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Falling For Him

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Evelyn's POV

"Have you finished the maths assignment?" Amy asked. I shut my eyes and sighed.

"I forgot again." I banged my head on the locker door.

"Have a little mercy on that door." I heard his annoying voice from behind me. I turned and saw him leaning on Luke's locker door, talking with Luke and some other guy.

I glared at him and before I could say something, the bell rang. I sighed and he smirked before leaving.

"Don't worry, you can do it in the cafeteria while having your lunch." Amy said. Placing a comforting hand on my shoulder. I nodded and we walked to class.


"Why do I have to find angle A if I have to find the angle X?" I asked with my face scrunched up in confusion. Amy giggled.

"Because you can't find angle X if you don't find the angle A." She stated. I muttered a nerd under my breath as I did the homework.

A few minutes later, it was done. I was sipping on my coffee and talking to Amy.

Just when I saw about to get up, I was pushed aside by someone. I kept my balance and looked up to the person.

Of course.


Luke and he were bickering about something.

"Oops. I'm really sorry, Evelyn." Luke said. I sighed and nodded.

"It's fine. Let's go Amy." I said and got up. I glared at Blake one more time before leaving.

Now, it was maths.

"I hope all of you have done your assignments. If not, you're getting detention." Mr David said in a monotonous tone.

Everyone nodded but


I remembered I forgot my book in the cafeteria.




I don't want a detention. My uncle will kill me. Or ground me in my room.


Both are worse.


"What!" I yelled in frustration. All eyes turned to me.

"Is there a problem Ms Matthews?" Mr David asked. I shook my head.

"Sorry." I mumbled. As his head turned to the board, I looked back and saw Blake. My eyes widened. I for sure know that Blake is not in this class. "What?"

He pulled out a book. My notebook. He then put it back again and smirked.

"Not a good time, Maxwell. Give it back to me." I whisper yelled. He shook his head and smirked proudly.

"Not yet, baby. What's the fun in that?" He leaned forward.

"Maxwell." I narrowed my at him.

"Carline." He copied my action.

"That's my book, Maxwell or—" he cut me off.

"Or what? You'll call your daddy, hmm?" He mocked and it hurt. I turned away, looking back at the teacher. I didn't respond to him.

The bell rang.


"While going outside, you'll keep your assignments on the table." Mr David announced.

Everyone got up, putting their books on the table. When it was my turn....

"I'm sorry, Mr David but I haven't done my homework." I said. Blake looked a little taken back.

"Well then, Ms Matthews, I have to give you a detention after school." I nodded and left.

"Carline!" I heard Blake shouting my name. Well, that's not my name.

I didn't turn and went to my next class.


After school, I went to the detention room. There was a lady on the table. She looked at me for a moment.

"What's your name?" She asked.

"Evelyn Matthews." I tell her. She searched through a notebook for a few minutes and then shutting it, looked up.

"Your name is not there in the list. You can go now." She said. I was confused for a little while but then smirked.

Good for me.

"Thank you." I said to her and left. As I was in hallway, I saw Blake, looking like waiting for someone. Ignoring him like always, I walked out of the building.

"At least you can say thank you to me." I head him say. I turned and gave him sarcastic smile.

"And why would I do that?"

"Well, I removed your name from the detention list." He said.

"Not to mention you were the one to put me in it." I pointed out. He rolled his eyes.

"What is your problem, Carline?" He asked, clearly annoyed. God knows why.

"You Maxwell, you're my problem, no one else." With that I turned and left.

Coming to the gates, I saw my uncle in his car like always.

"Why so late?" He asked.

"I had to pick a book from library." I lied. He hummed and we drove to our home.


Next day at school

"So, how's your practice going?" I asked Amy. She smiled.

"I got selected. We have a match a few weeks later with River High. You should come there."

"I'll see if my uncle allows." I tell her. Just then, I fell down. Amy gasped and came to help me while I heard someone snickering. I got up and saw Luke and Blake laughing at us.

He must have put his leg in my way. I narrowed my eyes at him.

"What is your problem, Maxwell!?" I shouted at him. Luckily, no one was there in the hallway.

"You Carline, you're my problem, no one else." He repeated the words I said to him yesterday.

I fuming with so much of an anger that I couldn't even find words to say.

"Cat got your tongue?" He smirked. He then pulled my maths book from his backpack and handed it to me. With that, he turned to leave. But Luke stood there, looking at.....Amy?

They both were staring at each other..

"You coming Luke?" Blake called him. They both looked like they snapped out of their little bubble and Luke nodded at him. I didn't miss the small wink he gave to Amy. She blushed as he left.

I looked at her and smirked.

"Elaborate." She giggled and blushed harder as we walked to the cafeteria.


"So class, I'm pairing you up with your lab partners. Please listen carefully." Ms Marino said. I looked at her but then I heard a smirk. I turned my head and saw Blake with scissor, trying to cut the hair of the girl sitting in front him.

My eyes widened.

For a girl like me, my hair are really important and prescious, never mess with them.

I removed the cap of my pen and threw it to him, hitting on his head. He got startled and looked here and there. I controlled my laugh and looked ahead, avoiding his gaze.

"Mary and Jake...." Teacher said.

I felt something hit my head too. I frowned as I touched my head and looked at the object that hit me. It my very own pen' cap. I glared at Blake who was busy controlling his laughter.

He then looked at me, our eyes locked for a moment and then we both rolled our eyes, looking ahead.

"Luke and Evelyn. Blake and Amy. That's all for today." The teacher said, smiling at us. My eyes widened in surprise when I heard I'm paired up with Luke and Amy with Blake.

I hadn't expected it.

Not even a single bit.

But guess, it's good that I didn't got paired with Blake. Right?

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