Falling For Him

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Evelyn's POV

I opened the door and was surprised to see my parents sitting on the couch with my dad. Dad looked up at me, guiltily while my parents just rolled their eyes looking at me. I sighed and walked to my room.

Xavier had left yesterday for his school.

I changed in my regular clothes and sat down to do my homework. But stopped when I heard my dad calling me.

"Evie! Come on down for bit please." He said.

"Coming!" I said and walked downstairs. I took a seat beside my dad and he kissed my forehead, making me smile. But it quickly disappeared when I saw some contract papers on the coffee table.

"What's this?" I asked.

"Since you are not coming with us to London, we want you to sign these papers so that the money your grandmother had left for you, transfers on our name." Mother said in a monotone. I glared at her.

"I don't care what you want, I'm not giving my money to you. I might need that in my future." I said.

"Sign it, or come to London. Your choice." Father said.

"No! I'm an adult and I don't need guardians anymore. You can't tell me what to do and what not to do now."

"You maybe an adult, bitch. But still not capable of living on her own." Mother said.

"Mind you language, Linda." Dad glared at her to which she just rolled her eyes.

"Sign the papers young lady, or we won't even hesitate to take this matter to court and have legal orders from court to take you to London." Mother said. I just got up and ran to my room with watery eyes.


The next day,

I walked down the hallway, looking at the ground, trying my best to control my tears. But, then bumped in someone. I muttered a sorry but the person said sorry at the same time and I froze when I heard the voice.

I slowly looked and met with those brown eyes. He was looking down at me in concern. And seeing him there, I just couldn't control myself, I threw myself at him and sobbed in his chest.

I needed him at this moment.

I caught him by surprise but he didn't even hesitate to hug me back and walked me to an empty classroom.

I sobbed, making his shirt wet. But he didn't seem to care about it. He just held me tightly, rubbing my back, none of us saying anything.

After what it felt like an eternity, I pulled back and sniffed. He wiped my tears with his thumbs, cupping my cheeks while I just stared at the wet patch on his shirt, not meeting his gaze. Surprisingly, he pressed his forehead on mine.

"I'm sorry, Evelyn." He whispered against my lips. "I'm sorry that I didn't make you feel special, I'm sorry that I didn't tell you how much you mean to me and I'm so fucking sorry for being an idiot and not asking you to be my girlfriend. I am so so sorry. Please, forgive me."

And at that moment, I realised, how much of an stupid person I for listening to Rebecca and not trusting the person I love.

"I'm sorry too." I whispered as a tear strolled down. Blake wiped it before it could even fall.

"You don't need to be sorry, baby. I realise my mistakes now and I'm really sorry to take you lightly. I want you back, I need you back, Evelyn. But this time, as my girlfriend and for as long as possible." He said. I smiled, and nodded under his head. "But I still don't like you." He added.

I pulled back and looked at him, frowning.

"What?" I said.

"Yeah. I don't like you, Lynne." He said. Ignoring the blush I have on my cheeks right now because of the nickname, I looked at him in confusion and pushed him back, hurt. He chuckled and pulled me back into him with a jerk. "I love you." With that, he smashed his lips on mine.

It was a long, passionate and full of love.

When we pulled back, I hit his chest lightly. "You're so mean." I breathed out. He chuckled brushed my hair with his fingers.

"That's totally not the response I was expecting." He looked at me. I glared at him playfully.

"What were you expecting? I hate you? Sure I do." I smiled. He laughed and hugged me even tighter.

"No. More like, I love you too." He said cockily.

"Okay. I love you too." I grinned and pressed my lips on his, pulling him down with my hands. He picked him up while kissing me back and set me down on a desk. "I missed you." I said, breathlessly.

"I missed you too. And so much that you have no idea." He said, and crashed his lips on mine again.

"Looks like we don't have to lock them in a bathroom now." A voice said and we pulled back. I looked behind Blake and he looked behind him too. Amy and Luke were standing there with smirks on their faces which made me blush.

"Are you two good now?" Luke asked. Blake looked at me and smiled.

"We are great." He said.

"Cool. But, does that mean we can go for a double date now?" Amy asked, super exactly already.

"Sure. But let me take her on a real date first." Blake said. Amy sighed heavily. Luke placed a hand on her back and kissed her forehead.

"Don't worry babe, we can go some other time. For now, let them enjoy their reunion." Luke smirked looking at me as I blushed.

"Okay." Amy said and walked out of the classroom with her boyfriend. Blake then turned to me and smiled, kissing my nose.

"I know we have a lot to talk now. But first let's go on a date, hmm?" I looked at him in surprise.

"L-like...right now?" I asked. He nodded and placed me on the ground. "What about our classes?" I asked.

"We are bunking. Plus, we are already late." He said and handed me my backpack.

"Are we really going on a date? Like a real one?" I asked, timidly. He smiled and nodded.

"Yep. I don't think it will be like your dream date but, still." He said as we walked out.

"Will we come back by the time school ends?" I asked. He sighed.

"Lynne, stop questioning now. Yes, I'll bring you back in time." He said, a little annoyed now. I giggled and followed him.

We got in my car. He called his driver and told him to take his car back to his place. This time, he was driving while I was sitting beside him.

It's gonna be fun.

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