Falling For Him

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Blake's POV

I woke up when I felt someone stirring and groaning in my arms. I looked at my Evelyn and smiled internally, thinking about the last night.

It's one of the best sleeps I ever had.

Not to mention, she didn't kick me off of the bed like the last time.

I lifted my hand and caressed her cheek, kissing her forehead. She smiled into her sleep and snuggled in my chest. I was just busy admiring her.

Then, she frowned.

"Don't stare." She mumbled.

"It's not staring, baby. It's admiring." I said with a smirk. Her frown deepened.

"I don't care what it is. It's creepy. Stop it."

"It's not creepy, sweetheart. It's cute." I said. She giggled but then winced suddenly while I frowned at her wince.

"Don't make me laugh, please. It's hurting." She said with sigh.

"Would you like me to bring you some painkillers?" I asked. She finally opened her eyes and smiled at me.

"Sure." I got up and got her some water and pills. She took them, holding the duvet cover to her chest.

It's not like I didn't see that yesterday.

"Thanks." She said and I nodded. "I'm gonna take a shower and get ready." She tells me and I smirked.

"Want me to join?"

She didn't say anything but got up from the bed and walked towards the bathroom, throwing me a seductive smirk. She didn't even lock the door.

So, I took it as a yes.


After our heated session in the shower, I made breakfast for both of us and we really had fun. We fed each other, teased, laughed and did all the cheesy stuff couple do.

And I loved it with her.

But soon our moment got interrupted when Luke and Amy popped up.

"Evel! I missed you!" Amy came and hugged her. Lynne giggled and patted her back. "Come on girl, I got us some really hot bikinis." Amy ‘whispered’ in her ear which was clearly audible for us.


I wouldn't mind to see my Evelyn in a bikini.

Just the thought made me hard again.

"Bro! I got some beers." Luke said with a smirk. I smirked right back and nodded towards the fridge.

This shall be fun.

At noon, we all decided to go for a swim in the lake. Luke and I came down and even swam a few laps but the girls were still getting ready as they say.

As if on cue, both of them came down. Amy was wearing a yellow bikini and to be honest, she looked hot.

My gaze then landed on Evelyn. She was wearing a white one with blue floral print and was looking super hot and sexy.

Drop dead gorgeous.

I smirked, knowing how long tonight's gonna be.

She looked at me, shamelessly checking me out and I didn't mind.

I'm all yours, baby.

"You look hot, babe." Luke said to his girlfriend and pulled her in the water with him. They both laughed and splashed the water on each other. I pulled my girlfriend in water with me, immediately crashing my lips on her. I felt her smile into the kiss.

"You look totally ravishing, Lynne." I smirked and said when we pulled back. She giggled.

"You look sexy too." She said and I was surprised at her bold words.

But, I liked it.

"Come on, lovebirds. Let's play." Amy said and we all started splashing water on each other.


I had my shower and was looking through my clothes. I pulled on a black t-shirt and sweats. Then, the door opened.

"Hey, my Hotstuff!" Evelyn slurred and I chuckled.

So wasted she is.

"Hey, my sexy." I played along with her. She hiccuped and then giggled, walking towards me. Behind her, she was hiding a beer bottle in her hand. She took a sip right in front of me and giggled again.

So cute!

Yet, wasted.

I took the bottle from her hands, she pouted and I shook my head.

"You have had enough. No more drinks for you." I told her. She pouted again.

"Just a little little, teeny tiny sip?" She asked with puppy eyes. I chuckled softly and kissed her pout away.

"No." She then glared at me and pushed me away.

"You are so bad! You don't even tell me about your problems and now you're not letting me drink! No kisses for you from now." She then walked to the door.

I hurriedly held her back and didn't let her go.

"Baby, I'm sorry, okay? But, what problems were you talking about?" I asked.

"I don't know what problems are they. They are your problems, you should know them and tell me. So, we can solve them together." She rested her head on my shoulder but then pulled back in alert. "Or, don't you love me anymore?" She asked me with teary eyes.

"No baby. Don't cry. I love you very very much. Even more than myself." I said and she pressed her lips on mine. I could taste the alcohol.

"But you don't tell me anything." She said. I sighed.

And started.

"My father lied to me about not getting any deals. But the real reason of that loss was that, someone was transferring our money to their accounts. I don't know how long this has been going on." I sighed again.

"So what? Just heir a hacker and hack into the system and find out who's account it is on which the money is being transferred. And, apologise to your father. Simple." She said with a shrug.

Not a bad idea. But,

"Why would I apologise to him?" I asked with my eyebrow raised.

"Because knowing you, I know you must have yelled at him and said some really shitty words that would have hurt him. Just say ‘sorry dad’ and then hug him. Problem solved. Moreover, he wasn't the one who's been creating the loss. He just wanted to save his wife's and love's pride."


"Wouldn't you do the same if I die someday?" She asked and I froze.

"Don't say that, baby. You're not dying." I tell her as I ran my hand through her hair.

"But I'm going away from you. Then you'll find another girlfriend, then you'll propose her, then you'll get married, and then you'll have cute babies." She mumbled. I chuckled and kissed her forehead.

"The only person I will have kids with is you. Even if you're far away from me for a few years." She smiled and jumped in my arms.

"Come on, I'm hungry." I picked her up and walked downstairs while she was ranting about something I didn't know.

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