Falling For Him

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Evelyn's POV

"They did?" I asked with a sad face.

"I'm sorry, Evie. I tried." I nodded. "You can go to your room and talk." He said. I got up and so did Blake. He reached to hold my hand but dad stopped him. "Hey! No touching, young man." Poor Blake moved a foot away from me and followed me to my room.

We went in our room and sat on the bed.

"So....?" He said. I looked at him and raised an eyebrow.

"You really wanna know?" I asked him. He nodded and pulled me on his lap.

"Yeah. You are my girlfriend now. And I'm your boyfriend. I don't want anymore lies between us now." He finished with and peck on my lips, making me smile.

"Hmm. My grandmother left some money on my name. My parents are out of money so they need that money now. I didn't agree to just sign off my money to them so they want me to live with them at London and then pay them as per their needs." I explained.

"That's....selfish." He commented.

"I know. This time they have legal orders from court to take me to London." I said. He looked at me with his face softened.

"What about us?"

"I don't know." I buried my face in his neck and hugged him tightly. "But. We can enjoy our time till graduation, right? But it's even fine if you wanna br—" he cut me off with a kiss.

"Don't you dare say that word." He said in growl. I smiled and kissed him before burying my face in his neck again. "We will figure out something. We'll do long distance or we can do weekly visits. But we won't do the 'B' word." I giggled and sighed.

"I love you." I said.

"I love you too." He said. There was a long pause before I spoke.

"What about you? You dated Rebecca?" I asked. I felt him frown.

"How do you know?" He asked.

"She told me."

"And what exactly did she tell you?" He said in bit of an anger.

"Um.... That you two dated and you broke up with her the very next day you had...sex." I said.

"That's not true. I mean, it's true that we dated and I broke up with the after we did sex, but that's not the whole story." He said and put me down on the bed. "When we dated, I realised that she's...not good for me. Things weren't working out so one night, I decided to break up with her. But that night, she took to a bar and said we should have a drink first as our last drink together." He sighed.

"We drank. I don't know what happened but the next day when I woke up, I was lying naked in a bed with her. I lashed out and then we finally broke up." He looked at me. "I didn't even want to give up my virginity, you know? Not with her. I was only sixteen moreover."

"I understand, Blake." I placed my hand on his shoulder.

"I know and thank you for that." He smiled softly.

"What about the ‘Future Wife’ thing?" I asked.

"Oh. So, after we broke up, dad had a great loss in his company. Our partners refused to help us through it. That's when Rebecca's father came in. He agreed to help but in return he wants his daughter to get married with me. So dad told me to just play along until everything goes back to normal." He looked at me for a moment and smiled. "But now that I think, I don't think I have to play along any longer."

"Why so?" I asked.

"Because, the company has been doing quite good in these few months. I think it's all settled." He smiled, making me smile.

"If you're done, come on down you two!" Dad yelled. We both got up and came down.


Blake's POV

When we came downstairs, Mr Matthews looked at me and then and Evelyn who was smiling.

"Evie, set the plates please. Your boyfriend and I have a thing to talk." He said, sternly.

We do?

"Umm...sure." Evelyn said and got to work. While, I followed Mr Matthews to the living room.

He looked at me while I looked at him. No one spoke a word until he did.

"It's been a very long time since I saw Evie smile or even laugh. And I'm really thankful for that. That's the only reason I approved of you. Otherwise, I would have kicked you out the very first chance I got." He said. I gulped and shrugged.

"It's no problem, Mr Matthews." I said. He gave me a warm smile and held his hand to shake.

"Andrew." I smiled and took his hand in mine. But he pulled me in for a hug. "Really thank you for making my daughter happy." He continued. I just nodded, grinning internally.

We the went back to the kitchen. Andrew got a call so he went to pick it up. I saw Evelyn taking water. She looked and saw me.

"What did he say?" She asked and I smirked.

"He said he wants three grandchildren." I stated. She blushed and widened her eyes in surprise.

"He did?" She asked, believing me. Holding my chuckle, I continued.

"Yeah. So, do you wanna start right now or tonight?" I winked and smirked. She blushed hard before calming down and smirking back at me.

"Well, sorry to disappoint you guys, but I don't plan on having children." She sat on the chair. I looked at her, seriously.

"Like, ever?" I asked. She thought for a while before speaking again.

"Yes. No. I mean, I don't know. I don't even know if I would marry someday." She said and this time, I knew she was not kidding.

"Hey! Don't say such hateful words in front of me." I glared at her. She giggled. Andrew came a while later and we had lunch.

After that, it was time for me to go. I called my driver and he came with the car. I kissed Evelyn.

"Bye." I whispered. She smiled and nodded. I turned and was about to get in the car when she called.

"Hey Blake." I turned and saw her smiling sheepishly at the ground below. "Thanks for the date. I enjoyed today." She looked up and smiled. I nodded and smiled back.



I was going to my room, upstairs but stopped when I heard a phone ringing. I saw it was my dad's phone was from one of the employees. I picked it up as dad wasn't around.


"Mr Maxwell, we have another loss and this time it's quite big. I don't know how it happened but the money just disappeared from our account again." The man on the other line, who I guess is my father's PA said. I hung up the phone. Dad came from upstairs. I looked at him.

"You lied to me." I stated. He looked at the phone in my hand and then back at me. "I thought the loss was because you weren't getting deals. But it was because someone has been hacking our money."


"Listen dad, if you can't handle the stuff and are gonna ask me to play along again, I suggest, you just close this shit and become a teacher again!" I stomped to my room.

"Blake!" He called but I ignored him.

When I went to bed, a question rang in my mind.

Will we ever get pass these problems?

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