came in.

"I know, Rebecca." He said before hanging up and sighing. His eyes finally landed on me and he gave me a warm smile. He walked over to me.

"You look lovely, Evelyn. And hot too." He kissed my lips. I smiled and nodded.

"Thank you." He frowned again but said nothing.

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